Carbon soup, amenaza para el ambienté and la salud con la que conviven 1,5 millones de personanas en una zona de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

Hay alrededor de 1,5 millones de bonaerenses que conviven desde hace años con una amenaza para su salud sin información ni alertas para tomar cuidados: un polvillo negro en el aire que vecinos del Gran La Plata refer to the cause of ocular irritation, respiratory problems and the need to cultivate the quintessences and animals of the zone.

An order of knowledge Conicet que relevó los datos históricos de calidad del aire alrededor del Polo Petroquímico de Ensenada-Berisso advierte que faltan datos sobre la contamionación ambiental para alertar en tiempo real a la población, hay que determinar las fuentas de ese polvo de carbo de coque que affea su kalidad de vida y es “urgente” implementa vigilancia de las enfermedad potentialnasad concontasen concocci industrial polo activities.

The house has 100 pages of information from a group ad hoc de la Order of Food Safety (RSA) is open to public access and its recommendations to promote environmental protection and protection, which is due to the lemma of World Cup of Salud, which is said: “Our planet, our health”. The task of information retrieval and analysis of the risk of a group ad hoc de la red. Survive the pedico de vecinos autoconvocados that conviven con este conflicto ambiental desde hace años y la intendencia de Berisso.

Integrantes de la Asamblea de Vecinos Contaminados de Berisso, Ensenada y La PlataGentile

The group determined that in the last two decades it reduced the levels of certain parts in the potentially air zone for health, and that it could penetrate the pulmones and the cells. On the other hand, observe what is superior in some cases to the “safe” of the world Salud World Organization (OMS), “pero no los de la norma provincial”, que están por encima de los valores guía internacionales. One of the team’s recommendations is to “update the emergency manner” or levels that coincide with those of the OMS.

Jorge Esteban Colman Lerneradjusting investigator del Center for Investment and Development of Applied Sciences (Cindeca) en la Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP-CIC PBA-Conicet), coordinated the ad hoc group of the RSA. “We are in the recap of the given data [para el período 1999-2019] that sedimentary particles, which is the population, superaron the limits, but faltan datos nuevos –explicó–. We also observed an increase in the emissions of polycarboxylic aromatic hydrocarbons (HAP), from environmental and toxic toxicity – aggregates. We do not have a single fault and, as an investment group, we work in the armor of a monitor set with specific material and find the funds. Let’s find out the questions we can’t solve with this information. ”

The content of these atmospheric particles is what defines amenaza. If you have 100 micrometers (a micrometer equivalent to a millimeter), you can see it and convert it into a warning signal.

Against the reunion records and the treatment of an area where a petroleum pool is contaminated with high contamination of the air (computing volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, metallic metals, HAP, other species), the investigators solicited the manner of “emergency” updated and profound ”of the state of health and its relationship with the quality of the air. “Además – señaló el equipo-, es importante profundizar la karacterización chemica chemica de material particulado sedimentable en todo el Gran La Plata para estimar de manera certera las fuentes principales de emision.”

Hasta obtener esos datos, para la RSA debe aplicarse el principio de precaución:

The group solicits and does not receive public information about the levels of particular material (MP 10 and 2.5) in the air. Work with public studios for other Argentine teams and the University of Miami and the data that most receive information from Provincial Directorate for Evaluation of Environmental Impact between 2014 and 2019. The company Oxbow-Copetro, which is dedicated to the residual carbon content of oil, also contains information. The refinery emblem of YPF which works in the polo material. In the polo opera a decade of enterprises dedicated to the exploitation of oil and its derivatives.

Natalia Penda it is licensed in psychology and integrated Asamblea de Vecinos Contaminados de Berisso, Ensenada and La Plata which is in contact with the RSA. In 2019, the company will start a team for environmental remediation led by the provincial control body of Oxbow-Copetro, which has no more than 48 people. “We live in the country [del polo] y no tenemos ningún tipo de dato epidemiologico. As most, we solicit un RSA information about the impact on the population [de ingerir o respirar material particulado]the environment and the production of primary food for access to more information, but not in proportion to all the data, but can determine the amount of contamination ”, contó.

Petro petrochemical polo
Petro petrochemical poloSantiago Hafford

By provincial radiation industry, there is a third category industry: establishments that are considered to be important due to the functioning of the constitution and a risk to security, salubility and hygiene of the population in the occupation of graves at the best and in the middle of the world.

“We are considering a sacrificial zone, but only through the exhibition with our body, it is the ambience of the environment. We contaminate the animals, the food – the continuous Pende. The most large plots, which are the half-black field we know, about 5 kilometers from the rest of the Ensenada plant, but the most beautiful ones, which we don’t know, certainly disperse more than anything. The doctors tell us what we do. There are cases of respiratory diseases, cancer, and we do not have information. Live 2 kilometers from the plant and when the wind blows to the north but you can catch the white rope or you can eat in the patios because of the food. Most of the risk of illness is the problem of the quality of life and the psychological health of millions of people. “

Desde Oxbow-Copetro responds that “with a plant of technological vanguard and the order of the monitor of the particular material is more important than the region, the generation of the directorate of the provincial regulation and el Organismo Provincial de Desarrollo Sostenible (OPDS) ”, with the affirmation that it monitors the quality of the air“ from more than 20 years ”. Esos datos, según indicó la firma, los comparte “abiertamente” con el OPDS y los municipios vecinos. “The study of the quality of the area in the region in the account of the particular material is also found within the established limits of the legislature,” he said in writing.

“YPF does not generate emissions of carbon-specific particulate matter and OPDS has access to air quality intermediates, medical preparations and debugging levels. We do not know what controls the OPDS in other companies of the field “, argued the company before the consultation.

For the assembly of the majority, the information provided that the quality of the air that breathes “es pesima”, before the failure of the response of public organizations, will determine the pending determination of the number of issues. “We start advertising through all the legal channels of the first moment,” added Penda. In one of these presentations, the Justice dismisses that it is indemnified by the majority of the final distillation of the distillation residue “that contaminates the soil, the air and the water of three cities”.

The installation of a monitoring station of the air quality in the municipality and the capacity of the staff to be relevant in a project together with the local authorities allowed, to explain the investigators, to advance with the availability of data and a map of risk in real time easy access to the community financed by Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Nation.

El hollín que juntan los vecinos
El hollín que juntan los vecinosAsamblea de Vecinos Contaminados de Beriso, Ensenada y La Plata

The data on the quality of the air that will be recognized by the authority of the application, before the OPDS and, now, the Provincial Ministry of Environment, is indicated in this case, proving the principles of the system of monitoring the property of the petroleum companies. of YPF and Oxbow-Copetro, also coincide with the ambassadors of the company. This medium is communicated with the carnage ambient bonaerense, sin respuesta hasta el momento.

Carlos van Gelderendirector of the RSA, said that “the data of the public information and are at the disposal of the authorities to have a decision”.

For Gerardo Leottadel Instituto de Genética Veterinaria of the UNLP-Conicet and the representative of the RSA in the ad hoc group, “the contamination that does not take place more than the grave is superior to all the limits of the OMS for the HAP. La que se ve está en los pisos, las rejas, lo patios de las casas, en las quintas, los cultivos, el agua de los animales ”. Connoisseur de la zona, el investigador agregó que hay épocas del año que su aparición se agudiza.

“It is important to make medicines in real time and most of them are still informed –insistió–. The idea is not to close the polo, but that your business accounts with the security forces to minimize the impact in the countryside and the environment, in order to identify the issues of emission and the impact. There is no epidemiology of clinical epidemic systematization about potentially associated associations with polo activity. ”

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