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According to the zodiac, the personal characteristics of each person know how to determine the level of preference for the mascots and the living beings of nature

Some signs of the zodiac have an affinity with the animals that are different. Someone finds graceful attraction to the element of Aire, Fuego, Agua o Tierra. Other children are simply frustrated by the company that complements their character.

The signs of the element Agua are propensities to relate to the speculations of acuatics, mines that the Fire, in exchange, ha hacen with aquellos that represent fire. The element Aire is identified with las oves and tranquil specimens; And finally, the land of Tierra is especially well with the birds.


The people of Aries are the most adventurous of the zodiac. Les gusta vivir experiencias nuevas y no le temen a nada. Se llevan muy bien con los animales, ya que se sienten representedados por su espíritu libre y desenfrenado. In a special, frustrating time with money and realize with the activities like fireplaces.

The characters of this sign of the element Fuego also have a great affinity with the felinos. Los leones, tigres, leopardos and pumas les atraerán. This is what you want to do with leading speeches where you live, dominate your hands and your dreams through the rest of your lives.


Cancer is a sign that keeps people, carnivores, protectors and sensibles. Any activity that expresses feelings of being agrarian, for which it is difficult to relate to animals.

Muchas personas de este signo del elementu Agua deciden realizar voluntariados o actividades beneficias para ayudar a distintas especies, lo que les genera una gran allegoría.

They have a great affinity with the marine animals, with which they compare the element Agua. On the other hand, I have to deal with cats like dogs, and I want them to be very carnivorous and lazy. You have to accept that you will be able to stay in your house and learn what you can do.


Passionate, extroverted and enthusiastic. These are some of the characteristics that define the personalities of Leo, who need to feel constantly accompanied, so that they can have great affinity with the cats. A su vez, este animal es un felino como los leones, que representan a este signo.

Además, a los nacidos bajo el elemento de Fuego les interesit sentirse respetados e idolatrados: otro motivo por el cual muchas veces eligen tener gatos como mascotas.

It is also highly compatible with animals such as pelicans, lorries and cockroaches, which are delicious in their colors and llamas. Disguise observers in natural reserves and listen to your sonic children.


The characters of Libra are tranquil, empathetic and just, because they love animals with ease. It is personal, calm and amateurish, it makes you feel comfortable staying comfortable with your company. Al mismo tiempo, estas personas disfrutan de hacer activities, como visitar granjas o parques naturales, en las que puedan descubrirlos e interactuar con ellos.

The caballos are los animales con quienes mayor affinidad tienen. They are represented by elegant and notable beautiful doors. Assimilation, which has resulted in a lot of love, especially in freedom. Les gusta observar su plumaje y se sienten representados por ellos gracias a su elemento Aire.


Aquario is one of the signs of most incompetent zodiac signs. They are creative and innovative, and they are very different from the other. In this form, you are distinguished by other personalities who have experience that you can achieve. In this way, it is found with the taste of animals, with women who can relate to the fire of normalcy.

In principle, they have an affinity for exotic animals and are identified with their unique particulars. Tambien se llevan muy bien con iguanas y reptiles, así como con primates, como monos y lémures. Thanks to the symbol of water, there are signs represented with the salmon, which – like ellos – nothing against the current.


This sign is who has a great affinity with animals. They are sensible and carious that they can be all good, because of their love and personality they want to feel good with the company of other living beings. Piscis is a social sign that tastes like a companion.

These people live to perfection with any kind of animal, but more with the specs that are found in the mountains, like the hearts and sheep.

Being a sign of Agua, you can taste the marine specialties, especially the colorful ones like the peas and the dolphins.

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