Sports, the best form of learning violence and design, affirmation Ricardo Monreal – Grupo Parlamentario Morena

  • Recognition of the Senate in the trajectory of the trajectory of national athletes, such as Fernando Platas, Joel Sánchez and Carlos Mercenario

La Camara de Senadores hizo un reconocimiento a atletas, luchadores, boxeadores, medallistas olimpicos i paralimpicos, asi como a representatives and deportivate authorities, with the motive of the “International Day of Sports for the Desarrollo and the Paz”.

The President of the Union of Political Coordination, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, said that the collaboration between the deportized community and the Senate was a determining factor in improving the conditions of the type of population and the future of the country.

El deporte “es major form de enfrentar los retos contra la violencia, la pobreza y la desigualdad”, enfatizó el coordinator against the parliament of de Morena en el evento que se llevó a cabo en el Salon de la Comisión Permanente.

Ahí, Montreal Ávila y la presidenta la la Mesa Directiva, Olga Sánchez Cordero, entregaron reconocimientos a los medalistas olympicos Fernando Platas, Joel Sánchez y Carlos Mercenario, así como a Atlantis, representative of the World Luce Libre Consejo.

Además, reconocieron la labor para promover el deporte de Mauricio Sulaimán Saldivar, presidente del Consejo Mundial de Boxeo; Daniel Aceves Villagrán, President of the Mexican Olympic Committee; Liliana Suárez Carreño, President of the Mexican Paralympic Committee; and Alejandro Barrón, of the sports diplomacy of the Embassy of the United States.

In these “convulsive times”, expressed by Ricardo Monreal, in which the conflicting armies and the social order are exaggerated by the world, it is necessary to impulse the leadership of the representatives of this sector and inter-institutional cooperation, to maintain a culture of friendship, solidarity, support between people, communities and nations.

I hope that I will pay as much as I do justice, but I will not be able to do it uniquely with the use of fire, but I want to cultivate the principles and values ​​that generate sports, and the effect of promoting better relations between people and nations, “including world problems such as war between Russia and Ukraine or the climate change ”.

Monreal Ávila, where we now have to approve a new norm, which is crucial to recover and imply better living conditions between the young and the young, mainly to avoid public health issues, as a tendency to prevent action. diseases and defenses of the cause of physical activity failure.

In this sense, I would like to note that the Institute of National Studies and Geography, in the last years, the main causes of death, además de las quo provoca la Covid-19, son las infermedades cardiacas, la diabetes y los padecimientos associated with a small alimony and sedentary.

Promote in children, children and adolescents the deportation can save the unloaded and take care of the fireplace of the antisocial, aggregate conduct.

Punctualize the right to develop the faculties of physics, intellectuals and morals, through the medium of physical culture, to guarantee, so that within the educational system, as in many aspects of social life, by which he offers the most important offer. a major ejercicio de los derechos y el desarrollo humano.

The President of the Mesa Directive, Olga Sánchez Cordero, made sure that he made an effort to transform societies and win all the barriers, because of one and all the people, sectors and classes.

Además, manifesto, trasciende desigualdades, crea esperanzas y es palanca que une familias y naciones, “porque nos da momentos inolvidables, triunfos y ékitos”.

Subject to the importance of sacrifice, discipline, impetus, preparation, passion, talent, dedication, trajectory, empowerment, exemplary and inspiring, competencies and team work.

The senator of the National Action, Alejandra Noemi Reynoso Sánchez, argued that he should support the recovery of public spaces for families and recreation for young people, to the construction of the paz and the prevention of delicacies ”.

By the Parliamentary Group of the Prize, Senator Ángel García Yáñez indicates that the sports activities are a “powerful instrument” that will strengthen the social rights and promote the sustainable development, the respect and respect, for it, the Senate is fundamental. contributing contributions to the promotion and promotion.

From the Movimiento Ciudadano, the senator Dante Delgado affirms that the deporte has the ability to transform and change the world, because of women, men, families, regions and nations; by ello, “my gratitude to all the deporting community, Mexico can be very much”.

The senator of PVEM, Raúl Bolaños-Cacho Cué, said that he wanted to impart social intervention strategies with the proposal to declare the objectives of the paz and the desolation of the agenda for the Agenda 2030, of the UN, “it is in these moments of such a division that lives the world and polarization that is in the world, that sports have the ability to inspire ”.

On the part of the Senator of the Social Encyclopaedia, Sasil de Leon Villard, he congratulated the deportees and offered them the opportunity to promote the sports for the new generations, and the effect of having more societies and preparations.

The senator of the PRD, Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, considers that he should be placed in the physical culture of human service, who can be an essential part of life and a fundamental element in the construction of the paz, because of our harmonious harmonious conditions ” .

The senator of the Plural Group, Nancy de Sierra Arámburo, found the fundamental paper that has been active in the life of people for the promotion of human rights. The football, baseball, the light, the day, all the good things to build the social community in the communities more than the countries, but all that delinquency and impulsive solutions are more inclusive.

On the other hand, the President of the Council of the World Cup and the President of the Mexican Sports Council, Mauricio Sulaimán Saldívar, expressed that the deportee exchanged the lives of the people, and was the only alias of the society to address their problems.

The general director of the Harp Helú Foundation for the Deporte, Daniel Aceves Villagrán, is in charge of proposing to improve the conditions of the deportees and the health of the Mexicans, between which he needs to blind the federal, municipal and state levels. for this sector; create a Consultative Council integrated for the public and private sector; and a price of installations, between children.

Liliana Suárez Carreño, President of the Mexican Paralympic Committee, praised the apertura of the Senate to recognize the deportations, and lamented that it would not allow participation in the Paralympic and Olympic games of Russian athletes. “Speaking of sports, we will be able to conceive and not be able to guard the promotion of sports and physical activity.”

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