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Hector Morales Delgado

Official of Communications and Abogacia, Office of the Resident Coordination of ONU Guatemala
[email protected]

In the midst of a pandemic, the topic of health will be taken into account. Pasamos ya dos años desde que el coronavirus quebró la rutina del mundo. El aislamimento ha tenido efecto. Uno muy conocido que es alentador: evitamos el incremento de personasa contagiadas, generamos una vacuna que reduzca laserté et retomamos los hábitos de higiene con mayor severidad. One more thing we know about our evaluation: the suffocation in our mental health, the failures in economics and the lack of physical activity.

The current situation in Guatemala and in the world we have an indication that it is time for the societies to unite. We can support more protection for our lives and advancement in common lenses. We are watching as the sportsmen are a good mediator of the type of society that we have built.

We observe any sports, we review our logs and media available for practice. We can quickly conclude that the societies that have inverted health and education are the ones that have better sports camps. What is the relationship here? My suspicion is that social responsibility is a determinant for deportees with more excitement.

Este 6 de april fue el día del deporte y hoy 7 es el Día Mundial de la Salud; ambassadors are connected.

The United Nations approves April 6 as a day to review the sports facilities for desarrollo and la paz. When we analyze and support, we can have the following components: a concept, a regulation, a justice mechanism, an educational process and a system of competencies.

Everything is in real life. Mentsras má desarrollada está la sociedad, más visible es el ékito deportivo. Recognizing the influence of this practical practice, the global theme of this international day is “guaranteeing a future and pacifism for all: the contribution of sports”.

With this theme, the UNU in New York recognizes this paper to abort the climate crisis and remove shares to reduce emissions from inverted gas and mitigate the climate change in your industry.

The deportation is in a position to lead, show the responsibility for its carbon stewardship, participate in a neutral climate, encourage action in all sectors of the economy and dismantle a paper important in the amplification of miles of concience. of spectators and participants in the sports sector.

Recognize a paper from the National Council of the Sports Council, with its member states, including the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Education (among the Digef), the Ministry of Culture and Sports (among the Vice-Minister) de deportes), the Confederation Deportiva Autónoma de Guatemala and the Olympic Committee of Guatemala. El país hace un importante esfuerzo para alcanzar ese 70 por ciento de personas menores de 30 años para que hagan deporte, que se ejerciten al menos 30 minutos al día.

Precisely one day of the National Day and the International of Sports is dedicated to the 7th of April at the World Cup of Salud. The Sustainable Designer Lens (ODS 3) can guarantee a good life and promote the best of all things that are essential for sustainable development.

Tenemos una crisis sanitaria mundial sin precedenttes; la covid-19 is promoting human humiliation, destabilizing the world economy and combining drastically the lives of miles of millions of people in the whole world. In the wake of the pandemic, great advances are required in the health of the pandemic.

Sanitary emergencies, such as the covid-19 derivative, support a world risk for these advances and demonstrate that preparation is vital to avoid retrocesses. Our Marco de Cooperación con Guatemala is looking for all the people who have a health quote and the best of life. The health and the deportation of the man, the most of which is spent on the health, the most positive results in the deportation, but not even the deportation, the physical activity can lead to a healthy life.

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