1,460 galloping cavalry in Florida

When an image of an action beam, with many cables and transcurrencies in the United States, is also taken to the head of the classic films of the Far West. These are the tips of the canteens of the battens, where the baby girls have the clothes with the lazo, which you can wear, the boots are pinned, the hats are covered and what, además, cargan al cinto revtolveres siempre tibios.

But this is another story. It is not from the 19th or 20th century, nor is it from the Old East. It is present and includes the future. Accentuation most of the sureste – in the peninsula of Florida- and no tuva de locación los bares, ni de protagonista la pólvora, aunque si más de un millar de caballos. Take the invitation to return to MT La Tercera to guide the two days and more than 280 million of the current Porsche portfolio models.

We also have a trio of Purasangre formed by the Panamera GTS, the 911 Targa 4S and the Taycan 4S, the most important of the integral parts of the new Stuttgart electric philosophy, which is still open and ready. (See more).

A landing in Miami, an example offered by Porsche Latino is for living in passenger speed. Junto a la puerta 28 de llegadas internacionales espera el nuevo Panamera GTS en un lectivato tono Cereza Metalizado (en Chile este modelo cuesta US $ 173.900). At the helm is Eugenia, the public relations station of the German brand and also the occasional commission to reconsider my colleagues at my airport.

She opened the door to the portal, we accommodated the little ones and each of them came to the place. Me toca la butaca de atrás del lado del pasajero (es un sedan no solo de particular silueta, sino además de distribución 2 + 2 muy poco común). Avanzamos. All of us present. Myrrh and my husband. Open the sombrilla del sunroof exclusive of the second filling and adjusting the temperature of the median air on the center console. What impresses me first? Most of all the sophistication, I feel like I have to do in the first place of a net deportivo net, with a position of good and empathy and a sense of certainty that this is an automatic taste that someone else has to be able to do. venir. Pero camino al downtown there is traffic and, at the end, there is no moment of adventure.

In the case of Miami, we visit the offices of Porsche Latinoamerica. How to correspond with the seat of operations for the whole region, here are some details that mark the distinctive and resolute ADN of the company: for example, a spice of mosaics of photos of all the collaborators of Porsche Latam and their family members. more than Elizabeth Solís, the head of Marketing, we know that this is: that Porsche is a great family, and that it is necessary to regulate the median distinct extra-programmatic activities – and, secondly, the precocious reloses of Porsche. El Mique, the city of Miami, is located in the city of Miami.

Pasamos a la sala de reuniones. Here are some of the details of the route that we harezos cruzdando Florida de este a oeste, de Miami a Naples, a través de ‘jungla’, una ruta poco transitada que atraviesa territoriali de lagos y pantanos donde los cocodrilos son amos y señores. Hecha la advertencia -media en broma, media en verdad- de no entrar al agua como hicieron algunos de quienes nunca más se supo, nos dan el orden de los autos. Me toca el Porsche 911 Targa 4S. I think you want to enter the plateau.

Este nueveonce color Gris Agatha and the silhouette of Targa (vale US $ 163,900) correspond to the habitual philosophy of the integrated anti-vulnerability bar and – like our motorcycle flat six, affirmed in the last tram of the house. Unicos rasgos que se apartan del Targa precursor de mediados del 60, son su condición de tracción integral i la adopción de la caja automatíca doble embrague de siete relaciones. By the way, the essence of the car named after the people of the Targa Florio career and the nation as the answer to Porsche’s idea that pretends to forbid roadsters in United States.

Me subo. You can also include the phone for the music and the maps, playing with the tech. Descapoto y vuelvo a cerrar. Here I am. Luego voy ajustando los retrovisores y no puedo no conmoverme con cómo los espejos reflejan esa forma tan pulcra y bien lograda de ensanchamiento de arriba hacia abajo en el eje trasero. Ahora miro a través del espejo central y me siento bajo. Adjust the butaca aun maß cerca del suelo y pienso que desde afuera apenas se me deben ver los ojos y la frente. It is really like a machine like this. That’s how I like it.

Let’s go to the caravan and the highways and have four cars. For the time being, my colleagues Jorge and Pablo are keeping their distance and looking for him. Yo los miro por los espejos y me sumo. It can accelerate and increase the size of its 3.0-liter cylinders from the habitat compartments. Al final poco importan los altavoces premium the list of Spotify matches, because the melody of the motorcycle box is the best thing you can do in a year nueveonce.

Medica que sigo cautivándome con el ronquido del propulsor trasero de 450 caballos, voy también fiando la vista en maš elementos, como el karacterístico reloj analoj ubicado en el centro del tablero, el tacómetro en el centro del panel o el encendido del lado iz lado a 100% deportivable sequel to the brand that has always been searched.

In my office as a periodicist of cars, I always like the cars with a critical eye, looking for something to make better. In the 911 it is logical to be off-side by varios metros. I think that the area is the most iconic in the history of Porsche, and I automatically recommend a commercial for cars in the machine that speaks for itself: you lose your efficiency. You are imperfect, you are alterable. In exchange, I prefer to feel what you know ”. I also wanted to know what my friend Alexis Cares is looking for, and that I should be able to manage for example on the track of a Porsche 911.

I don’t want to miss the caravan. Manejo y pienso que me encantaría subir de copiloto a mi papá oa algunos de mis amigos para que experimenten lo que es ir a bordo de un deportivo de tan emotivo andar. At the end we can go to the first parade: a lagoon with small cocoons that we intend to camouflage. Asoman apenas los ojos. The people of the world and their photos. My 911 Targa 4S hit me. I like everything very good.

Next to the itinerary, this point makes me want to take the car that I want to represent the future of Porsche: the electric Taycan, this house is on the 4S equipment court (US $ 139,900). At this time I had a hard time managing various vehicles, including circuits, but I was not deportivo de nombero de nombre y espíritu equino, el Porsche de los sport cars electric.

Sent in the el cockpit, palpo que este Taycan Azul Neptuno es un auténtico Porsche, al punto que podría incivo adivinar su linaje si hubiera subido con los ojos tapados y el emblema del volante estuviera cubierto: otra vez el encendido está en el lado izquierdo, clácho en form standby redondo y el reloj se apodera del centro del tablero.

Dan la orden de salida y lo primero que tengo en mente como un pendiente, es probar la explosiva aceleración desde cero. It is something that you love, listen to and watch on YouTube, and you feel the natural curiosity that you have in my hands. No tyrant igual 530 caballos nacidos de la fuerza elektricu que une venidos de un traditional motor a combustión, ¿o sí?

Voy in fashion ‘Normal’. Locate the rail of the driving modes in the lower right of the steering wheel and wait to have the most free fireplace. Ya lo calculé: sé que son dos movimientos a la derecha para llegar al nivel Sport +, ese donde el Taycan muestra todo su ADN. I want a little peloton cut. But there is nothing to be said. Bajo a 40 mph y avanzo unos metros más sin pisar el acelerador … Tac, tac. Now you have a cargo with a decision on the right pedal and automatic casings – as you pass on the electric ones – it is the hope of the assembly that provokes an acceleration that is as strong as silence.

I love you now at the central bank. See that there is a mode of acceleration of sound and I also want to experiment. Ya no me alejo demasiado del resto. I don’t want to. Voy pisando otra vez de a poco y ahora -con un sonido que asocio al de una turbina- todo me va pareciendo más natural, o al menos familiar, pienso. I want to know, what is natural? ¿Un sport car electric that by its essence is completely strong, who can configure me to be alone with a ruined fear that satisfies my real feelings? If I have been since then, I have been able to take care of myself: I can enjoy a car that also conquers the city, even in practice, apart from the fact that the source of the story is a simple conversation.

Most of these topics are that the world of electromovility and that includes trascienden al automóvil, lo claro es que Porsche es pionero en este cambio de lógica, tal vez el más radical desde que el propio automóvil nació en Alemania dos siglos atrás (el Taycan de serges) debut in 2019). As soon as the brand gets 20 years with the Cayenne, the SUV is all over and the first four doors of history. Do you like to work on trends? The time is right … For my part, the station and the connection to Taycan 4S. End of the day

It is the second day in Florida and the first place in Naples. Now it is recommended to me with the Panamera GTS, but this one is the main one. The car is the most important thing that leads to these two days, and I raise the value of the entrance: I manage to feel the world due to the world.

This Panamera, a car in particular – always the object of discussion about you and a sedan, a station wagon o qué- tiene en este caso también la singularidad de llevar las siglas de la familia Gran Turismo Sport de Porsche, creadas por el veteranísimo 904 GTS de 1963. Asimismo -tal como ocurre con el Targa- el Panamera igualmente debe su bautismo a una prueba of the landmarks of the landmark: the Pan-American Carrera, which is a Mexican north of 3,500 kilometers. With aquellos antecedenttes, i quien esperaría recato en un bólido con la mision de responder al legado?

El Porsche 550 by Hans Herrmann in the 1954 edition of Carrera Panamericana. The test is promoted as the most famous of the world.

Considerando los dos modelos anteriores, este es el primer auto de motor delantero que me toca conducir en la aventura (el Taycan tiene uno adelante y otro atrás, y el 911 no es necesario de explicar). Tambien is also the first V8: it has a 4.0 liter turbocharged 480 Hp that can cover the parade of 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds. If you want the SUV Macan and Cayenne, without a dude that is the most familiar Porsche line-up, pero eso no lo aparte ni un millimeter de la deportividad propia de cada vehículo de la marca. It is something that he has felt in the second place, and with the mayor he argues on the steering wheel.

Le miro el central relay of the instrument panel. It instinctively starts and converts miles per kilometer, but immediately. What more than the calculus, money. Preference and enjoyment of the management of this Panamera GTS station just outside the range of the range, only for the Panamera Turbo S in its versions: conventional (630 Hp) and hybrid (700 caballos).

The time is up. Miami is looking for the adventure that makes the brand Miami Naples Porsche Experience, also. In front of the central office of Porsche Latinoamerica, close to business. In a climate of disobedience, I have to say that this model can be described: I am not abstracted from my taste and always without titles that I predict that this is the past of the Porsche 911 Targa 4S. The formula is atemporal, the car is the most iconic of the brand, and it is very decir. Manajarlo is a good shelf to attend.

Final station. Subimos a la oficina manejando hasta el quinto piso por una delgada escalera de caracol. Concentration, concentration. Let’s go. We are the ones who love us and the adventure of Miami – Naples and regress, we concluded. Nadie que maneje un Porsche por 280 millas se va triste. Nosotros tampoco.

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