los retos legales a los que se enfrenta el deporte femenino

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El deporte femenino to find out in a new situation that you can expect to be alone with me. We have houses like the one from Caster Semenya and our hyperandrogenism has a great repercussion, the age of transgender athletes and controversies in the wake of their invitations to think that they should be looking for a unified criterion of possible goals. A response within the global sports discipline.

The example of the discrepancy of the protagonist Caster Semenya. The South African athlete is intersexual. I want to say that when the nation has reproductive or sexual organs, it does not help us to formally consider the masculine or feminine. In her case, she had genitals externally feminine, but her testicles internally.

Así lo confirmaron entering medical studios to los que se sometió la deporista. When it comes to competition, I love it. Pero, después, la normativa vigente le obligó a reducir sus su niveles de testosterona. Double Olympic champion and third world champion, the South African was obliged to compete in the distance of 800 meters. This is a provocation that I can’t argue with Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Semenya, durante una prueba


Recently, the property Caster Semenya elevó la voz contra World Athletics: “Entones, with the help of World Athletics and its members, are a man who can be found on 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters and a mile! But I can live in 100 meters, 200 meters and long distance events. What an investment! What class did you have? “.

World Athletics does not have a regulation that athletes can maintain a capacity of 5 nanomoles per liter of blood sugar and testosterone. Due to hyperandrogenism, Caster Semenya is an enzyme that is barred by the rector of athleticism at the level of the world. From the fact that in the actuality it is found in the long distances. In special, in 5000 meters.

Transgender athletes

From the case of intersex athletes to transgender people. The debate is about everything from him ‘caso Lia Thomas’. The beautiful nation with male sex. Will Thomas nation en Texas in the year 1999. In the same way as a man, I am a compliant in the nation, even though he registers his attention with the help of his friends. Fue en 2018 cuando tomó la decision de convertirse en Lia.

Había mucha incertidumbre. I don’t know what happens. Decidí nadar esa temporada como hombre, sin salir del armario, y eso me causó mucha angustia. Luché, my health is not very good. Sufrí mucha inquietud y me senti atrapada en mi cuerpo. When he decided that he had the right moment to comment on my transition, “said Nadadora.

The beautiful trans Lia Thomas has a competition

The beautiful trans Lia Thomas has a competition

Asi acabó competitive in categoría femenina. And in 2022, the boom was decimated. Everything about victory in the championships of the NCAA. Lia Thomas played gold with a chrono from 04:33:24, I think so Emma Weyant, segunda classifada, llegó algo más de un segundo después. The image of what happened to Lia apartada in the podium for her rivals.

This sequence turned viral. Even before she, other deportees, he said he was angry. Laurel Hubbard consiguió vivir el sueño olympic en Tokyo 2020. Pero la halterófila, dentro del foco mediático, fracasó en su categoría i optó por la retirada. And before Lia Thomas, another transsexual sportsman, triumphed in an NCAA championship: Cece Telfer.

Cece Telfer met in the first athlete’s class to impress in an NCAA test. It was with the title of university in the 400 meters of the year in 2019. It was a big step before buying the dream of being in an Olympic city. Without embargo, your dream was finally truncated by including testosterone levels.

The cyclical cycle also has its corresponding correspondents. The first, Rachel McKinnon. More recently, Emily Bridges. This ultimate feature is included in the list of corridors to discuss national issues of Gran Brittany. No embargo, la International Cyclist Union study of the case and term of participation ,. Consideraron that it is not just that you will enter among the women of your predecessors.

Emily Bridges enters a maternity session

Emily Bridges enters a maternity session

The British cyclist denounced a persecution: “He is proportionately so British Cycling as in the UCI medical records that include the criteria for transgender cycling, including my testosterone limit, this is due to the limit of the limit prescribed by the regulations of the last two months. To pay the public advertisement, then I have a little clarity about my decision about my ineligibility “.

In front of her, Rachel McKinnon praised the record and impressed the longest of the consecutive years World Cycling Master. In 2018, we will meet in the first place to promote the champion. From here to another excuse me Victoria Hood ya dijese entonces que era completamente injusto que McKinnon compitiese con otras mujeres.

“No complicado de entender. La ciencia está ahí y lo dice. El cuerpo masculino, que ha pasado por esa pubertad, aún canva sus ventajas, no desaparece. compete but can’t enter the category you want “, Victoria Hood in the declarations for Sky News.

Injustice, for whom?

Jennifer Wagner-Assali ya dijo, con la victoria de Rachel McKinnon, que sentía que “que las libertades por las que ha luchado el deporte femenino están siendo erosionadas”. “We continue to allow this to happen, we have masculine and mixed sports, but not women,” he said, adding that he won a bronze medal in the historic triumph of McKinnon.

Paula Radcliffe, a champion of the world marathon and an explicit world champion, who is supposed to “protect the elite sports for women”. Unos discours que vuelven a estar a la orden del día por casos como el de Lia Thomas. The question is: Is justice for women who can compete with you with transsexual athletes? ¿O injustice para aquellas deportistas transgenero a las que se les pone trabas a la hora de competitive?

The problem is radically in the lack of criterion unity. El International Olympic Committee (COI), in a principle, allow the competition to be done once in a while. Without embargo, this was eliminated in 2015. It is located in the testosterone levels. That’s it, I can do it in the hands of each federation of controls and parameters.

El COI pidio que no hubiese grandes desigualdades. But the debate is about the meat and the debate. Make a regulation common to all sports is the way to get along with the possible lagoons and tambourines with a goal that grows in the distinct spheres against the trans athletes.

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