Las Trillizas de Oro compartieron un nuevo y conmovedor mensaje de aliento para Corchito Zavaleta

March 17 Clemente “Corchito” Zavaleta sufrió un grave accidental durante un polotio de polo en Palm Beach, Estados Unidos. The treatment of the house of Maria Emilia Fernández Rousse, an integral part of Las Trillizas de Oro. From the top of the week, the family lives in different ways to await the recovery of the 36-year-old sportsman, who will be interned at the boarding school. Mentsras, las germanas realizan escuetas publikaciones en redes sotsiales al respecto, ahora una de ellas viajó para alentar a su sobrino.

“It simply came to our notice then”, Write in the official account of the Germans who are accompanied by an image where the two of them are, in the middle of the year, while in the middle of the world they find a state of virginity. This form confirms that Maria Emilia and other Germans are reunited in the United Statesya que la madre del polista viajó apenas se enteró sobre el accidente.

The new message of the Germans, from the United States (Photo Instagram @lastrillizasoro)

It is not the case that the Germans use their social networks to send messages related to Clement’s accident. “I want you to work for me again. Sos un guerrero y lo vas a lograr”, Compared Mara Emilia to a picture of a mother and a son who were found in an abrasion. A week later, thank you for the comments: “Thank you for all the love, thank you for all the results. Sigamos por el Corchito”.

Clement's German girls from social networks (Photo Instagram @sermulanas)
Clement’s German girls from social networks (Photo Instagram @sermulanas)

Toda la familia se une en el pedido de fuerzas en redes social, a pesar de las pocas publikaciones que realizan. The two girls from Corchito are on their Instagram account. “Encourage us to write, you are never seen. You are looking for a feeling and in the background of the alma se anidan al mirar la sensible cara del destino #fuerzaclemente”, Written by Emilia Zavaleta with sentimental words. Mientras, Sonia Zavaleta agradeció los mensajes de apoyo que reciben a diario y pidio que “no dejen de manar toda su luz”For the recuperation of her German.

La hermana de Clemente le dedicó un mensaje (Photo Instagram @soniazavaleta)
La hermana de Clemente le dedicó un mensaje (Photo Instagram @soniazavaleta)

Like the accident of Clemente “Corchito” Zavaleta

If you have a large hermetic respect, the information diffused about the fact that the 17th of March at the moment Clemente – which integrates the Alegría team – a match in Palm Beach, Florida, the World Polo League tournament, fue embestido por un rival. This provocó la caída del polista junto a su yegua, que lo golpeó. The sportsman estuvo unconsciente alrededor de 15 minutos. Luego, fue transladaado en helicopter al hospital local.

The moment of the accident of the police Clemente Zavaleta
The moment of the accident of the police Clemente Zavaleta

As a goal, surf the fracture of the varicose veins, the height of one of the pulmons and a lesion in the encephalic trunk. It induces a coma and posteriorly surgically intervenes to drain a coagulation that is generated in the head. If you are in the first instance, you will have a state of health, really talk about a picture stabilization and he has that he has recovered from conscience. For your part, from the family we do not make declarations of respect.

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