Hoy Tamaulipas – Deportes en Mxico Tras clasificacin Mxico busca aumentar su nivel para Mundial de Polo

The coach of the team, Diego Solrzano, plans the national team against literate teams; Brazil, Chile, Colombia and the Argentine countries are contemplating

Selected Diego Velarde (Izq.) And Diego Solrzano (der.), Coach of Mxico durante at the World Cup qualifier

Author: CONADE

Mexico City. – Place of classification al XII Polo World Cupwhich is discussed in the United States between October and November of this year, the Mexican selection of specialties tends to intensify preparation against world teams, one of Argentina, the current champion and referee of Sudamerica.

El coach Diego Solórzanoan interviewer with the National Commission on Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE), considers that it has been classified by the World Cup as a game logger, but also by the Mexican Federation. .

We are content and lists to work in search of a good preparation with competitive teams, for example, which we can choose to have a good result for discussing the World Cup, where the lens is to be won.”, Señaló.

The plan consists of a series of polls with the conditions of the World Cup in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and the country with Argentina, which is the reference of Sudamerica and the World Cup, as a real monarch.

We are waiting for more than a decade to win a World Cup. An outstanding country like Mexico has been able to compete and support and recover from the current World Cup.”, Express.

Abundó, que, con la clasfikación se debe tener roce con grandes equipos. “I want to find a base in Peru, which is a good place in the elimination and in Colombia. A World Cup game with caballos that even in the evening, son sortedos and trabajar de esa manera ayuda mucho en la preparación. He is in contact with the different federations and we have good acceptance of the part of the elites to make the conjunction preparation”.

Diego Solórzano, who is an expolist, is one of the South American people who are always willing to collaborate in the preparation together with the country of Argentina, which can serve as the current champion, requiem to lose his level.

In the case of Brasil, which is not classified, this initiates the preparation from now on for the next edition. For their benefit, we have to bring together a high level”, Externó.

With the best Mexican police officers at the World Cup

In the light of the panorama that will be held in the World Cup, Solozano will say that “always a World Cup is competitive and it is in any discipline, but it is not possible to take the Polo to Serlo. Admission of the factors that compete with the hardened horses and the team game is always complicated, it is competitive for everyone ”.

Assimism, punctualization that the selection is a national team that represents Mexico, “aquí no tiene nadie su lugar asegurado, no hay ningún veto, las puertas están abiertas para todos y vamos a ver quienes están en mejor momento, con mejor entendimiento de lo que se busca para el equipo”.

Diego Solórzano insures that in his personal life he won the World Cup and is a graffiti player, “conto con todo el apoyo desde el programa que fue aceptado para esta misión y se logró el resultado; I feel grateful and with a lot of organ to have in the hands of the friends of a national team”.

The World Cup is on sale in Florida, United States, from October 26 to November 6. The last one that won a competition in the world in Argentina in 2011 was where the first phase took place. Place in Vitacura, Chile, in 2015 and Syndey, Australia, in 2017, not classified.

He also had logos in Argentina in 1987 with a medal of the plateau, in 1995 in Switzerland with a bronze medal and a rematch of metal in 2008 in Mexico.


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