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Allegedly, I do not have the interest to manage monopolies, subsidies, executive authoritarianism, controlled trade unionism, ideological masses, political myopia, sectarianism and, most importantly, to have a good interest in the public and public money. Naturally, the good Peronists, before adopting the norms of decadent politics, wanted to keep their lives open to the benefits that could be their benefits, as well as the opportunity to escape, to prevent them from taking care of each other, by the way, the organs. that regula las las malas prakticas y la de aquellos que pueden revisar conductas raras y actuaciones dudosas con la gestión del dinero de todos, ese que algunos avispados politicos dicen que «el dinero no es de nadie», mientras se oye una gran carcajada. For him, he is a narcissistic person who is a member of the “money of hope” by local people who can contribute to the search for culture and information, as well as adorning the movement of trade unions.

We say peronism that is what extends to a moment determined by our society, and that many young people do not know, well, some people do not know what it is like to do so in order to find the right ones in the actual moment. We say that peronism is the translation of an authoritarianism that is extended by the world using the arms of technology, the biennial, globalism, buenismo, the mattress ambientalista, the false credence of the evolution of the social evolution of the individual move to the goal of decrees and impositions, in many cassondone cases through the triumphal arch of democratic norms, for example, to apply to the opposition and the parliaments, to manipulate the information that originates in confusion and to comment on what it means.

Tan grave es el momento, que los Gobiernos adoptedan planes sin mirarse al espejo antes, no se dan cuenta que representan al pueblo que los han elegido y, una vez que pisan la moqueta mullida de sus ministries y palates, adoptan la postura de los tiranuelos , take care of the people who have problems, give them the opportunity to reclaim and help them to give them the grace and help of all the puppets who are involved, including the right to work as a trader pie de los caballos cuando agotados por las circunstancias de la crisunstancias de la crisis aumentan los precios, disminuyen las ganancias ya los autonom, que sacan las castañas del fuego a los grandes distribuidores y se llevan la tajada grande, se les exige »trabajar a pérd.

Imagine the lords of Ibex, the great inversionists, the maneuvers who love the hills of social and political entrails, the lords, the politicians, the lords of the posture of the diary and the pelotean exigned. The transporters, farmers, guerrillas, fishermen, small businesses and many autonomous people who work and live in the economy but can work and lose and the people who favor the queer with the part of the world in this company. elaboración a la entrega del producto se le debería haber regulado hace mucho tiempo sus márgenes para que no se rompa la querda siempre por el mismo lugar que es el más debil.

In a moment of soporization and anesthesia produced by these lines of masters who mark groups of extracurricular ideological and social pressure, translations of the actions of socialists and the distribution of equality, but I have never been more antisocial than to provoke them. to create projects that contribute to the advancement of society and the nation.

We believe that all political tendencies should lead to a time of reflection, support and revitalize their methods of work and tendencies to follow a revitalized society and that we can focus on a series of values ​​that are due to be met. that only the convention and the work in the community can be done. Controversy over the public, the public money and the presence of leaders and processes, as a deficit of prejudicial pensioners, but also a horizon of full share of interests, in contrast, is only produced in retrospect and interest rates. gestures in a transcendent moment.

Ah! Y grito permanente a partir de ahora: ¡La Filosofía al poder !.


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