Ventajas del deporte al aire libre … y algunos inconvenientes

More health and wellness

The practice of regular physical exercise, so much in the interior as in the outside, forms part of the principles of recommendations for health care to prevent a lack of pathology. As a member of the World Health Organization, it contributes to the prevention and control of transmissible diseases, such as heart disease, cerebrovascular accidents, diabetes and varicose veins, such as mother and colon, and other children.

There is also help to prevent hypertension and maintain a healthy heart rate, better aerobic condition (ability of the heart and vascular system to transport and consume oxygen) and strong hues and muscles, which can be considered a reason to reduce risk.

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I am very happy and very busy

The body is not the only one that benefits from practicing sports. Mustard studies that also have a better mental health, reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress and the potential of self-esteem.

Aunque no están muy claras las razones de esta relación, sí se sabe que la practica de actividad física libera endorfinas, unas sustancias producidas por el cerebro, con una structure similar to los opiáceos placer, el bienestar o la alegría. From those people who want to be physically active, whoever has a sea (from a trembling part of a balloon to a relay ride), to be satisfied and to a better part of the animation state during a session.

Exercising with a resistance band

Train the brain

Ademas de endorphins, the practice of physical exercise supposes the liberation of other neurotransmitters such as serotonin, asociada, entre otras, al descanso, el estado del animo, el appetite and digestion; dopamine, known as the molecule of the place for the ability to estimate the biennial; o noradrenalina, relacionada con la copacidad cognitiva.

In this sense, various studies of the master as well as the influence of influence in the cognitive capacity. In the book “Cerebro y Ejercicio”, published by the Council of Supervisors of the Spanish Investment Agency (CSIC), the deporte win with a mayor’s ability to appreciate children, the prevention of Alzheimer’s and the mayor’s hope of life.


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A vitamin D drink

Are you more demonstrative, so much, that you want to benefit from our physical and mental health, but what benefits do you realize from extras in outdoor space? Between sales, the physical activity in the outside contributes to the recovery of the levels recommended for vitamin D, a hormone that deficiency is associated with a reduction in the density of the body and a decrease in muscular, enteric heart rate.

The weight of the hours of sol in Spain, the most high places in Europe, the mustard studies that the mayor part of the population has a deficiency of this hormone, which is the body of food and alimony, solar exposure and nutritional supplements .


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Describe urban circuits

In relation to the place associated with the practice of sports, choose from outdoor activities and openings to emphasize the sensation of association with the world, allow permission to get in touch with nature and have the ability to practice space for practical training. You can choose from parks, green areas, maritime walks or tracks and sports camps in your area.

Además, algunos ayuntamientos conditional circular deportivos para correr en espacios públicos urbanos, senalizados i con informacío praktica, que permiten hacer deporte de un modo sencillo y accesible, adaptedada la la condición física de cada persona. There are also designed circuits for real estate routes and bicycles.


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Ferran Traite

Gymnasiums and activities

Most of the circuits for walking, correcting or going on bikes, many of the facilities he has included in his installations of public parks in the parks for the activities of sports and sports equipment for gymnasium circuits.

Some of these equipment are called calisthenia, with barracks that allow you to approve the corporal weight to unleash agility, physical fuss and flexibility. Otras constan de circuitos maš variados, ideals inculo para personanas mayores, a los que se puede acceder libremente o como parte de alguna activitad organization. There are also outdoor activities that can be used to practice aerobic activities, yoga, or who cares about what, in addition, is the potential for socialization.

Someone has a chance to have an account

Most of the general benefits of sports, and of the specifics of practicing in the field of freedom, are spent on outdoor activities with the help of desperate people. One of them is meteorology. Estar expuesto al calor, al frío o la a lluvia puede implicar un cambio de planes forzado que conlleve romper con la rutina o aumente la incomodidad durante el entreno, además de influir en el rendimiento deportivo. Another aspect of having an account in the function of the practice of sports that can be realized and the entourage escaped organization. A route of a day for mountaineering requires more preparation for an aerobic session at a gymnasium. In addition to the equipment, you need to be able to find meteorology with advice and be conscientious, you can choose from the areas of the alleys, the risk of falling into a lesion or a counter-attack that requires attention to areas of communication.

Tambén el hecho de no entrenar en un espacio cerrado puede conllevar tener que hacer frente a distractions ambient that mermen la concentration. Contamination and mala air quality they are other factors that have a special purpose, especially in urban areas or due to episodes of high or high contamination. However, in the function of the indicators of atmospheric contamination, the authorities can activate alarms that are limited to avoiding the practice of physical exercise in the outside. Además, in the house of bicycles in urban areas with a lot of traffic, the specialists recommend using an anti-pollution mascara with FFP label, it is possible to include the currency to facilitate respiration, and to have a question about how much the mayor has to do. mascarillathe mayor will be protected from the brink.

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