Alberto Fernández wants to support CGT and the companies to play against inflation

The economic team, the CGT and the UIA in the last meeting of the Ministry of Economy

The preoccupation of creating with the market of the days, but that it is installed, from time to time, in the Rosada House. El Gobierno will return to the agenda find measures to dampen the impact of increased inflation.

To score 17, the economic team, in accordance with the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmánthe Production, Matías Kulfasy el de Trabajo, Claudio Moronireceivable from the fifth office of the Ministry of Hacienda to the CGT and the UIA.

It is located in the central part of the country Héctor Daer, Carlos Acuña and Andrés Rodríguezmentsras que por el sector Unión Industrial estará presente su titular, Daniel Funes de Rioja. The survey will be similar to the place where the last week’s games took place, where a principle of taking into account the conditions between inflation and inflation will be considered.

The main owner was Pablo Moyano. The reference of the Camioneros union is part of the CGT conduction, but it also takes distance from the impromptu distance from the Daer and Acuña to the central obrera. Moyano hijo se acercó nuevamente al kirchnerismowith whom he had to end up with a barrier of yellow light from the list of leaves in the elections of the year.

Alberto Fernández got drunk at CGT at a very complete gesture
Alberto Fernández got drunk at CGT at a very complete gesture

The most specific is the photo that was released in the last days with Maximo Kirchnerthe inner one of Alberto Fernández in the midst of the political crisis that attracts to the Front of All and through that there is a profound pessimism in a grand mayor of his integrators.

En cambio, Hugo Moyano padre está alineado a Alberto Fernández y respalda el accionar del gobierno. The policy of differentiation of the Moyano states is clear. Uno con poder en baja y otro en alza. One more pragmatic, the other is less than me.

If the CGT also has a lot of preoccupation with the impact of inflation and the lack of resources in the economic economy that Martín Guzmán conducts, there will be a holiday in Fernándezbe part of the search for an agreement with the empire sector and maintain the internal structure of the Peronist alliance.

While respecting the economic team, the three players are supported by Cristina Kirchner and La Cámpora. You can play the three of them, the little girl. Pero la cabeza queren hacer rodar es la de Guzmán, que se ha convertido en el principal objetivo de critiques y desgaste del mundo K.

Pablo Moyano joined Maximo Kirchner during a visit to the last week
Pablo Moyano joined Maximo Kirchner during a visit to the last week

“The spirit is advancing in high-quality, expensive and solarium-based materials, on the basis of a compromise that all firms like young people”indicaron desde Economía a este medio en lo que tiene que ver con el desarrollo de la reunion de mañana. The lens is a line of expectations and you can give a lot more in the discussion of the specifics of the medics for the content of the virtuous augmentation of the prices.

El Gobierno has the need to keep the alder from the price of food for those who have solarium but not to be degraded quickly. In parallel, the content of the Minister of Social Affairs, Juan Zabaletathe social conflict that was installed in the streets of Buenos Aires protagonized by Polo Obrero and the groups of Izquierda.

According to public opinion and public opinion, the Albertist Minister received the social conductors at the top of the 15 minutes at the Ministry. They want more social plans to raise the goal that generates inflation. Zabaleta, according to the Order of the President, informs that Gobierno has no plans. The discussion is over.

Enough, it’s the moon of the Secretariat of Commerce, Roberto Feletti, have a series of reunions with representatives of Chinese origin supermarkets and entities that provide car services, stores, supermarkets and polishers, to treat alcanzar accessed goods for the implementation of a cannabis destination that sells commercial products.

Negotiation and the benefits that are sought in the brand of the program + Precious Cups and have a lens that establishes reference prices in the commercial sales, to reduce the variety of prices that are between the most local and great places.

The title of the UIA, Daniel Funes de Rioja, is by Martin Guzmán
The title of the UIA, Daniel Funes de Rioja, is by Martin Guzmán

El Gobierno transita esta carril de la agenda con tres focos claros. Locate an account that equals prices and salaries, keep the social food chaos for the most social movements and increase the control over the consumption of food prices.

Tanto los empresarios como los sindicalistas esperan poder avanzar en medidas concretas y que la discusión no vuelva a empantanarse. The last game is about three companies and a document that will be compromised to be accommodated on the beach. Este martes buscarán advanzar en la diskusion de esos acuerdos y que puedan ser sostenibles en el tempo.

In the final part of this document it is indicated: “Inflation is a combination of internal problems and international inflation scales, and it is a problem to avoid that it will translate into major deficiencies for the interests of the population and the competitiveness of enterprises. ”.

Alberto Fernández got drunk at the CGT at a very complete gesture. The economic crisis is the central theme of the agenda, but at the same time, it is open to an internal crisis that will destroy the political and ambitious government that Cristina Kirchner is united with.


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