The story of Ingrid Christensen, the explorer’s example that lies in Antarctica

As far as Antarctica is located, it was not as long as it was for women, Ingrid Christensen started 4 exotic trips to Polo Sur.

Ingrid Christensen has a clear idea: I want to be the first woman to visit Antarctica. It was the decade of the 1930s, and it also knew that the polar exploration missions had a dominant state only for men, who wanted to walk around the continent more cool than the planet. Mathilde Wegger, with her conviction in the past, made her a friend and a friend of the world.

In this entry, describe the travel correspondent Laura Kiniry for Smithsonian Magazinesee what «the climate is demasadoado hosil para las mujeres«. Y lo que es más: que ellas no tendrían la capacidad de manejar situaciones de crisis en las ultimas latitudes del planeta. Ingrid Christensen and your team I need information.

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In 1931, Ingrid Christensen did not know what believe in the example of Antarctica. What is more: I have the idea that I will return 3 more times, in different expeditions, with trivial differences. Without embargo, abortion of the boat Thorshavn, he agreed the first woman in history in alcanzar el continent polar.

The Norwegian explorer navigating the seas with their exposure, Lars Christensen. Mathilde Wegger also considered the triple trip. Al alcanzar el Polo Sur el 5 febrero de 1931, name of pico Bjerkö. But I want more: I don’t have enough money to visit only one of the most cold regions of the planet.

In posterior views, the Antarctica with Wegger. Other explorators are assembled and found abortion of an expedition. Only three years ago, the Norwegian logger explorer complete the polar continent completely. To pay for reservations of colleagues, to be the first person in the history to conceive a landlord of this level.

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In honor of the Norwegian explorer

Ingrid Christensen
Laura Grier / Robert Harding RF / robertharding via AFP

In honor of the Norwegian explorer, he was named in a region within Antarctica. Conocida actually como ‘costa de Ingrid Christensen‘, the orientation of the polar continent. For the collaboration that logs with his wife, the body of water salad that cloves with this fragment is known as’mar de la Cooperación‘.

Even in that water, the pension is countedChristensen was a pillar of the polar continental expeditions:

“Lejos de estar simpleno en el viaje, Christensen fue una parte integral de las expedición de su esposo”, documenta Oceanwide Expeditions. “Era conocida por su valentía i comportamiento audaz, y por sus contributionsa recibió el titulo de cabalero más importante de Noruega, la Orden de San Olav, en 1946”.

The weight of your experience as an explorer, only a photo can be preserved. Coincidentemente, aparece con Mathilde Wegger, como se muestra en la primera fotografia de esta publikación. Las hazañas de esta tripulación mayoritariamente femenina fueron sit’s the job of women in Antarctica.

The last time Christensen visited the continent was in 1937, with his only son. Accompanied by three explorators, the ship that the lion had in the Sur of the planet is named Four Ladies. The legacy of this ultimate travel companion, hasta hoy, all these people will have the ultimate confines of the world.

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