Peruvian selection: Ricardo Gareca series of options for conducting in Colombia, Argentine periodical

Ricardo Gareca is about to conduct a selection of the Colombian selection that will be held during the Qatar World Cup 2022.

For hope it is a secret that Ricardo Gareca it is the architect of the exit of the Peruvian selection. That he came from the year 2015 with subidas and bajadas, between other things, he gave competitiveness to the team to find any country without importing the stars that I have. I have provoked you to be in the world of other hands, between them Colombia, which is due to the periodical Claudio Husaína series of options to choose from.

This news will be dedicated to the ‘Turco’ news on the YouTube channel “Offsiders Latinoamérica”, in a program with other communicators from this part of the continent. First of all, it is the front of the fracao of the ‘cafeterias’ in las Qatar Eliminators 2022tendrían decidido la salida de Reinaldo Rueda. In this sense, there are 2 options: Marcelo Bielsa and Ricardo Gareca. Marcelo Bielsa has the option number 1. The option number 2, Ricardo Gareca. That Colombia is waiting for Ricardo Gareca. If you go to the World Cup, the term with Peru, the stage of the term and hope in Garecasaid Husain.

However, in addition to being informed about the success of the succession, Claudio showed himself to be a member of the ‘Tigre’ camp, who has been able to support the national team in the fight, but to find Australia in the United Arab Emirates. “I’m content because Ricardo Gareca hizo el milagro: el repechaje, dependía todo de el. Cuidado que Australia no es New Zealand. New Zealand firmaba Peru al Mundial. Now with Australia … The United Arab Emirates is one of them. If you don’t want to go to the state of Gareca. It is media hecha, pero hay que elegir dónde ponerla, si en la Plaza Mayor de Armas, en el Estadio Nacional o el Aeropuerto Jorge Chávez. If you agree with the United Arab Emirates, change the state ”help.

The periodist Claudio Husaín spoke of this possibility and part of the ‘bicolor’ race. | Video: Offsiders Latinoamerica

Y es que todo lo que ha conseguido el técnico argentino con el plantel de la ‘bicolor’ ha sido extraordinario. It was in 2015 at a time when Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) search for a new project with Edwin Oviedo at the presidency. Juan Carlos Oblitas empezaba como director deportivo en dicha entidad y tenia la mision de encontrar al nuevo retrainer. The options vary, but the ‘Ciego’ tenia en la mira era al ‘Tigre’. Sabía de su paso por Universitario de Deportes en el 2017-2018 con el Apertura incluido, por lo que no era un ajeno al medio peruano. Además, estaba libre tras un discreto paso por el Palmeiras de Brasil y con los exitos en Velez Sarsfield a sus espaldas.

Gareca accepted and opened a new fireplace in Peru, providing a place to stay in American Cup 2015. Aunque en las Rumbo Eliminators in Russia 2018 no initió de la mejor manera. No embargo, la Copa América Centenario del 2016 provocó que deje algunos nombres de lado (Claudio Pizarro y Juan Manuel Vargas), para añadir a sangre nueva que en ese momento daba sus primeras mustras en la Liga 1 como Raúl Ruidíaz, Edison Flores, Andy Polo, Miguel Trauco, Christian Cuevaentro otros que se sumaron y eran encabezados por Paolo Guerrero. Which is due to the classification of the World Cup of Russia as a step by step in front of New Zealand, the second place in the Copa America of 2019 and the fourth place in the 2021 edition.

Assimilation, take care of a plan of players who will play for the national team of the national team, give an identity to the game and, all of them, the competitiveness to make the best of any team. In each part of the game, the ‘blanquirroja’ was with intent.

Ahora se encuentra a un paso de clasificar a la Copa del Mundo de Qatar 2022, a falta de jugar el repechaje ante los Australians o emirates. But in the end, all this work has been done on fruits and in contrast to the expectation of extension and supera this phase of preparation. If I consume, culminate in the World Cup. The route is competitive, it is believed that the FPF decides to maintain the cargo, something logical for the whole obtenido, even offers without failure.

The players of the Peruvian selection from the victory before Paraguay, which is located in the backyard.  |  Photo: FPF
The players of the Peruvian selection from the victory before Paraguay, which is located in the backyard. | Photo: FPF


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