Campaign protest: autoconvocated producers return to Santa Fe

SANTA FE.– Bajo la consigna “El campo lucha, los pueblos despiertan”, agropecuarios producers autoconvocados del sur santafecino –al que adherirían otros provenientes de provincias vecinas, como Buenos Aires, Córdoba y Entre Ríos– concentrate on April 4 at the intersection of National 33 and A 012 routesin the jurisdiction of Zavalla, department of Rosario, 187 kilometers on the capital.

Según confirmaron a THE NATION vocoros de los propios autoconvocados, la concentración se concretará a partir de las 18 horas. I hope that the meteorological conditions will be at the same time as the multinational survey.

As a curiosity, there are several events in a similar event that will be held at the intersection of the national routes 33 and 178, between the local sanctuaries of Chabás and Sanford, the event includes the entry of letters containing the position of the sector before the medical records adopted by the national government, restrictions on agricultural exports.

No obstante, fuenttes del sector admitieron ante consulta de este diario que no se deskarta un corte total de ambals rutas, ejes del traslado de la produceón de cereales y oleaginosas hacia los puertos del Gran Rosario, que komponente Argentina. “We will endure the protest because of the producers who do not accept the modifications of the rules of the game that we support,” he said, calling out the entrances to the moon.

In the concentration that was realized the months passed in the cross of the routes 33 and 178, one of the voices of the group, Sol Dominguezde San José de la Esquina (department of Caseros, very close to Córdoba), notify “El produktor est cansado; ya no sabe qué hacer frente a todas las medidas perjudiciales que toma el Gobierno. This year is more difficult to produce in the camp and to be able to follow, ”he explained. And he was direct and contingent when he was “In the last years, more than 80,000 producers were released”In the whole country.

For your part, Diego Pascualean autoconvocated farmer from the region, one of the artifacts of the ultimate reunions, an ad that “among the few producers there are many. I would like to say that we are struggling with subsistence”.

No, the recognition that “there is an animation of renovation. Here are the generations of 17 and 18 years old with the 80’s generation that was born in the 2008 mobilizations [recordada protesta contra la famosa resolución 125]; there are also traders from the pubs and women who also have a very important protagonist ”, remarked.

This concentration is the antechamber of the protest that the agro argentino prepared for the 23rd of april in the capital federal, where the sector advertises the ultimate increase in retention, of 31% to 33%, of soybeans and soybean, and of 29% to 30% of biodiesel.

Before a consultation, it is clear that it is not confirmed by the formal resolution of the four entities that integrate the Mesa de Enlace del Campo (CRA, Rural Society, Federation of Agriculture and Connagro).

But it remains to be seen that it is a gesture to prosper the sector of the self-propelled barges with a massive mass of other actors in the economy to sum up the protest.

In addition, this reunion confirms the decision to maintain a state of deliberative permanence of the sector, while the technical experts elaborated on a project of “retention of cero” for grain exports. This initiative is based on respaldo – media companies – of Santa Claus producers, Chabás, Sanford, Los Molinos, Casilda, Carcaraña, Pujato, Zavalla, San José de la Esquina, Villa Eloísa, Alcorta, Armstrong and Bigand.

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