Karin Cohen, in a relationship with the medium, his crisis with motherhood and his spiritual search: “Hice constellations with caballos”

With 6 years old Karin Cohen said she wanted to be a periodist and locus, and in his infantile games recreaba las publicidades que escuchaba en la radio. The conviction, the facilitation of the election when you decide what to do next.

Work on the radio and television, and in November it was located in the canal of the Chamber of Deputies. Now extraña el medio, quiere volver y tiene algunos projectos en ese sentido. In all these years, Karin Cohen jamás cambió su look. “It simply came to our notice then. Practicality before that ”, justified with a sound.

The charla con LA NACION transcurre en Club Hípico de San Isidroa place that takes a lot of resources and that connects with nature and with the cavallos, which quenches a lot in the last years. Last couple of 19 years with Mauro Venagli, with whom you want Isabella (15) and Briana (12)Cohen speaks of the family vultures and also reflects on the culture of sex in the media and on the search for personal evolution.

Madre de dos hijas, Karin Cohen has the power to work on radio and television open

Rodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION

-Special relationship with news, f¿ó f f f f f f f f f fueue f f experue experue exper exper exper exper exper exper exper exper exper in the 8 stairs?

-I love you I’m interested in something related to entertainment. In the news, you can’t be like that, but it’s not easy for me. Quizá estoy encasillada por la cantadad de años de news and no reniego, al contrario, aprendí un montón.

-For what do you want from the canal of the Chamber of Deputies?

-Senti que ya estaba. We talk alone with the defendants, and we repeat everything very much. Entonces empecé a hablar de las fiestas en las provincias, sobre cómo se toma el mate; but not always have a social load but it is not that the canal is searched. Everything is very good but you want something else. Now we are defining a program that analyzes the world of medicinal cannabis, with the presence of a doctor and a lawyer, interviews with patients, organizations, people related to production and artists who compare their experiences. Y quizá no se me vea en el aire pero hago contendidos para una produtora que trabaja con un labtorio de enfermedades no frecuentes.

– Why are you interested in medicinal cannabis?

-You are looking for the ley that avale la necesidad that tiene tanta gent. I like the scientific divergence, all that social and find something to do, always.

– Do you want to work in air ducts?

-Yes, I don’t want to go (hace una pausa). In reality, se me fueron solo una vez, durante una crisis que tuve con la maternidad. When Briana was born, she had air conditioning, cable and radio, and air conditioning.

To be certified as an oncology coach, Karin Cohen spoke in a high-profile crisis and in a spiritual search
To be certified as an oncology coach, Karin Cohen spoke in a high-profile crisis and in a spiritual search

Rodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION

-Why do you appreciate this crisis?

-Muchos, product of a search that sells from here to time. The magnitude of the expert all related to the evolution of personnel, the property of life and the property of property, the interior. I need to live in my life with my train, tell me and communicate, but I want to find out what I need to find my property and I don’t have a big sense of power as women we are very excited about what we think, enjuicien, exijan, in a world dominated by creations and pressures. One day we are going to have a hard time and a friend and my companion, who is the friend of a friend, said: “Do you have tennis or what do you have?”. If you want to listen to this, because of my identity. Y a partir de esa pregunta hice un trabajo muy grande para escuchar mi propia voz, porque estaba tapada por creencias, por lo que me devolvían los demás. Eso me hizo ver el mundo de otra manera, cambiar mi propia vida y mi relación conmigo es más tierna, menos exigente.

-Decías ques esas inquietudes se dispararon con la maternidad….

-Yes, maternity leave and arrange a fireplace with personal accommodation. Here is a trip to the Capilla del Monte (Córdoba), in which he finds and decides study to be an oncology coach. Term in en months and I’m training to listen, very content because you can help others.

-What caballos do you have with you?

-Yes. For a lot I am very happy, the animals are my connection with nature. Y hablo idioma perro, gato, insectos; mis amigos me cargan. In the house we have a cat, a fish and a hamster, but I don’t want to kill my grandfather very much in the garden (river). The caballos are always my gustaron, and then I heard more hice constellations with caballos: fire magic that sucedió. I was very emotional when the cavalry showed me a reality, because he caught our heart. I want to see my life with the mayor’s coherence, because I always have a lot of cerebral y but I can give a lot to my instinct; y ahora es el momento de hacerlo. I can take care of my life. At the moment I am interested in training coach with animals; yo pude encontrar mi propia voz y quisiera poder ayudar a otros a hacerlo. El Hípico de San Isidro is a place that takes me many times because I want to have a coffee to make time for my children in the garden of children. Many times you want to be able to mount, I don’t know what you are doing.

-Crees that the world of news exchanges in the last years?

-Yes, the news is his other thing and it’s okay to be alone without looking at what we are in front of a microphone. Now there is a particle that, at the moment, is delicate. We do not want to be aware that, as communicators, we are responsible for being responsible. Hoy parece que lo que importa es be a gang or something. It is the culture of sesgo. It is not a subject, because of the objective news it does not exist, but it is partial. We understand the codes of ethics when we study, and we do not apply. If you talk about a topic, there is also a counterpart. Without embargo, in some cases there is no interest and no interest. Afortunadamente quedan lugares donde informarse. In the news, there is an admiration for capturing the public joven and a total destructuring to present the news, and it is very easy for the rigor to be informative but he does not have anything to lose.

Karin Cohen está hace 19 años en pareja con Mauro Venagli, con quien tuvo a Isabella (15) y Briana (12)
Karin Cohen está hace 19 años en pareja con Mauro Venagli, con quien tuvo a Isabella (15) y Briana (12)Hernán Zenteno – LA NACION

-Are you able to adapt to these new forms?

-Claro. Always have a goal and create something that will support the news as a story and no olvidarse de quién la está padeciendo o atravesando; mi punto siempre está ahí. I am interested in the impact of this news company. I was very close to the entertainment or presenting the news from the other place, but the store manager.

-You love the culture of sex, how do you define it?

-Have a disillusionment we are not bringing the common sense. It is possible that this culture of your rating has a rating, What class of spectator are we building? And, in the definitive, what is the class of society, what is the reason for the different difference? The people created by their histories. Lamento que eso se esté perdiendo en los medios masivos, y al mismo tiempo apelo a la responsabilidad del spectator, porque hoy tenemos muchas herramientas i podemos informarnos de muchas maneras.

– How do we inform you?

-With the radio … And what an extra, tambourine. Three years ago, he returned to Radio Porteña and tasted me a lot. Me levanto todas las mañanas a las 6.15 y soy la take care of the search and search in our school. We live with music and no news, even though I know about the news, the war and we are talking. When I watch radio again, about all FM, and I have my favorites: Reynaldo Sietecase and Ernesto Tenembaum (Radio with Vos), with quienes trabajé. I also have a super catch. And I got rid of the house, because we don’t have help. It’s a lot of work, but a little bit of a day, without desperation and with the collaboration of Mauro and my hijas. It’s a work in progress.

-Llevan 19 years with Mauro, but a story. ¿Pasaron por crisis?

-Pasamos of all and superamos, y en el día a día intentamos lograr ese entendimiento inmenso. Hay que ceder, ser honestos y communicarse, eso es vital. Mauro is a great companion and I deserve a mountain of cosmos, and he is also a tambourine. He treats the placenta with the other and takes care of them.

-Durante manyos años fuiste muy mediática, sobre todo cuando fuiste pareja de Guillermo Andino, ¿bajar el perfil fue una elección?

Fire a living, in part. I don’t want to be afraid to die, for the relationship that I have in this moment. The living form is natural but when it is exposed, the term. Después me casé, me divorcié y fue bueno vivirlo en privado, intimamente. No extras for exposure. Without embargo, the people wanted me, they wanted me and I died. It is to be found in the chamber of all the gods that is to be found in the people of the eyes, and to be a very good man. You will recognize me by the train and I will be extra and I will be happy. A veces me pregunto que va a pasar el día que no me reconozcan … Y no va a pasar nada, estaré atenta a otra cosa seguramente, y alguien de mi edad me va a reconocer. The new generations who want to know me: en The 8 stairs the friends of my hijas are surprised by the verme en la calf.

Karin Cohen also recommends your comments:
Karin Cohen also recommends his comments: “Employment in barricades and all things, to keep your music and produce”Hernán Zenteno – LA NACION

Karin Cohen created in Villa del Parque, where your parents live. I have a German manor, Alan, and I study at a college of monks. “Mi hermano tiene 10 años menos asi que fui hija única, very agreed”, Confiscated. And make sure you have a lot of work to communicate with. “My mother is a publicist and at home we listen to a lot of radio, about everything Magdalena Ruiz Guiñazu and Jorge Guinzburg, Carlos Abrevaya, Adolfo Castello. “I found the 6 years of living in a book fragment My friend Gregorio, no problem and no problem. Y mientras mi mamá me bañaba, juagaba a hacer publicitades, a leer las labels de los champús. And in the college presented all the acts, and it was time for the homily in the chapel. I have an appropriate microphone that I have to use”, Insurance.

-What is the first example of what you want to say?

-My first time working in FM barricades. Estuve en FM Norte, Estilo y San Isidro e hice de todo, where to keep your music, produce. As a result, I was able to enter ISER, but I could not. And when I ended up calling Radio Miter, because I wanted to search the good news. Thank you very much with Raúl Saponara a la noche y agarraba media hora de Magdalena, era mi gloria.

-What about the opportunity to be on TV?

-Let’s go Liliana Parodiwhich was compared to ISER, and debuted in Elections ’93 in CVN, in American cable.

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