Pablo Donat: “The region is a good economic level, but you can have a lot of money to write in a song” – TorosenelMundo

Pablo Donat he is a valenciano district with an official name in the world of the tortoise world, and this is a young man who pays attention to the region’s training and training of caballos for the region, who has to say that he is the leader of the region. Actually and in the course of a lot of problems with the sun in the evening with the mayor of the illusions, you can take the alternative to the search for your land, in Bocairent de manos de Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza y Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza.

– How are the events ahead?

“You can have a lot of fun and illusion because you can be a year old and you can do it and you can do it while you want to go where you want to have a lot of illusion in this time.”

– How did you find the alternative to Bocairent?

“You can find a lot with a lot of responsibility, first of all one of the most important days of my life and love for the cartel, it is a lot of responsibility and a lot of categories.”

– What does Valencia mean to you?

“Valencia means a lot to me, it is the first place where the beauty of hell, my father always loved me to see the matinee of the 19th day with four or so years. All I want to find out what I have in my passion. It’s like saying that here it is, I hope to make this dream in my head. I have a special car on the beach because I am valenciano, for the good that it is and for the sake of it ».

– Are you crazy about the region?

“I believe that it is good to be able to achieve an economical level, but you have a very bad economy and a lot of work and work to do with a piece of caballos and everything you can say. Quitando eso para mí no es duro porque hago lo que me gusta y disfruto todos los dias dias montando a caballo, duro sería estar en una cantera picando piedra. It is a very sacrificial sacrifice, but I am not obliged to do anything, but it is hard to be silent and not to be annulled in the city.

– What are the actual changes in the region?

“We can say that we have a consensus among all our friends to respect all our economic savings that we can guarantee before our guests.” As the competencies of the series are more beautiful and the companies are our contractors for our merits in the plaza and we don’t want to be the only ones who want to ».

– Are you compensating economically?

“When you are economically compensating for the damage. I would like to take care of the caballos and sell someone else to be able to save a little more than just the region but not to support you ».

– ¿Para los que no conocen cómo es el toreo de Pablo Donat?

“Me gusta mucho el toreo puro, ir de frente dandole ventajas a los toros, arriesgar, pisar terrenos comprometidos y sobre todo me gusta mucho conseguir que los caballos se expressne ellos mismos”.

– What is your lens for this time?

“Uno muy claro, seguir creciendo día a día para alcanzar las metas que quiero”.

– ¿Con qué sueñas por las noches?

“A lot of things, but the dream that you can find is a figure of the tortoise and the power of the region.”

– Who is Pablo Donat?

“You can say something like any other dream with a lot of clarity and with a lot of consensual people.”


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