Major matches in the first round of the World Cup of Qatar 2022: Messi vs Lewandowski and more | Qatar World Cup

The definition of the phase of the groups of the World Cup of Qatar gives a variety of news, including an attractive list of two stars that promote the show.

El primero, sin duda, es el que sostendran Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski, leaders of Argentina and Poland, rivals in Group C.

The Argentineans are commanding their team in the last title of the Copa América and a league with an unusitado afán de revancha tras su gris temporada en el PSG. Before the World Cup, he decided to take part in the team’s goodbye to the team that, with the best support before the last World Cup, the last card for the orbital champion and to end a good relationship with the eternal discussion about El Maradona.

Lewandowski said that the distance between him and his angel Balloon de Oro could be an unworkable World Cup, in which he will be able to put pressure on Messi, who will not be able to stop with the photo of the trophy in his hands, but he will fight for him. with the title of goal scorer.

Después hay otros duels que son igual de attractivei tal tal tal más, pues serán compañeros de equipo viéndose las caras en la primera fase.

It’s a tango Virgil Van Dijk and Sadio Mane, leaders of the Bajos and Senegal countries, respectfully. Ambos chocarán en un grupo A en el que además coinradán con el local, Catar. The Liverpool teammates are among the favorites, the example of the solid team, the hand of Kevin De Bruyne, and the second one in Vienna to be one of the men who are the champion of Africa and to eliminate in Egypt the good friend Mohamed Salah . Solo Klopp sings in secret to see what his pupils are trying to do in the elite of world football.

A duel between friends and friends of the club makes him the protagonist Luka Modric, captain of Croatia, and Eden Hazard, leader of Belgium, in the group F. El inagotable talento croata se abre espacio en la nomina de un Real Madrid en el que pasan los fichajes sin llegar a austarse bien el saco, mientras que el belga ha sido una enorme decepción desde su aterrizaje, pero cada vez que va con su selección parece rejuvenecer.

Other duel very attractive tendrá lugar en el Group E, the llamado group of death in this first phase, and the protagonist of Spain and Germany, the Patriarch of Pedri and Kai Havertz, two of the young talents most of the world. The Spaniards and the Germans have received a lot of receptions in the world that he has given space to a renovation that is more promising, in which the talent of the man of FC Barcelona and Chelsea has opened the fireplace.

In the other polo, the big duel between the veterans, the apparatus Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suárez, goal scorers from Portugal and Uruguay, respectfully, and rivals in the attractive group H of the World Cup. El primero tiene 37 years, el segundo 35, y ambos fueron vitales para asegurar la presencia de sus países en Qatar, más allá de la actualidad de cada uno u Manchester United y Atlético de Madrid. From when you live in Real Madrid and the other in FC Barcelona supieron ‘cultivate’ a rivalry that promete sacar chispas in the first phase of the World Cup.


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