Alcaldía de Medellín

.: Contact with health, vacuum, cultural and sports facilities.

.: In the component Centro Día 2, commune 10-La Candelaria, there are diameters of 1,100 habitats per street.

.: In June, August and October we have three more holiday services in the municipality 10.

Palabras de Santiago Preciado, secretary (s) of Social Inclusion, Family and Human Rights. 1120 Kb

As a way to increase the institutional offer to the population of Calle, Alcaldía de Medellín realized the example of a holiday of services for about 800 people in the component Centro Día 2, del sector La Paz, in the municipality of 10-La Candelaria.

It is based on an article with different dependencies of the Municipal Administration and aliases for the intervention of this province. Adelantaron also includes health care, vacuuming, accommodation and solid residue management, psychosocial accompaniment, fast food and barbecue service.

“With the example of a holiday of institutional services, we support the form of articulation, the offer of the habitats of a calculus that requires access to health and safety services. From the Municipal Administration we need to improve the conditions of life and opportunities that allow the construction of a new life project ”affirmed the Secretariat (s) of the Social Inclusion, Family and Human Rights, Santiago Preciado Gallego.

The space includes the participation of Inder, the secretariats of Salud, Mujeres, Medio Ambiente, Educación, Hospital La María and Escuela de Belleza Orly.

Además del acceso a la attençón, la población debrrutó de un espacio cultural con la Red de Escuelas de Música de Medellín, una demostración deportiva por parte del Inder y un acto simbólico de quienes adelantan su resocializacija, que les recordó en elmiancia y luchar por mejorar sus condiciones de vida.

“Apart from all the benefits that we receive from Alcaldía, we contain with a health offer and help to improve our health conditions. We are privileged and have the opportunity to offer opportunities that we offer.” indicated by Álvaro Pastor Ortiz, beneficiary of the service holiday.

The Municipal Administration has an integral attention system for the calf habitats, which includes self-employment, alimony, sleep aids, psychosocial care, pre-hospital care, recovery facilities and resocialization processes for the purpose of construction.

In the component Centro Día 2, there are 1,100 people who are looking to access the services to support your needs. Allie have a team of professionals who accompany the processes.

In June, August and September, three holidays are coming to an end. This opportunity is given to the institutional offer to the habitats that often differentiate the zones of the municipality 10- La Candelaria, but do not accept the offer available to them.

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