Qatar 2022: How does football affect the mental health of children? | News

The sports and general produce various sensations and personalities. At this stage of the 2022 World Cup, we will also record the positive aspects of football as an identity, communication skills, imagination, sense of loyalty, empathy, solidarity, leadership and comradeship, which will help us to endorse ourselves. Without embargo, depending on the person’s personality, these sentiments vary in impact on the mental health.

“In the first instance, it is important to differentiate between fanatical hints, there are completely different characters from a different script. He is a team member of a team to support and generate positive emotions and behavioral adaptive behaviors, but that fanaticism can lead to negative and negative behaviors ”, said Mario Reyes-Bossio, a specialist in investigative psychology and the UPC.

The science has demonstrated that being humane and satisfying incapacitated psychologically incapable people with competence, autonomy and relationships, you are more motivated. It is a result of a favorable power to generate motivation, allegiance, perseverance and, an adversary result, depending on the personality of the child, to capture feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, stress and including cardiac problems and insomnia. There are opportunities to disenfranchise in disabling practices such as violence, which is most important for sports, escalation of scenarios, families, laboratories and social services.

¿Qué hacer hasta el lotido de repechaje?

Definitely, in these months he will stay the day of the rehearsal, he will be able to live in the peruana cienta cierta tensión y ansiedad por la incertidumbre al no saber el resultado teniendo en cuenta que es un unito partio y en una cancha neutral. In this sense, Mario Reyes-Bossio brinda some recommendations for guiding our mental health:

1. El hincha debe saber que ante todo proceso no puede tener el control de las cosas y que de nada sirve angustiarse si el partido aún no se ha jugado.

2. Además, es importante entender que se trata de una competencia, se gane o se pierda no debe afetar a nuestras vidas, ya que después tendremos que seguir con nuestras cotidianas.

3. Es clave saber gestionar las emociones. As we know, the uncertainty and frustration generated by a disqualification in the person, because it is fundamental to maintain a constant motivation, to be in the direction of the team’s support and to live the experience of having the ability to play a goal of Peru. and a World Cup.

4. It is recommended to follow the positive, realistic and objective manner and to have in mind that you can give any result (the triumph of a child). Lo graficante est en en saber que el equipo estregando todo para poder llegar al objetivo planteado.

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