Piqueteros continúan el acampe en la 9 de Julio: insisten con ser recibidos por el Gobierno y se quedarán hasta el mediodía

The peak picket camp: picket organizations from the night of the night on the 9th of July Avenue, as part of a plan of protest that commends el mércoles and extends al menos hasta este mediodía in the advertisement of “genuino employee”, “mayor of alimentaria” and a response from Gobierno to his demands.

The picket methods

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The protest, with the installation of carpas, see you on 9 de Julio des avenida de Mayo hasta avenida San Juanwhich implies a vehicle pass through the area and block the Metrobús.

The past months, the Minister of Social Affairs, Juan Zabaleta, received the conductors of the Piquetera Unit, with whom he agreed to “present a plan of laboratory activities for the authorities of the Potential Worker” and to implement a “refund for food policies”. No obstante, no hubo acuerdo sobre el alta de nuevos planes socialia i que se levantara la suspensión del cobro de los benefices que reciben dos personas que fueron detenidas por tirar piedras al Congreso cuando en la Camara de Diputados se debátéa el projocto FMI.

Este jueves, the Deputy Minister of Social Affairs, Gustavo Aguilera, affirms that “Argentina is a great addition to the generation of work and production”, according to “Claramente hay una motivación politica” en las protests y acampe and it is clear that Gobierno insists on “in the dialogue and the issues for the solution of the pending problems”.

“It simply came to our notice then. The moonlit passages with the Minister Zabaleta and the team, the hours of the hours, the most important things. And we agree, for a while, to guarantee the food policy, to weigh the crisis of the world of food. We also offer good opportunities for productive and enthusiastic students. And in two things we don’t have to say: they want new plans for Powers to work and their altas, and we also want to be restituted to benefit from the persons who tyrannized people have entered the days of the National Congress and through the Minister of Justice the decision to activate these actss. And rightly so, this is the government and the Ministry of Social Affairs is working to win the social plans with the genuine work, ”said Aguilera.

“El Polo Obrero (PO), which is the driving force that is in conflict, has a place in the Plaza de Mayo, trying a light plan where this is a contemporary event. And this plan preveía reunions. Good, we have the reunions and, without embargo, but the rest. Claramente has a political motivation; yes no, no entiende la desmesura del reclamo. The picket nation in Argentina for people who are not picky, who are insensitive and wonderful for the cost. Well, we have reunited all of our time and secured in the dialogue as a solution to the problems, ”he concluded.

For your part, the referent of Polo Tendencia, Eduardo Molina, explicit: “El Problemma Real De La Desocupación, de la Falta de Trabajo Y AlimentOS en Los Barrios, ES Decir La Pobreza, que está creciendo no se va a resolver con los planteos de Zabaleta ”.

“We want to discuss real work, the opportunity to live on a living plan to cover the lack of housing that creates work and pastoral care for a company of partners who have programs and are still working,” said Molina.

The manifestations are integrated from Polo Obrero, MTR-Votamos Luchar, el CUBA-MTR, el Bloque Piquetero Nacional, la Argundo Armando Conciencia y la Organización 17 de Noviembre and el Movimiento Territorial (MTL-Rebelde).



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