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Mañana, by the culprit of ‘clickactivism’, can do something to paraco, mamerto o neonazi, because someone can influence the resolution of the determined and determined cajita.

Is it the fault of the social networks?

Do you not have time?

We are suggesting the culture of cancer. Del bloqueo. Polarization. Solo hay dos planetas: a favor o en contra. Always have a good time, but you will be able to enjoy the meat, the salads, the entertainment, you will be able to live in the public opinion, but you, thank you Twitter, Facebook about TikTokel ostracismo se expande a una velocidad superior a la de la luz.

The language is inclusive What we recommend in the television programs of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro is dominating (and alarming) the discourses. The difference between the politicians is correct or the right can be the difference between the goal and the goal.

The perfect cachet of Will Smith, Estil salvage west, live and live on global television, division of humanity. Honor or guachería.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine took place in Milan (Italy), where the University of Bicocca was suspended, canceled, the Cathedral of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the classic writer of Los Hermanos Karamazov, for the Russian heron, like Putin.

In the fashion of Coco Chanel la han intentado sabotear porque tuvo sexo con un nazi; to the music of Diomedes Diaz he has vetado, cancelado, por su vinculación con un crimen, ya J Balvin lo iban a expatriar por una canción.

The states of Cristóbal Colon and Sebastián de Belalcázar want to get rid of cancers, because there are 500 years of abusive de los indígenas, which now have to be heard as ancestrales.

But the opinion can be converted into a line for the discriminatory discourse of the opposing party. It’s easy to be homophobic by someone elseto paramilitarize the defender of military forces, to protect the protests through free education, to war against the protests against the exploitation of mine in a pair.

The attack against the states is one of the social phenomena.


Juan Pablo Rueda, Archive TIME and Archive in particular

La poesía está en peligro

The concept of political correctness can be used as a gift or as a garrote. What is correct for entry is incorrect for children. You can be a scumbag or a stroke. Politically correct, it has been locked up and he has been able to pay for his names. The inclusive language is even more rigorous. The hypersensitivity of minorities has been exacerbated.


In these days, the church is a penitentiary establishment, a black man is an aphrodisiac or sub-Saharan, the right of men are the right of human beingsthe children are the children and the children, the children are the children and the children, the disabled person with different abilities, neutralizes the mother of the assistant, the Colombians are the people of Colombia and the Colombian community, the pilots and the azafatas son el personal de vuelo, el sobreviviente es la persona sobreviviente, los feos son poco agraciados, el crecimiento negativo es crisis económica, el aborto es interrupción del embarazo, los pobres son poblaciones vulnerables, los ancianos son personas majoros el el defecto congenital disability, the body of man is the human body, “hola a todos” is “hola a todes” y nunca se le puede decir persona con discapacidad mental a los que antes se les llamaba loquitos.

The linguistic sexism in Castellano indicates that it should be called ‘todes’ or ‘amigue’, the letter ‘e’ should be substituted for ‘a’ and ‘o’, or use ‘x’ or the symbol ‘@’ now that everything can be written digitally, just a little bit of paper and money. La poesía está en peligro.

Abolidas están las frases ‘mujer tenía que ser’, ‘a las mujeres no hay quien las entienda’, ‘todas las rubias son tontas’, ‘el fútbol es cosa de hombres’ o ‘los hombres conducen mejor que las mujeres’.

Our professions are feminized and other masculine. Hay azafatos, cocineros y pilotas.

For some people, politically correct is aboriginal, tibio. For others it is a censor who opposes the freedom of expression. It is the art of saying the truth with thoughts.
The language has changed. The Spanish pronombers are every day their son, who loves sex.

The humorists have a walk like writing in the huts. The humor is very polite.

‘Juanpis González’ was a lyncher who was born to say that Polo Polo was black, marica and derecha.

I’m canceling Marbelle’s King Kong Concerts in France Márquez Mina.

Trump was one of the politically incorrectly insulted people, the Hispanic llamaba violadores, the famous women of the children who wanted to take the vagina, and Hillary Clinton that it was a crook (torcida), and Biden that it was a dormant, al virus del covid-19 lo llamaba bicho chino ya los vandalos que se tomaron el Congreso el 6 de enero los llamaba defensores de la democracia. There are many urban terrorists.

Marbella and France Márquez

Marbella and France Márquez


Instagram: @ marbelle.oficial / Hector Fabio Zamora. THE TIME

The books of a communist

No solamente se cancelan personas, también se cancelan o se hacen campañas de desprestigio contra empresas, bancos, gobiernos o deportistas.

Russia has won the football World Cup, but the final of the Champions in St. Petersburg and the pilot of Formula 1 Nikita Mazepin is coming to a halt on the runways because the Pope is an oligarch amid Putin.

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In Colombia, to the President of the Duke of ‘Porky’; a Petro, el ‘Cacas’; a Uribe, el ‘Matarife’ ya Santos, ‘Chucky’. Fico es de la oficina de Medellín, Fajardo se robó Hidroituango, Ingrid es disociadora, Gaviria está aliado con las maquinarias. The Petristas are communists, the fictitious ones are uribestias and lo fajardistas are quedan dormidos o se van a ver ballenas.

Garcia Marquez is not a communist, a friend of Fidel; en United States does not want to buy green Goya because the president of the company is Trump’s friend. In 2020, the companies Unilever, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and other great announcements announced the return of Facebook to control the discourse discourse on the platform. The culture of cancer is implacable.

The minorities are hypersensitive, they are a homosexual because they are robbed, they have the authority to be the victim of homophobia, they have an Afro-Colombian despise because they don’t want to work a week, which is racism, is the humorist who resulted in Will Smith hubiera sido David Letterman lo hubieran condensed by racista by el mismo chiste, el humor de la revista francesa Charlie Hebdo se volvió racista cuando publikó caricaturas sobre Mahoma. Y hubo una matanza.

It is politically inclusive to be able to benefit, but to be more authentic, to generate more interest in the media and to produce more titles.

Antiguamente, lo politichte correctto lo reglamentaba el clero y tenían el poder de echar a la hoguera al que los contradijera; hoy ese privilegio lo tienen los llamados progresistas que utilizan las redes socialia para acabar con el prestigio profesional y moral de los hombres y mujeres que no piensan como ellos.

Gustavo Petro llamó “neonazi” to David Ghitis because of the taste of the title of a column about his public property, the money of the pensioners and the title ‘Petro nos quiere atracar’ exterminate housing; Putin says that Ukraine is a neo-Nazi to justify the invasion, but the countries of the West say that the name is Putin.

Between the culture of cancer, fake news and political policy, it is right to find the rotation of a planet governed by the uncontrollable, encircled, gratuitous and empowered by social networks, which make famous and tambourine conversations possible. he clicks on an influencer and his followers.

Santiago Muñoz Machado, director of the Real Academia de la Lengua (RAE), has expressed his interest in the use of inclusive language, but he is a sexist, because of this, he is a grammatical problem of language other than idiomatic economics.

La RAE debe regular el uso del idioma no sexista, o al menos tratar, sin olvidar que esa sala maxima integrada por 42 académicos solo tiene siete académicas.

The equality of opportunities followed by sex acaba de alcanzar a new brand, this week 91,553 persons assist at the Camp Nou to present a game between Barcelona (5) and Real Madrid (2). Record record for a game between women. Football is nothing but men.



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