Amplio program of activities for everyone in April

A small number of activities and artistic events for all tastes and activities integrated into the April program organized by the Directorate of Culture of the City of 146º anniversaries of the Trenque Lauquen Foundation, which reports on the restrictions of the pandemic de Covid-19 is celebrated in the manner of a massive and remodeled plaza San Martín.

The official act will be held on March 12 at 5:30 pm, at 5.30 pm, in which the new Fortinera Trenquelauquenche will be announced and will be very special with the presentation of the Los Caligaris cordoban band.

The program is contemplative, además, numeroas propuestas para disintas jornadas del mes de april, como los tradicionales desfiles criollo y de autos y motos antiguas, la procession a la Virgen del Desierto, folklore spectacles, la feria de artesanos y patio de comidas, I would like to present the Club Barrio Alegre, the masters and distinctions of artistic presentations.

Saturday 2

Official act for the Day of the Veterans and the Caids in the War of the Malvinas. At 9.30 am at the Plazoleta Marineros del Crucero General Belgrano, located at the Barrio El Ceibo (Los Manzanos and Los Ciruelos), at 10 am in the installations of the Escuela Primaria Nº 35 (Gobernador Irigoyen and Carlos Casares).

Saturday 2 and Domingo 3

Flamenco plate. Nivel principiantes (con y sin experiencia), a cargo de Luciana Bueno y Mauricio Guerediaga (contacto: 11-3146-1130). En la Academia Sentir Argentino (Orellana 182).

Saturday 2 and Saturday 9

Teatro Musical Una Noche de Novela. The 21st at the Teatro Español. Fernanda Zapulla Directorate. Entering the sale in the Directorate of Culture.

Miércoles 6

Spectacular Master Gato. Chef of Humor. Gato Peters, in the Teatro Español, from the 21st. Entrance to the sale in the Directorate of Culture.

Friday 8 and Saturday 9

Polo de la Paz. El Rotary Trenque Lauquen realizes a capacity event in Vincent-themed themes in the world, which includes contrasting properties: between them, the flame of a post in the fashion of the symbol of Paz, in the Parque Villegas.
El Rotary Club Trenque Lauquen organized this project in the district of Rotario 4921, and with the collaboration of the Municipality of Trenque Lauquen. All activities are open to the community and people free of charge, such as the act of aperture in the Theater and the act of explosion in the Park. The act of aperture will be on the 8th of February at the Teatro Español. On Saturday 9, at 8.30 am, a meeting will be held at the Civic Center. You can write about them at in a currency of 600 pesos (including capacities, coffee break, and almaerzo del día sabado). The act of embankment of the Poste de la Paz was held on Saturday the 15th in the Municipal Park.

Games 7

Day of Zamba. At 17 in Plaza San Martín. Organiza Academia Sentir Argentino.

Friday 8

35th Anniversario de la Escuela Secundaria Especializada en Arte Nº 1 (ex Polivalente). From the 14th there are 23 in the front of the school in the school (April 12th). It has masterpieces in the interior and exterior of the building, live bands and canteen service.

Saturday 9

Open a temporal pattern of phosphor casings in the Almafuerte Museum, in the March hours on Saturdays from 9 am to 11 am and from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Saturday 9 and Domingo 10

II Modified car rental. It is organized by the OurWorldTeam group. The Saturday opens the area for exhibitors and sales stands from the 15th, and the 17th has a rap and sorteos show. The 20 will take place at the Plaza San Martín parade at 8.30 pm and the night of the event will take place at the same time in Villegas Street, at around 11.30 pm.

El domingo el initio está previsto para las 9 y el cierre a las 18. Habrá sorteos, entrega de presentes y distintos stands.

Domingo 10

Ajedrez Tournament at the Rivadavia Library, from 14.

Lunes 11

Book presentation “A world in a pandemic. Lessons and defaults of the coronavirus ”, de la Dra. Marta Cohen Souza. En el Auditorio del Centro Cívico, Villegas y Oro, des las las 19.

March 12

The procession took place in the Virgin of Dessert. Share 15 of the Parroquia. In the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Dessert a Mass is offered.

Official Act. At 5.30 pm, the official act of the 146th anniversary of the Trenque Lauquen Foundation will take place.

Musical / Feria de Artesanos spectacle. A match of 19 spectacles with Los Caligaris. También has a holiday of local artisans.

Apertura de la muestra temporaria “El Arte de Planchar”. En El Museo de los Carruajes. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 to 12 and from 15 to 19. This collection includes a collection of donations from different families.

Apertura de la muestra temporaria “Las Familias Ferroviarias Trenquelauquenches Representadas a Través de sus Objetos”. The 10th in the Museo Ferroviario, in the Marco de los 132 years of the Ferrocarril Festival in Trenque Lauquen. Donations from the families of José Oscar Anido were exported, who was dismissed as guardian of the train, and of Enzo Rodríguez, head of the Station and of Galpones, and also of Enzo Rodríguez (hijo), the last telegraph operator of the Station. You can visit Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 to 12 and from 15 to 19.

Miércoles 13

During the 78th anniversary of the Regional Historical Museum, habilitarán temporarias is located in its remote rooms:

Prehistory Hall. The following archaeological pieces are exhibited: liturgical instruments (spotting points, perforators, perforators, hacks), ceramic fragments decorated, materials for molten technology, perforated shells (used as caramel). These are the selections of the collections Amado, Grub, Chicory, Estévez, and Museo, por la Lic. Juillerat. All regions of our region.
Sala de los pueblos originarios. Exhibition in honor of our original people: Maniquí con joyas mapuches en alpaca (Trapelacucha; Trarilonco; Tupu; Chaway), confection and donation of Dr. Juan José Estévez; Cuadro de Doña Marcelina Pincén, painted with oil by Coco Rodríguez Fedele; Cuadro del Lonko Lorenzo Cejas Pincén, painted in oil by Melisa Rossi, alumna del taller de muralismo; Useful elements by Lonko Lorenzo Cejas Pincén in various occasions and ceremonies.

Sala de Villegas. Exhibition of school hats, medals of merit and commemorations, perennials of the collection of the Regional Historical Museum.

Hours for visits: To the end of Wednesday, April 13, from March 9 to 11 and from 14 to 18.

Presentation of the book “Caseros. The battle for the national organization ”, by Ignacio Zubizarreta. Meet the 19th in the Auditorium del Centro Cívico, in Villegas y Oro.

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17

Artesian holiday.

Saturday 16

Defile of cars and motorcycles / Contractor of Payers and Rappers / Battalion of Djs.

The cars and old motorcycles are located 15 of the Station. Those who want to sign up to participate can communicate with the area of ​​Culture, the months of the 7th to 13th (02392) 15-543847. The 17th minute of the parade on the avenue of Villegas is located in the Palacio Municipal, where the exhibition is open.

Domingo 17

Criollo / Folk Spectacles / “Circo Criollo” / Feria de Artesanos / Cantinas / Patio Gastronómico.

The 15th anniversary of the Desphile Criollo by the Calle Villegas hosted the Municipal Palace and the present of the musical groups Abriendo Fronteras and Los Troperos, and the Ballet Barrio Alegre with the spectacular “Circo Criollo”.

The concentration of the caballos will be located in the Station of the 10th.

Comedy theater “Rotos de Amor”. En el Teatro Español des las las 21. Entradas a la venta en la Dirección de Cultura. This account has a sense of humor in the love stories of a man who loves to learn about the difficulties of living. Protagonized by Antonio Grimau, Osvaldo Laport, Víctor Laplace and Roly Serrano.

Friday 22

Encounter of Tejido Solidario. From 14 to 17 in the Rivadavia Library.

Poemario de Ñusta de Piorno, in audio format. Presentation by Juan Carlos Artigas. At 19, in the Civic Center. Varius vecinos de Trenque Lauquen participates in estas grabaciones que se realizaron en el estudio Tierra Viva.

Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Domingo 24

Classes of Platería Criolla. The cargo of the Mauro Sabbatini School of Orpheres, in the Teatro Español. People interested can consult (011) 15-65027718.

Saturday 23

Buenos Aires Student Orchestra. From the 21st in the Teatro Español, with the direction of Marcelo Toso.

Domingo 24

Master of the Church Comedy Music Hall. The 21st at the Teatro Español. El Taller de Tiki Lovera dictó el año pasado.

Torcao de Pesca Deportiva de Costa. Organized by the union Luz y Fuerza.

March 26 and June 28

18th Festival of Titers. Organized by the School of Aesthetic Education No. 1 and MAIA Titers. The functions of the cargo of Amayrú and Hamishibai companies, for alumni and alumni of infant gardens and primary schools of the city.

March 26

In the 43rd anniversary of the first edition of Tratum Cudehue and in the 48th anniversary of the creation of CEF 18, a ceibo will be replayed.

Friday 29

Cultural Embassy Expectation. Boca Juniors Club Culture Commission. Part 21 at the Spanish Theater.

Saturday 30

Presentation of the book “Life and Work. Historias Trenquelauquenses ”, by Martín Ramirez Barrios. Meet the 19th in the Auditorium del Centro Cívico, in Villegas y Oro.

Peña Club Monumental. Organized by the group of Danica Anaiche y Municipio. Actuarán: La Llave, Joni Poveda, Los Tacuara and Los Yupanqui. To score 21.

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