Álvaro Gutiérrez referred to Andy Polo:

Gutiérrez, University of Technology, referred to the presentation of Andy Polo.

The situation of Andy Polo en University of Sports get out, but you don’t have to pay for it le dieron to solve legal problems with his wife, for this reason, the footballer did not play against his regress to the ‘U’. Álvaro Gutiérreztécnico ‘crema’, fue consultato por él y esta fue la respuesta del uruguayo.

“I don’t want to be able to be so who I am and I don’t have the certainty of what I want. He is a great player and as a good player he can be trusted to be comfortable ”respond to the estratega ‘charrúa’ in an interview that conceived from the installations of the Monumental stage.

The last thing that comes out of the ‘bicolor’ existential is that the ‘merengue’ team has a time to learn about a generosity with Genesis Alarcón. “We talked to Andy and we gave him 15 days to lie down with a tendency to expand. It’s not okay, the mediation situation is affecting and repercussions in the sports part. As an institution we give all the support for the council ”, fire that day Jean Ferrari in a press conference.

Andy Polo is a part of the University’s activities. This is what you can do with the videos that the club compares to its social networks. Sin embargo, no se tiene fecha exacta de su debut. We record that it is easy to play in the la Major League Soccer product of a lesson.


In the reinitiation of the League 1Universitario de Deportes enfrentará a ADT is domingo 03 de april a las 15:30 (hora peruana) en el estadio Monumental de Ate. La ‘U’ viene de caer de visita ante Deportivo Binacional por la mínima diferencia, mientras que el ‘Vendaval Celeste’ igualó sin goles con Ayacucho FC.

Álvaro Gutiérrez compares quales son las alta and bajas de su equipo para el choque del fin de semana. “Quintero (Alberto) is legendary, he knows what he has to do, he is with a little legion, but he has played all the games with Panama and we have to see their recovery. I think it’s time to play, but it’s been 90 minutes. ”

Valera is offline 100% and we want to have two more people who are Corso que para este partido no llega y Carvallo que tampocowe have a surgical and lamentable intervention to be able to expect more ”, added.

Assimilation, the Uruguayan show on the occasion of the change of the present of the ‘creams’, which did not take place from the 4th day of the local championship. “We are very excited to turn the situation around and with the pleasure of giving no satisfaction to the king, but also to our misfortunes”.

Los ‘merengues’ tuvieron un buen initio de de temporada con tres goleadas consecutivas, pero en las últimas fechas no ha podido sumar una victoria. Perdió con Barcelona SC por Copa Libertadores, cayó ante Deportivo Municipal, empató con Cienciano y fue derrotado por Binacional.

For the last time, in the day 10 there is a classic example in between Universitario y Alianza Lima y le preguntaron a Gutiérrez si se ve dirigiendo ese compromiso y esta fue su respuesta: “Primero hay que ver si llego o no, los DTs estamos sujetos a los resultados, pasa acá y sobre todo en un equipo grande. The destiny is capricious, it is possible that it is not possible to be able to end the day ”.


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