Vacuna argentina contra covid: ¿por qué constituye un hecho histórico para la la ciencia local? | The announcement of the clinical clinic was announced

From the Scientific and Technological Polo in Palermo, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmus, in conjunction with the title of the sanitary charter, Carla Vizzottiannouncing that the project was to develop a vacuum anticovid 100 for ciento argentina superó con éxito la fase of pre-clinical studies and the approval of the entrance to the part of Anmat for the advancement of the phase 1 studies.

It is an allegory to give a news as this. La Anmat approves the advance of phase 1 in human beings; it is a work that is very exciting and we are the organ organ ”, said Vizzotti. Complete: “We confirm the virtuoso circle between the investment, the development and the positive impact in society. It is a historic moment to have a candidate for use as a refugee ”. Respectfully, the film says: “A series of good times that we have to find a vacuum that helps our population”

At the moment, the coronavirus initiative to fight the coronavirus initiative with the evaluation of security, tolerability and immunogenicity in the brand of clinical studies in humanities. Se trata de la Arvac-Cecilia Grierson, la formula vacunal que lleva su nombre en nombre en homenaje a la primera médica país, y que recibió Financier del Gobierno at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. “It simply came to our notice then. In three months we will be able to update and what will be effective against the options that emerge in the future ”, he said. Juliana Cassatarocientífica a cargo del proyecto.

From the conference, also participating in the title of the National Agency for Investment Promotion, the Technical and Innovation Development (I + D + i Agency), Fernando Peirano; the president of the Conicet, Ana Franchi; the rector of the National University of San Martin, Carlos Grecco, and the head of the Laboratory Cassará, Jorge Cassará.

El camino is offline, the project adquiere form and las auxedades auntan: hacia las vacaciones de invierno, el equipo científico de la Universidad Nacional de San Martín liderado por la Investigadora del Conicet Juliana Cassataro, buscará culminar la fase 2/3 con 4 mil personanas . To share the moment, to have the right, to be in good condition to register the vacuum and to comment on the fabric of the ladder. La meta es que de cara al 2023 Argentina pueda disponer de una tecnología 100 por ciento local na combatir al coronavirus, un patógeno que llegó para quedarse y cuyas vacunas serán incluidas, tarde o temprano, en el calendario obligatorio.

Per phase 1 participated 80 volunteers sanos (entre 18 y 85 años) que, previamente, hayan recibido un esquema de vacunación previo completo. It is realized in a center of CABA authorized by Anmat and is a carrier of infection and pediatrician, Gustavo Yerino. In the previous clinical studies, animals were born, the vacuum against covid exhibited an immunogenicity “adequate” – generating good levels of neutralizing antiques and a response to the cellular lymphocytes T correcta– y, in the actuality, advanced human rights. In the evaluations carried out from the laboratory, the active substance is demonstrated, in parallel, be effective against the different variants of Sars CoV-2 that circulate in Argentina.

Ideal as a return

La Arvac is a vacuum designed to start recombinant proteinswhich can accommodate between 2 and 8 city degrees and which will serve as a battle line in the future of the campaign of evacuation, in the midst of what can be done employed as a return. This technique is recommended for recombinant proteins – also used in formulas of other vacuums such as Hepatitis B and the Human Papilloma Virus – because of complementary problems without other basics of inactivated viruses (such as those affected) as AstraZeneca or Sputnik) and ARN (as Moderna or Pfizer). Según Cassataro, his profile is ideal, he is very safe and he has studied in babies and packs.

The proteins constitute one of the most important components of the cell because of the fundamental functions of life. Their “recombinants” can be expressed in a distinctive cell with a site in which it is traditionally cold and, in addition, can be modified to include the techniques of molecular biology. In the case of the vacuum, expressing the protein Spike del Sars Cov-2 in eukaryotic cells.

From the beginning of 2021, the project of the vacuum impulsed by Unsam and Conicet is associated with Pablo Cassará Laboratory. It is considered an institution that accounts for plants with the capacity to work on 50 million doses. A company with experts and experts in pharmaceutical development, in technology transfer, in the implementation of clinical clinics and in the escalation of biological products, with the expansion of the national level to improve the investment rates and increase the cost of living required. sensitive and strategic as a vacuum. However, this Laboratory is in the process of bringing money for the realization of phase 1, which is to be announced.

Otras en carrera

Además de la crecnología creada en el Instituto de Investigaciones Biotecnológicas de la Universidad Nacional de San Martín, se halla la formula monodosis diseñada por el investigador Osvaldo Podhajcer desde el Instituto Leloir. Representa el fruto del acuerdo con la compañía Vaxinz y en ensayos preclínicos ya demonststró una fuerte respuesta immune. Tambéen hay quen mencionar otras que están en carrera, como la Argenvac, del Conicet y la Universidad Nacional de La Plata. An initiative impulsed by the scientific Guillermo Docena from the Institute of Immunological and Physiopathological Studies and the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physical Investments. Assimilation, find the project coordinated by the specialist Daniela Bottero, which proposes the design of a vacuum of the second generation, to participate in the participation of various institutions as el Conicet, el INTI, el INTA and el Instituto Leloir.

The four lines (and those that can be found in the pre-roll phases) receive the support of the Government and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and the work of the National Agency for Investment Promotion, Technological Development and Innovation.

The fact that Argentina, based on its scientific and technological system, promotes the ability to generate its own results in terms of intermediate results through the return of the fireplace that connects with the collection, at the same time as the future of the future.

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