MLS concludes Polo investment; many Timbers

An independent investment in the form of the Timbers of Portland reacted to the accusations of domestic violence that involved Andy Polo in concluding that he had been offered a cue in the middle of the Peruvian mediocre camp, but he wanted to persuade him.

The investment made by the Porskauer Rose LLP concluded that the Timbers debieron had been informed by the MLS when the police officers responded to a pedophile and assisted pedophile at the Polo House in May 2021.

The club fueled a lot with $ 25,000 for reporting it. The investment was made by the MLS and the public was elected.

Polo quotes to compare, but never finds formal cargoes at the house, and says the accusations of Genesis Alarcón.

“Due to the last months, the club has realized a need to implement a series of programs designed to improve our account, equity and participation. But the series of actions is presented in the nearest days “, informs Timbers in a communication, some of which are close to reporting.

“We are looking for a club that can generate organ in this city and its followers. We have more than a decade of work in the community and in the country, and we have something to do with it, ”he said. “Without embargo, we are perfect and we are experiencing terrible failures. When it comes, let’s make corrections and learn about it ”.

The contract of Polo was determined by the league in the past, due to the fact that Alarcón accessed Polo in Peruvian television. You also need to report to the Washington State Police Department.

The information provided by The Associated Press señala que los agents acudieron a la casa de Polo el 23 de mayo de 2021, y que el jugador fue citado por un caso menor de hostigamiento, tras sujetar a Alarcón por una muñeca.

Accustomed to the party, the representatives of the Timbers llegaron a vivienda cuando los agentes estaban ahí todavía.

Pese al incidente, el contrato de Polo con los Timbers fue extendido en diciembre. Polo recited the totality of the contemplation of the world that the team of the pool.

Tras la visita de los agentes a la casa de Polo, el club ofreció ayudar a Alarcón ya sus hijos a fin de que buscaran casa y obtuvieran otros servicios. But these offers “do not have the intention to induce or induce” to reject the cargo presented against Polo, concluding the investment.

Alarcón intentío que recibiría la ayuda sin importar si continuaba o no con las acusaciones, de acuerdo con la pesquisa. At the end of the day, no present.

“The investment in the Hall of Records that the Timbers organization has been influential in the decision of the Alarcón señorita, to follow with the cargo, and that the government intends to focus on the incident,” the league said in a statement.

“No obstante, report with celebrity this is crucial for the supervision of the league about the potentials of activities and to guarantee that the players and their families will be informed about the possibility of recurrence of appropriations, including potentially the Abuso de Sustancias program Conductual ”.

Alarcón presented a demand against Polo in a state of Oregon. The demand is also due to the property of the Timbers.

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