Like depression and extreme affection for professional tennis players

“I don’t want to be alone on the runway. The last week has been extremely extreme in my personal life. The last game was for me, ”said Azarenka. take a break of professional tennis with the ability to “recourse” to compete.

Before the 22nd of March, also the number one of the world Ashleigh Barty I was surprised to announce the retirement of professional tennis players: I’m ready. “

These are the houses in the sum of Osaka, which in 2021 will be retired from Roland Garros. long attacks of depressionHere are an example of the 2018 Grand Slam.

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The life of a professional tennis player

The ex number one of tennis chileno, Macarena Mirandatalk to CNN Chile about the rhythm of the life of tennis players and the explanation that “one of the most beautiful songs in a dynamic that is common, is not normal. You will retire from the 13th grade, free exams, travel between countries”.

“Tennis is a deporte dende todas las semanas cambia de lugar (…) no jugegas de manera consecutiveiva en un mismo país, a lo mejor cambias de ciudad o de club, sino many times you change all the seeds”, Explains Miranda. “Lagas a un lugar nuevo, donde conoces a gente nueva, donde en una semana vas a dormir en un cama con unas karacterísticas y la otra semana tienes que cambiar completamente esas condiciones”, agrega.

Miranda has started to lose the rhythm of competence, all of them have played active matches, and they have played tennis, ”he said. Get out of the woods and train with the mousebecause you know that the proximity of the week has a new competence ”.

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A sample is our second national racket, Alejandro Tabilowho was at the end of the final of the ATP 250 de Córdoba in front of Albert Ramos a domingo, and in the marches and was staying in the first round of the ATP 250 de Buenos Aires.

The complement of ambassadors – travel and the rhythm of competence – provokes only a physical effort in the sportsman, I am also emotionally exhausted. “Tienes Que Tratar de Equilibrar ESOS Triunfos, Porque Cuando Mucas Veces Ganas, Te Relajas, Pero Al Día Siguiente Nuevamente Tienes Que Competir, ES Decir, just have a day to celebrate”, Sendala Miranda.


Pu Qué puede hacer el circuito?

Ana María YavarMaster of Psychology and Clinical Psychology, who is actually working with Alejandro Tabilo, indicating some of the ways to implement a tennis professional to fight this crisis.

In conversation with CNN Chileopen that “Generally, you know who you are looking for a psychologist, because he is very bad”.

Yavar se refere a los sacrificios que hace un jugador en pos a su carrera: “El tenista pasa de avion, aeropuerto, hotel, hotel, club ((). Family, family, family, familyy tienes que hacer elecciones que muchas veces te llevan más a la soledad que a la compañía ”.

“Many times you talk about performance, from the ratification of competence, from the peak of performance, but you don’t have to listen to a peak peak”, Reflection.

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Yavar explica que “el circuito es tan duro que no te permite descansar o dejar de compete, porque tienes que defender puntos”. It’s a line, insure that “tampoco has a special education in the psychological environment“Inside the world of tennis, but you can help a deportee in the world of excellence, who does not help in the face of negative opinions. And you are able to prevent that, you are a salute to the deportee ”.

The most important thing, the calculation, the series “a psychoeducation with respect to the impact of young people”, Ya que“ ser tenista es muy obsessive, tienen que serlo, y eso significa muchas veces que las exigencias las llevan a niveles extremos. It’s a solitary deportation que muchas veces decides solo y eso también te lleva a encerrarte en tu mundo, en tu propio círculo ”.


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