Presidential assets for sports: a very competitive material

The failure of the two months to realize the first precedentl, los ocho candidatos siguen en su recorrido nacional, presentando sus principales propuestas que los podría acreditar como the successor of Ivan Duque in the House of Nariño.

At the start of the campaign, he took a variety of initiatives, including health, education, corruption, employment and other ideas that he marked the distance between graduate students.

Without embargo, one of the topics that will increase the interest, so much in the debates and conversations of citizens as in the communicative spheres, is the impulse of national sports, considering that this account is with the Ministry of the Year 2019, which actually visits a estimated at $ 882 millionand therefore impulse the principles of political policies in the practice of these activities in the country.

Precisely, THE NEW SIGN recoiló algunas de las propuestas que ejecutarían los candidatos presidenciales enfocados en esta importante materia, que no solamente ha generado una gran reacción en la ciudadanía sino que también ha posiciónado a Colombia como gran protagonista en las principales competencias.

Constant accompaniment

Initially, the aspirant of the Presidential Team of Colombia, Federico Gutiérrez, declared that he was a material in which he was able to develop an accompaniment in the process of the deportation, because of the first child to retire.

“Because the kids are nice to promote sports, but only for recreation and health. Una vez allí, se deben desbubrir quienes tienen talento dar dar un paso más allá, y posteriormente, meterse en el tema de alto rendimiento, pero es muy importante el acompañamiento ”, affirmó.

It is clear that this is an aspect that was executed in a period like Alcalde de Medellín. “It is true that all the people are very close to the sportsmen who haveero la verdad es que la vida se les va buscando apoyo hasta que triunfan y los esfuerzos los hacen ellos y sus familias. For this, he will be able to support the accompaniment of activities with recreational and sports programs, empowering with good sports scenarios, having competencies and identifying talents ”.

Additionally, Gutiérrez referred to the involuteness of the private enterprise, and affirmed that he was in charge of the Presidency, “being the leader of the process for which the private parties had to take part in the deportation of Colombia.”

Of other things, el candidato del Movimiento Salvación Nacional, Enrique Gómezdijo a THE NEW SIGN that the project is under construction in the recovery and application of resources and facilities for sports practice which historically has been a triumphant triumph for the country.

“Hay que reforzar la praxica segura del deporte, in particular en el tema de ciclismo, donde debemos incluir en los diseños de nuestras vías v carreteras algunos escenarios para la la praxica amateur del ciclismo. I believe that it is urgent not only for the safety of the general and the tranquility of the deportee, but because it is a practice that has made the population popular in all countries, and without embargo, the great red vial national does not have the scenarios and benefits provided for that this activity is growing beyond normal ”, he explained.

On an institutional basis, Gómez señaló que “hay que ampliar significativamente la concentración en las grandes deportivas que han sido más exitosas, reforzar los recursos i ampliar nuevamente la offerta espacios para el deporte, rehabilitao en enoscíos qupaccios deteriorated ”.

Igualmente, recalcó que “es importante que en el acceso a esos espacios de deporte no se cobren recursos en exceso, ya que en many municipalities of Colombia han venido concesionando estos spapacios para asegurar su mantenimiento, pero las tarifas se vuelven prohibitivas en manyos estratos sociales for the amateur amateur of sports ”.

Impulse in colleges

El candidato del Pacto Histórico, Gustavo Petro, tone or less impulse a model of integral physical education which is applied from the educational institutions of the country, as a form of initiation of the process of professionalization in the material. “Physical education should be generalized, it is a fundamental right and it is the first base to guarantee health”, I said in the statements of the media of communication.

I also affirm that a sea of ​​implemented example is an example, it is certainly the creation of specialized schools for every sports and with adequate professors, possibly professional deportees in competitive retirement, with the opportunity to discover and promote the talents of the future.

“The killer of the talents in the educational system should be able to give special education: the sportsman should never abandon the education due to the final, because of the sportsman, the education is what permits the essence”, he added.

Igualmente, indico que “esos spelegios spelezianos se podrán installar en Tumaco, Buenaventura y la Costa Caribe, entre otros lugares donde se han dado altas cuotas de ékito deportivo. As it is, Colombia gives a shrink of quality and can convert to American potential. ”

The other child, the candidate of the Center of Hope, Sergio Fajardomanifest that the weight of the revolution in the last 25 years, which included the decision of the presumption and the victory of many victories in international competitions, the last cycles of his success in violent corruption disputes sports items, for which he proposed a plan named “Student Athletes”, for which he has direct contact with the federations and professional leagues.

“We believe that the sport is one of the most important tools for the formation of our young people, the construction of safe spaces, projects of healthy living, integration of the nation and the promotion of our international level. We also offer a plan of student athletes for schools and universities that are integral to the formation and selection of talent with the federations, ”he said.

ASimismo, the ex-governor señaló que “queremos reorientar la inversión en infeestruktura deportiva a centro de de formationo de de atletas aficionados y de alto rendimiento, donde llegaremos a municipios de alta vulnerabilidad”.

On an institutional basis, Fayardo was enlightened by the fact that “we will be able to restore the synergy between the Ministry of Sports, the Olympic Committees and the Sports Federations, naming conductors and co-leaders of the sector. We integrate with the mayor to make private companies and credit in the promotion of our sports ”.

Retired pension

For his part, the exalted Bucaramanga and graduate student of the League of Governors of Anti-Corruption, Rodolfo Hernández, impulsed a life that promotes a vital pension for those deportees who are represented by the nation in its competencies.

“Our sportsmen worked hard for 15 or 20 years, and they don’t even have a pension. The gobiernos anteriores no han sido capaces de darles a estos deportistas el trato digno que se merecen, por todo lo que hacen por Colombia. For this, we offer a social contract with all the famous sportsmen at the Colombian State ”, expressed in the social networks.

Asimism, Hernández explicitly states that it is a social contract with the professionals and retired consiste “to approve, by the Republic, a pension by category, discipline and competence, in which he participated and received medals. It is paid for a pension of 30% of which is a Colombian embassy in any part of the world, and in succession with different categories.

Aggregate that this property is also for “the deportees who won medals in the parallels”.

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