Violent asalto: “Entraron 10 tipped horses, us golpearon and nos robaron todo”

“We enter these delinquents and our amenazaron with arms. We typed at everyone’s feet and we got rid of them, ”he said Irma del Valle Belmonte, one of the family members who have been living with a violent robot in their possession. The attack ended on the 1st of Pedro León Gallo at 300 de la capital. The gang of delicacies is available in two vehicles and has been compliant with me for 10 suckers and armadas. The Belmonte family created an “entregada” that had some horoscopes, won a large sum of money in a cabaret race in the city of Atahona, and is 75 kilometers from San Miguel de Tucumán.

“It simply came to our notice then. We don’t sleep in the middle of the night and one of the girls will be shocked “, commented Gabriela from the German Belmonte. From a week ago, the family conformed to about 30 integrators, they reunited in their mother’s house, Irma Heredia, to share a day and share in the race of one of the caballos, in the locality of Atahona. Los Belmonte is a contractor of trucks and timber trucks. “When we decide how to decide what we want to do in our careers. We are all together and frustrated. In this opportunity, we decide to put money between all of them and apostatize to one of the cavallos, this is a holiday, ”said Irma del Valle.

Según refirieron las mujeres, cerca de las 20, cada una de las familias fue regresando a la casa familiar porque tenian en mente hacer un brindis a la noche por haber ganado una carrera. “We are family families, some jujuens, the children of Buenos Aires. We have this content of everything here and reunited. Agradezco que no haya venido mi cuñada embarazada sino no se que pasaba. We have a night of terror, we are without sleep and with a lot of money ”, said Irma del Valle. “We are very content, we are fed … we are drunk, we are playing music. In an instant we can see as many as 10 types of arms and caps, between the house and our orders that we have to do. Había niños también, fue muy feo. We have to pay everyone’s time, this is a time … someone who knows that we can do it in the car and we can take a lot more “, said Gabriela, the other girl. When the lords entered the livelihood, he commented on the revolver until the low plantation and the light was directed to the high plantation. Según conto la familia Belmonte, las amenazas de muerte eran constantes y, además, recibían burlas. “I’m going to run like that,” he said. Una de las peores situaciones la vivimos cuando ellos commensaron a manosearnos para ver si teníamos plata escondida en el cuerpo o la ropa. One of my brothers metheron la mano en la cola, including our friends who are girls in the tocaron. A horror, ”Irma said.

Emanuel (33) is one of the most important people, who in an instant was in the middle of a lot of agronomy and llevaron in a living room with a weapon facing the money. “I was a golpearon and I was repeating what I didn’t like to eat. Como estaban tan tapados no pude verlos bien, quizás los reconocía. I’m sure there are people who have their career, ”said the young man.

Enjoying the life of about 30 people from the Belmonte family. Varios de ellos recibieron culatazos y golpes en el cuerpo. Separate contact, the attack lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

In full attack, one of the Germans who had to stay with his wife in the house and shared with the situation. “I die of impotence, my family is attacking me. Uno de los chicos después de esto, no habla. I hope to recover. Quedó shockeado ”, express.

A place to revise the whole house, the lodrons found between the tenies guarding the house duo (Irma Heredia). “I was paid for an operation and I was given a gold coin. It was all so fast, it made me feel sorry, ”said the lady.

For other people, the delinquent gang found the chance to have a family on the road, given a sum of money. “We are checking out what we have, we have to pay for our (real) jobs, a bag, joys, documents and cell phones. No lograron llevarse todos porque algunos logramos esconderlos. See you all, ”said Gabriela. “We have to pay the bills to save what we have to do and we don’t have to repeat ‘adonde está la plata’ y que miremos para abajo porque sino nos mataban. Claramente alguien dijo que habíamos ganado ese dinero ”, agregó.

She lives in contact with security alarms. Without embargo, he has two views that he can walk on the square. “The elsoñanaron and lo metieron con nosotros a la casa. Thanks to Dios who is not a mataron to some of us, imagined that he would like this, ”said Irma.

The place of the lords was fired, the family was happy with the denunciation of Commissioner III. “Llamamos al 911 y tardó en llegar. I hope you invest in the gang, ”said the family. Además contaron que al marcharse los ladrones, se llevaron las llaves de al menos seis vehículos propios de la familia.

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