Villa La Angostura

La Justicia neuquina dispuso que permanezca detenido, al menos por cinco días, the man who confessed that he had spent time in the oven with a friend who was practicing a private house in a private camp on the right of the Nahuel Huapí lake.

Ramiro Amaya assisted and assisted in writing and guaranteed the guarantee, the author of the dissertation identified as FJAF, permanently with precautionary measures to investigate the circumstances en las cuales se produjo la muerte de su amigo de Segundo Enrique Pargade, el hombre de 42 años.

So much, causa fue caratulada como homicidio simple agravado por el uso de arma de fuegoin real competition with the delito de portación de arma de fuego de uso civil condicional sin la debida autorización legal.

Follow the reconstruction that diffused from the intention of the Nahuel Huapí National Park, in connection with a communication: “Durante la madrugada del jueves 24 de marzo cerca de las 3, los guardaparques del área lacustre recibieron el aviso por parte de Prefectura Naval Argentinaabout an incident of a lodge in the Nahuel Huapi Lake, soliciting the guards’ collaboration to identify the place where the haughty hawthorn was buried ”.

“Identifying the area, a private property in Península Huemul, is being dismantled by the agencies of the Naval Prefecture of Argentina, the guard parks, the staff of the Neuquén Police and the health. Al llegar se identifica un hombre que había fallecido por un disparo con un arma de fuego de caza, hecho que está siendo investigado por la justicia de la provincia de Neuquén “, explicaron desde el Parque Nacional y sumaron:”In the place where three people, from the Bariloche and other Buenos Aires countries, had a fallacy that established a formidable form of property without authorization for these activities ”.

Ayer, in dialogue with LA NACION, el intendente del Parque Nacional, Horacio Paradela, agregó: “Son recurrentes los hechos de caza furtiva y en los que se intervienen y tienen que ver con diferentes épocas del año. They are more habituated to the gate of the hearts that it is the moment in which the mahoganies persecute the lobsters and their most beautiful. It can be done in a manner that is more effective. Just this epoch of the year hay brama. It’s between March and April. That’s why there are more things to do today. “

Normally, the animals are the ones who find themselves in the lofty houses of the Colorado and apple trees, which are exotic specimens inside the national park. Habido hechos de caza furtiva con animales nativos, pero son menos recurrentes y se da, más que nada, con el guanaco ”, sumo Paradela.

Ante la consulta de si el Parque Nacional tiene zona de coto de caza, explicó: “We have different modalities. From the sports house to control, which is useful for controlling exotic specimens, which can be used in private property. There are also cottages in the property in the park, which can be sorted by tours and which can be used to allow the deportivo house of deer and apples ”.

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