The health of the mental health between the companies: the fireplace to follow

According to investments, 72% of the entrepreneurs suffer from mental health problems, which is a very important percentage. Forbes describes the depression as an epidemic among entrepreneurs and innovators. Además de la flexibilidad y la naturaleza glamorosa del espíritu empresarial que a menudo tienta a las personas, a menudo se pasa por alto el lado emocional. Mustard statistics that companies report mental health problems are much more professional than working.

For the general, the most difficult part of the spirit is to comment. The journey of initiation can be an emotional enterprise. Comment on a business that generates financial instability, sentimentality and tension in relationships. Mintras investigaba este tema, me topé con un artikulo que dice: “The creativity generates great feelings, the passion can generate obsession, the competitiveness and the volume of resources can generate profound feelings of passion”. Debido a la intensa competencia de las empresas, los empresarios estan constantemente pensando en formas de utilizar medidas estrictas y estratégicas para mantenerse en el negocio, así como mantenerse por delante de sus competitors.

Al hacer estas cosas, a menudo descuidan su propio bienestar y tratan de hacer crecer sus negocios. The mayor’s office also offers insomnia because it is always strategic, which is the most important thing in the world. Un rasgo que los empresarios tienen en común y que a menudo conduce a su ruina es la capacidad de actuar como si todo estuviera bien, incluso al borde del fracaso. Soportan esta fachada de que todo está bien y se niegan a pedir ayuda para no parecer debiles. Según Karl Rodgers, the famous psychologist, affirms that the human beings are praying when they are waiting for their expectations, and the mayor of the companies will always have expectations about business.

Included in the place of work, the companies will always be able to give the impression to their employees who are happy to be here and can be better than anyone who can plan for business. Many entrepreneurs will be egoistic and inconvenient to depend on the fact that they have limited limits. Especially in the first stages, the mayor of the companies needed to work alone, which can be an insidious social, a precursor to depression.

walk to follow

Inform the personalities: One of the best things that can be done by an entrepreneur is the right person. Estar rodeado por el tipo adecuado de personas es una clave vital para el crecimiento profesional. The entrepreneurs will be able to find people who share the same thoughts. It is said that the people who want to have the opportunity to take care of the business. Necessary persons who can always be willing to stay in the fireplace correctly and keep alive with hope.

Aborde los problema de salud mental de medmediato: When the businessmen in Abordan have problems with mental health problems, they can be negative. If the symptoms of mental health are not treated for a long period, you can provoke mental health problems more often. Conciliation about the mental health with the compression of the factors that can be exacerbated by the level of stress.

Team influence: It’s okay to admit your limits. An entrepreneur should know that he can only go on a solo trip. The developer will always be able to benefit from the experience and experience of the members of the team, who will be able to realize the requirements that require more skills of experience. I also have to participate in the volume of decisions, in addition to the fact that I lead the young people and with my experience. The entrepreneurs should be able to confide in their team when they want to take care of their business. Always having the hassle for your account, try to show superiority can lead to collapse and frustration.

Learn to accept the fraction: Entrepreneurs should be able to accept the fraction. Deben entender que en el kamino encontrarán muchos obstáculos. When it comes to fracaso, no deben ser tan duros consigo mismos y verse como fracasados, sino que deben elaborar estrategias sobre las formas de superar el fracaso y arreglar las cosas.

delegation: Otra forma rapida de sobrecalentarse y experimentar un mayor nivel de estres es cuando los empresarios intentan hacer todo por sí mismos. Include you a startup but you are not in a position to support fully completed staff, there are unreasonable recurrences available to help the companies in the subcontractor. This is important because the agitation can be very fast when it is forming a company, and the process is to accelerate and the founder intends to make everything for his account. Another option to avoid agitation is to enter into a business with a company. For the general, every person is an expert in a particular area of ​​the company, which is not the only place where the plateau is built, but it is also useful to make an advance on the business.


The entrepreneurs will understand that the journey of entrepreneurship is very delicate, but it does not suit me properly, it can lead to depression and frustration. Necesitan tomar medidas que les hagan el viaje menos difícil. By suppose, it is necessary, but with adequate medical skills, it is superior and important to its organizational goals.

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