“President of the Xunta? I’m one more team member ”

¿Qué le parecen los Perte de la automoción y del naval? He spoke of the elses and the funds of Europe as he wished the panacea, the salvation.

With respect to Perte del Naval, el Gobierno has acted in a form similar to Perte de automoción. He did not come into contact with the autonomous communities, he did not have a dialogue with Xunta in the design of this Perth. We recognize the regulated bases and the convocators, so we simply have the announcement of a Perth. I hope that Gobierno is waiting for me, as he has done with the automation, to publish these escorts. They have a mayor agility in the part of Gobierno. From the place of the comenzos no han sido buenos. Working in the design of Perth in a community like Galicia without talking to Galicia is a mistake.

We have a car manufacturer, boat manufacturers. Are you able to make an aircraft manufacturer?

We are very well positioned with the Galician air polo. It is in the vanguard of technological solutions to the most popular aircraft, and in these moments we have inverted 150 million euros in the period 2015-20, we have an enormous opportunity. We have compromised 84 million euros and we will be able to attract new great tractors from the aeronautical sector, which is a bid for this new auction. But more importantly, give continuity to the initiatives. Galicia is a reference in airplanes to the tribes.

Bla Hablaba antes de inversiones, hay apetito inversor por Galicia?

There is a message of stability and certainty and creation that the European funds are for our opportunity and where there is a perspective of automation and a priority sector and the onslaught also of strategic interests, especially in the county of Vigo,

We can say that you are optimistic.

We are in a perfect torment and it is true that we will have a reaction to the part of Gobierno about everything from the perspective of the energy costs, the increment of the prices, the best medics to reduce this energy cost and the hydrocarbons. Fiscal work is an impressive element. And about everything we hope that the Governor will improvise. We do not want to meditate on the certainty and all that sirvan to dynamize the productive tea. We are preoccupied with Gobierno, which can be used simply to subsidize the sectors and ambitions of the economy. Llevamos dos semanas esperando a que haya una concretion de las medidas a poner en marcha, como hacen otros países.

In one month, Feijóo is in Galicia. Muchos le consideran su mano derecha, á está usted en la carrera para proximo presidente de la Xunta? There are three candidates.

Good, there are 42 candidates… you have to be a candidate. However, it is important that we have an important decision. The president has given a decision on political and personal issues. Tendrá que generar ajusttes en Galicia. From this perspective, talk about staff, what we need to work with, how we have to have it now, intentando plantear propuestas, medidas, soluciones, y desde el punto de vista del futuro los tiempos los marcará el presidente, que se va a encontrar con a respuesta del partido, unido, que va a seguir trabajando para dar respuestas a los gallegos.

¿No se ve como presidente de la Xunta?

I am more than a team that has the quality of unity and work in the team and from that perspective we all have to follow.


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