Fashion Polo Mexico realized in the first edition

El Polo and fashion are united in the walkway of the Viñedos San Lucas, which converts in the ideal brand for example Fashion Polo Mexico, with the company offering to create creativity of Mexican fashion designers, advised by Brenda Jaet, event director.

“The Mexican Fashion Polo in our first edition is a great event for women, who are going with Lady Multitask, Pili and Mercedes Palomar; en Viñedos San Lucas, de modo que es la union de varias empresas que cherememos morarra hermosa manufactura que tienen los diseñadores mexicanos, todo lo que saben hacer cada uno con sus differentiali perspectivas de lo que es la moda mexicana ”, destacó la directora del event.

And he said: “The objective lens is” sensational to the world that we are able to make in fashion “.

Brenda Jaet and Pili Palomar, event organizers (Photo: Adriana Jiménez Rivera).

We have something to do with this property in which Pineda Covalin, Regina Dondé, Jasive Fernández, Ana Paula Carrillo, Gerardo Torres, Regina Romero, Cuadra y Gala Hats also “I want Mexico to know what we want in Mexico; because I want to lose our infrastructure and livestock, so much of the economy as industry, our property belongs to the knowledge of the Mexican design. Entonces esta fiesta de la moda es un llamado a unirse y apoyar a esta a esta gran industria que tiene una cadena de produkción muy grande; you can have a lot of families that are like this and that with the pandemic he is seriously affected ”.

For the sake of creating the event as the girl who cares about this cape, in a special brand as her friends (San Lucas) que distinguen a San Miguel de Allende, “ayuda primero, para darles visibilidad; and in a second, to attract attention and make it important that it is an industry like fashion ”.

And insistence in all the characters that make it possible and that they live in fashion: “In the fashion industry there is a lot of people, because of what the camp, the thing, what I have to do to live the cosmos of a place of poison; because it is necessary to support these events ”.

The designer who came with the creators of Multitask explained that designers who participate in the fashion show features features to compile with the lens of the original to Fashion Polo Mexico.

“As everyone, the team that created this event was forming a small hotel, Pili was the one who invited me to this event, she was with the Copa Polo which will be realized in Viñedos San Lucas, and I said: ´¿Te do you want a fashion show? ‘, y le dije que sí. Entonces, lo que ququé fueron diseñadores que tuvieran un estilo cien por ciento diferente uno del otro, pero que tuvieran que ver con estilo de vida de San Miguel i que fueran etickamente y socialmente responsèves, que todos les pagaran a sus hapleados that no pagan, that todos fueran sustentables, that trabajaran por el medio ambiente, that trabajaran con materias primas meksicanas, y que dignificaran el trabajo de sus empleados. And we support the program of designers that we believe is Saturday ”.

The designers

Ricardo Covalin said the importance of Mexican Fashion Polo: “It is a very different event because alrededor del deporte, entonces results attractively combines the design with the Polo. And for us (Pineda-Covalin) is an interesting participant in San Miguel de Allende and an important place, we can have our store in the factory Aurora; y además es como la opportunidad de volver a abrir las pasarelas, tras la pandemia ”.

For the walkway that is celebrating this day, commenting “we are offering a look for the Polo with our accessories and our clothes ”.

Regina Dondé

The designer who is cmatching 6 years with your boutique in San Miguel de Allende compares what is “emotional” to be part of the Fashion Polo Mexico, because it is a very special event that is a sport with Mexican fashion. I created an inspiration inspired by the native Americans of northern Mexico, an ethnic group inspired by the cosmos of nature, as flames, Turks, and as a coin with other elements that it has as many as 20 years ”.

Regina Dondé with her ethical property (Photo: Adriana Jiménez Rivera).

Ana Paula Herrera

The defile, además de presentar a grandas consagrados también sera la opportunidad para the debut of fashion designers, the house of Ana Paula Herrera, who has 10 years of creativity, for example, this is a walkway.

“Debutar en pasarela, sí me tiene nerviosa, pero la pasarela es un impulso y parte de lo que hago. I am 10 years old, but I have not been able to give this step to the walkway ”, he said.

When it comes to presenting, express: “I want to present solid colors and pure spring flora, the first 5 cubes with pure jumpsuit, because of the press with the initiates and their sello ”.

Ana Paula Herrera debuts in the walkways (Photo: Adriana Jiménez Rivera).

Jasive Fernández

Take your exit in Dubai, Jasive Fernández is located in San Miguel Allende at the Fashion Polo Mexico and got the importance of the event.

“I have a lot of content to participate in, it is an event of Mexican designers and have the opportunity to present collections in our country very much, because I want to say that I am reactivating the industry; además unir el deporte con la moda es una gran experiencia y opportunidad de mostra un un concepto diferente ”.

Speaking of the property that I created to be the third day: “There is something special, I have a lot of pants, I was always sitting, organizing and signing with my classic style, even with more color and light ”.

Jasive Fernández presents her classic works (Photo: Adriana Jiménez Rivera).

Regina Romero

Como parte de las propuestas también habrá un espacio para el calzado y es ahí donde Regina Romero tendrá the opportunity to design is certainly a classic of your industry.

Jorge Romero and Sabrina Herrera, directors of the unmarked brand: “We are participating in the competition for the walkway and also we have our time off, which integrates a collection of our boots, sandals very feminine”.



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