Zaldívar y Lafarja mandan en la nocturna

The young talent of Hyundai marked the best time in the Super Special Night of the Rally Trans Itapúa, the second valid of the National Rally and the example of the FIA ​​CODASUR South Sudamericano. In F2, Sebastian Lafarja shared a goal of authority to mark the scratch with his Citroen DS3.

Fabrizio Zaldívar and Carlos del Barrio con el flamante Hyundai i20 N Rally2 han los más rápidos en los 3500 metros de asfalto de la Costanera Encarnacena, logrando bajar el tiempo referencial hasta ese entonces impuesto por Diego Domínguez (VW Polo Río5). Zaldívar se llevaría el scracht con apenas 0s60 de ventaja sobre Domínguez y 0s90 sobre el Hyundai i20 R5 de Diego Domínguez Bejarano.

Alejandro Galanti and Marcelo Toyotoshi, Southern American champions and women who have defended their title this time, he has won four games in Zaldívar.

Gustavo Saba, one of the candidates for victory with the other VW Polo R5 apenas fue sexto, a 2s10 del primero. Por su parte, ya en la class RC2B, Javier Ugarriza con otro Polo R5 fue el mejor de la class. Looking at the total traction, Matias Domínguez fue 1s40 más rapido que Nicolas Tomboly en la RC2N, ambos con sendos Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X.

En la F2, Sebastian Lafarja and Ricardo Fretes are recovering from a minor trail of jues, and with the Ford Fiesta Rally4 with engine problems, Lafarja has to repeat the emergency of the Citroen R3, with which he can mark the best time el Peugeot 208 Rally4 de César Cruz, sacando 3s10 de differentiali en una veltta antológica para el piloto de Citroen.

The competition is secured with a chronically timed tramway, a total of 111 kilometers of special acabando sabatina jorn in the Capitán Miranda motorway. This beam tends to cover the TV channel GEN.


  1. F. Zaldívar / C. Del Barrio (Hyundai Rally2) 2m11s30
  2. D. Dominguez (h) / R. Peñate (Hyundai R5) + 0s60
  3. D. Dominguez / E. Galindo (VW Polo R5) + 0s90
  4. A. Galanti / M. Toyotoshi (Toyota Etios R5) + 1s40
  5. JM Masi / R. Garcia (Skoda Rally2) + 1s70


  1. S. Lafarja / R. Fretes (Citroen DS3) 2m45s40
  2. C. Cruz / R. Aguilera (Peugeot 208 Rally4) + 3s10
  3. A. Servin / C. Ramos (Honda) + 4s60
  4. B. Llano / P. Sosa (Toyota Etios Rally4) + 7s80
  5. R. Shima / P. Rivas (Toyota Etios R3) + 10s30


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Paraguay is close to participating in the Qatar 2022 Round Eliminators near March, visiting Peru and Lima. There are no chances of classification, Albirroja jugó sin presie ante Ecuador y lo goleó.

The selection of Guillermo Barros Schelotto is looking for a rematch in front of Peru, which also means the chance to quit with the match and follow the sound with being in the world.

But the combination conducted by Ricardo Gareca is a very important place with the miracles of the nearby March. This is true, the selection of Peruvian confirmed: “André Carrillo, who failed to find the last Paraguay of the last class of South American classifiers to find an esguince in the maternity hospital”.

Peru is one of the most popular places in Uruguay and Montevideo. Triunfando ante la Albirroja, la selección incaica estará en el repechaje.


Robert Morales has made his debut with the selection of Paraguay, but all the time is short. In the example of the duel with the defender Piero Hincapié, after 3 minutes, he scored a dollar in the maternity ward that cashed in the bag.

La “Pantera” did not find and wanted to try the game. In this time, one of the high pressures and recuperation of Paraguay, the reception of Julio Enciso’s habilitation for marcar su primer gol con la camiseta de la selección paraguaya en sus primeros minuto officioles.

But you can do it, but it’s impossible to follow. And it’s true, I confirmed it. El delantero de Cerro Porteño y la Albirroja sufrió la rotura del ligamento cruzado anterior de la rodilla derecha, además de la lesion del delisco externa i lesion del ligamento collateral.

With a time of recovery estimated at a minimum of 6 months, Morales will be able to recover in the final part of the season, keeping in mind that the competitive competition will be held in addition to the World Cup game in November and December.

Morales veniaa de ser el goleador de Cerro Porteño en el champeonato con 8 tantos en siete partidos y tres dobletes. Fuck you, Robert!



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