Polo: Adolfo Cambiaso gave the time of the United States and the emergency of Argentina to operate

The time of the United States of Polo, with the principal Argentine players, transcurre con situational situations. For a lado, the deportivo parte, con el desarrollo de los torneos de la Triple Corona, organizados por la United States Polo Association (USPA) y la World Polo League. For the other, the following day of the state of health of Clemente Zavaleta, hijo de Clemente y de María Emilia Fernández Rousse, una de las Trillizas de Oro, que sufrió un grave accidente en una caída i permanece internado en coma inducido, en estado delicado. “Peleándola” is about the head of the head of a cada consulate about evolution, continuous continents of the cadences of oration.

On the way out, the Triple Crown Stadium has been playing a special game, the semifinal of the Gold Cup. See Park Placewinner of the first certificate (CV Whitney Cup), and Scone, title defender and finalist in this tournament. Ambos has been protagonized by a definite power, driven by Park Place in the ultimate search for a spectacular renovation. Park Place, con Juan Britos and Hilario Ulloa like figures. Scone, con los Cambiaso, Adolfito y Poroto, junto a Keko Magrini.

Poroto y Adolfo Cambiaso, playing by Scone in Palm Beach

Party with aroma in revenge, which finally ended on 16-14 Park Place. But what is the end of a decision that the leader of La Dolfina has: walk through the quirk to operate on a pubic. “The dollar is trembling. Ya tuve este problema hace unos años en la pierna derecha. Ahora es en la izquierda. Te la regalo estar arriba del caballo y jugando al polo ”, había dicho Adolfito a THE NATION en lo previo al encuentro.

“No voy a tener otra que operarme, porque asi es muy difícil jugar bien. I can’t be anything but infiltrated time. I am now in the middle of the bale, but I opened the US Open opera. Calculate that rehabilitation rehabilitates me and me. She quits me at the Queen’s Cup, at English time. But I have to say that I have to be here, ”said Cambiaso.

The fact that the man of the 17th century of the Palermo Abbey took the time to lose his temper. Try the semifinal of the USPA Gold Cup, but not the best case: el dolor era insoportable. And it should be reloaded in the second chukker. Who will enter? Su sobrino y ahijado Bartolomé Castagnola (h.), 10 of handicap in Argentina and the champion of the last Abierto de Palermo por La Natividad.

The festival of Hilario Ulloa (right) with its companions: Park Place at the end
The festival of Hilario Ulloa (right) with its companions: Park Place at the end

The entry of Barto, to play with the first Poroto Cambiaso, but not enough to que Scone is classified for the final. And in the middle of the night in Miami, Adolfito Cambiaso is looking to return to Argentina … to operate. “I read and write to the next day. The recovery times are the same. You will now be able to discuss the Copa de la Reina. We believe. ” The Queen’s Cup, an example of a great English trophy, will be discussed on May 17 and June 12. Luego sera el turno del British Open.

The cambiaso arrives in the country on Fridays, the Miami procession, and he operates a mañana by the medical team that integrates Dr. Walter Mira. Place, comment with the rehabilitation to treat the participation in the Queen’s Cup.

What you have in Clabi Cambiaso, more than your professional compromises on the outside, is what to be in the best manner for the Triple Crown of Argentina, which will be protagonized from September. All, the grand lens and the south are the example of the Argentine Championship with your son. La Dolfina, además, is contracted by David Stirling and Juan Martín Nero, who recourse to the team on their experience of a time in RS Murus Sanctus.

Pilot, the other finalist for the USPA Gold Cup: the patron Curtis Pilot, MacKenzie Weisz, Matías Torres Zavaleta and Facundo Pieres
Pilot, the other finalist for the USPA Gold Cup: the patron Curtis Pilot, MacKenzie Weisz, Matías Torres Zavaleta and Facundo Pieres

So many moments, the other finalist of the USPA Gold Cup, rival of the Park Place invitation in the match of this domingo, Será Pilot, the other conjunt that ganó sus cinco partidos. Leading by Facundo Pieres, the crack of Ellerstina and companion of Matías Torres Zavaleta and Mackenzie Weisz, welcome to Tamera on 13-8. In Tamera actuaron Segundo Saraví, Cristián Laprida (h.) And Diego Cavanagh.

Lluvia certainly complicates the normal situation National Championship Intercircuitos with Handicap by the Copa República Argentina. The semifinals, which iban a tener lugar en el Pilar district The Association Polo de Argentina, this game, is being visited. And there is still a sabbatical, in the absence of unstable time. In principle, the AAP reprogrammed the jornada for this domingo, while the finals were discussed at the nearest March, in the Argentine Camp of Polo, Palermo.

The crucifixes of this domination of the following are the following:

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