I know 5 models of motorcycles that visit Mazatlán

MAZATLAN del extranjero.

Durante cinco días, la ciudad se verá llena de diferentes estilos de motos, las cuales lucirán a lo largo del malecón, y como todos los años, serán el deleite de locales y foráneos que utrutarán al mirar las filas interminables de los impresíantes .

In continuation, we present the few types of motorcycle models that can be seen during the big holiday “bikers”.

The preference and style of driving can be enhanced by a sports or travel motto, you are interested in looking for comfort in your favorite seasons, independently of the type of motorcycle that you drive.

Todos los amantes de los “caballos de aceros”, simpe que conducen una moto deben tomar medidas preventivas como usar un casco de seguridad i respetar los limit de de velocidad.

Five types of motorcycles

Motorcycle cruiser

The style of the cruiser motorcycle is popularized during the decade of the 30s of the United States, which is one of the most popular bikers to visit the port.

The loves of motorcycling can be considered in the motorcycle cruising when looking for a very beautiful style and vintage tambourine.

The location of the guide in the cruise will be the first to hit the feet and the hands of the hacia arrives, the column will be able to turn on a little more, at the expense of the general crucifixion, the driving and change.

Even the crucers don’t have to have a lot of fun, they are special for a good trip. One of the most recognizable brands of these models is Harley-Davidson.

Deportivo motto

The motos deportivas estar desarrolladas para altas velocidades y un manejo preciso, seguido se miran circular por el largo ancho del puerto durante la semana más motorizada de todo el país. They are built for a resistant resident.

Hay un mayor alcance al maniobrar, así también es maps amplio al colocar las piernas cercas del cuerpo para ajustar más alto el pie, dandole un angulo de inclinación mas alta available.

The Japanese and European manufacturers are the ones who make these designs, the cues of which are used by experts and novices by their high speed.


You can enjoy long distances by the way, the best tourist motto is without Duda la Giras, the big one is big and robust, it’s still a long prologue in driving, you have a place to pay extra for all the equipment.

This motorcycle is vertical and includes an intrinsically relaxed position in the vertical position and also includes space for the passenger, some providers of this classification are including automatic transmissions, cruise control, as well as assistance with heating.

One of the best brands of these styles is Honda Goldwing, which also has other manufacturers in the market. It is important to note that these motors can result in a few times that all functions function.

All terrain

A special moto to enter all the lades is the Motocross motorcycle, but it is built for the rigs of the injured, you are cross with more livians and you can manage in the arena, grava, rios, barro and hasta en la nieve.

The tires with tires, high suspensions and a robust structure with minimal carenades, for normal use of light bulbs. Cabe mencionar que este tipo de motos en algunas partes del país, no son permitidas para que rueden en carretera, pero en Mazatlán se puede observar mucho.

Cafe Racer / Scarmbler

You are in love with the combination of speed and classic style, Cafe racer is an ideal design for you, it is a place between the convention of conventional assemblies, the form of function, and the configurations of retro engines.

These are the original versions, there are other modified versions, and these motors can be adjusted as a guard and barren.

Expect more than 10 million bikers for Semana Internacional de la Moto Mazatlán 2022

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