The university tracks of the future, at the alcanza de la mano

The times are changing, and with the same professions that are in demand in the laboratory. It is because of this educational offer that is constantly being adapted to cover innovation needs, with university tracks equally revolutionary. EUNEIZla University of New Technologies, Sports and Healthmost precisely with this vocation, and the initiation of the University’s activities is the course 2022-2023 in Vitoria, offering, accurately, a number of innovative city attractions in the strategic sectors and emergencies with more laboratory facilities.

Dos de ellos son además pioneros en la oferta universitaria vasca, como son el Degree in Multimedia Engineering and the Degree in Music and Sound Production for the Entertainment Industry. The two rests, assimilation, integrated new technologies as an innovative element. The treatment of Grado de Ciencias de la Salud Física and el Deporte, and el de Physiotherapy.

With this offer, the University EUNEIZ offer an innovative and specialized training in the new technologies, with a constant challenge for a innovative university formation based on excellence y vinculada a las nuevas tecnologías como un elemento vertebrador de toda su oferta académica.

El Grado en Ingeniería Multimedia is one of our most innovative.

With a transformer model and philosophy “Learning by doing”EUNEIZ offers a total of 180 beaches in this area university tracks, with a team of reference and an individual individual. The University offers admission to the internationalization of students and investment, which is why we promote professional specializations and educational activities.

This University is in collaboration with the institutions and with the implications of the project of the two Principal sports clubs of Vitoria-Gasteiz (Deportivo Alavés y Saski Baskonia SAD), lo convierte este proyecto en una gran opportunidad para Gasteiz, Araba y Euskadi gracias a su firme apuesta por la investigación.

EUNEIZ, a Universidad ubicada en un entorno privilege

EUNEIZla Universidad de Nuevas Tecnologías, Deporte y Salud que arrancará su innovadora oferta de grados universitarios en Vitoria este curso 2022-2023, kills himself in a privileged neighborhood of Vitoriaen el Edificio Vital de Salburua junto al Anillo Verde of the city, in direct contact with nature.

El Veril de Vertoria de Vitoria is an ideal space to walk, make sports and disconnect. And that’s what you want to do great diversity of environmental environments con bosques, ríos, humedales, praderas, setos y riberas, y hasta un jardín botanico.

EUNEIZ offers a degree in Music and Sound Production.

Conoce los grados universitarios del futuro

EUNEIZ offers a total of four university degrees that integrate new technologies as an innovative element

La Universidad de Nuevas Tecnologías, Deporte y Salud de Vitoria, EUNEIZ, offers for this course 2022-2023 a total of four innovative university degrees visited the strategic and emerging sectors with more professional skills. Dos de ellos son además pioneros en la aferta académica vasca:

Grado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y del Deporte (CAFyD): I have the objective of professional training with methodological preparation and technical skills. EUNEIZ shall propose a plan for the integration of new technological technologies, oriented to the ambitions of educational institutions, training or health between children, and which includes people los campos de la dirección deportiva y la readaptación, dos especializaciones innovadoras de la mano de Baskonia y Deportivo Alavés. Precisely, the implication of the sports clubs most important to Vitoria-Gasteiz is a guarantee of participation in the process of formation and capacity of new professionals. The apprenticeship of learning by doing permit además form professional futures of practical manner and real situationspara que puedan desarrollar todas sus competencias y habilidades.

Degree in Physiotherapy: The objective is the formation of professional physiotherapists in general, with scientific preparation and capacity sufficient to describe, identify, treat and compare the problems of health that can be addressed as a result of physiotherapy. From EUNEIZ plan a plan specific to which the alumna can be included in its lines of interest, incidental to the relationship and directness with the professor, the use of agile methodologies and the work of the team. Todo ello mediante un aprendizaje learning by doing, que promueve la formación de los futuros profesionales de una manera praktica i en situaciones reales para poder desarrollar todas sus capacidades y habilidades, e incorporando herramientas tecnológicas para desarrolnova tratamientos.

Graduation in Music and Sound Production for the Entertainment Industry: It is the official university formation in creation and musical technology, unique in Euskadi. The program offers a global vision of professionals in music and sound production, exploring all your faces from a perspective so artistic as a technician, and always adapted to the new tendencies of the creative industry. Este Grado universitario is oriented towards music that wants to develop a professional level in the entertainment industry, as a technical profile in the music and sound environment.

Degree in Multimedia Engineering: The multimedia camp, a combination of distinctive elements, these mediums, modalities, technologies, application algorithms, is present at the university level since 25 years ago, and is now in Euskadi with this city. Request the web sector, the de las mobile applications, immersive technologies and all interactive products in definite, for all purposes of the final application (automation, tourism, education, health and sports, museology and patrimony, marketing, corporate world, publicity, etc.). The path to integrate creation, design and engineering in a multidisciplinary process. Everything from the good to multimedia.


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