Leaders of the Historical Pact Buscan reconstruct points with the Liberal Party

Not everything is lost between the Pact and liberalism, many of us are on the path of dialogue

Following the announcement of François Márquez, as vice-presidential formula of Gustavo Petro rumbo to the presidency, the debate on the declarations of the ex-president of the republic César Gaviria Trujillo, who is director of the Liberal Party, is a sign of the terms of the talks. The Historical Pact, saying that, as it were, the Marquéz emitió palabras mal intencionadas y offensivas en su contra, sin embargo, varios sectores del liberalismo y el Pacto Istorico han invitado el consenso, señalando que es necesaria la union para transformar el país.

The Senator Luis Fernando Velasco, in honor of the situation in the Liberal Party, a political group of all kinds and members of the Pact of History, according to Velasco, at the moment the country has a future in the future, and it is necessary to be active in the institutions of the Liberal Party, which, with the end of open consensus and dialogue, is a possible alliance between the two major political parties. question.

On the other hand, the Representative of the Chamber of the Liberal Party, Andrés Calle, is the moment to collect a historical decision respecting the union of countries, superando odios, inequities and connecting the bases to a future, enough to create in the democratic liberalism, creating consensus and opening opportunities for all Colombians.

From the Historical Pact to the Proclamation, the President Gustavo Bolívar, affirmed that the liberal bases are with the Coalition, Bolívar said: “The Liberal Party is in the Historical Pact. Las bases no apoyarán jamás un candidato de la derecha y menos de Uribe y Duque. If you want to take part in the match, you will be with the advice of Duke 2. If you want to send the social media session of your party, accept a dialogue. ”.

For other people, the candidate for the presidency of Gustavo Petro, who is free to decide that the Liberal Party, without embargo, will open the door to dialogue, the exalted of Bogotá, affirms: “A liberal act will always be open to accepting criticism and putting forward arguments in exchange for the freedom that wants to break the fascism, but we will not succeed; The history of the south is very inviting in liberalism to make Colombia a potential for life. ”.

Roy Barreras insists that, in the case of Francia Márquez, he has made a mistake, César Gaviria, as a promoter of the actual Constitution, to understand this situation and to secure it in the fireplace of the construction of the land of liberalism, mainly due to: “El ExPresidente Cesar Gaviria es el gestor de la Constitución del 91 que el @PactoCol debe defender. Accompanying son escuinces el Acuerdo de Paz. Offenderlo is an error. I expect to know that everyone has the world of experience in building unity. ”.

Entreatanto, the senator of Polo Democratique and member of the Historical Pact, Alexander López, insists that the government wants to make a pact with everything in the country, explaining the expression of the former Gaviria in the case of tinsmiths with all kinds of things “With respect to the decision of Cesar Gaviria, to manifest that #PactoHistorico lo quiere es pactar con el país para poder salir de la realidad de dolor y corrupción para poder vivir sabroso y eso no va a ser ningún impedimento para pactar con todos political actors ”.

Aunque Armando Benedetti is not pronouncing the official manner, reply the municipality of Sofia Petro, the candidate for the post of President Gustavo Petro, said that the vice-president’s opinions in the case of interfering with the presidential candidate, the politician and the foreigner.

The controversy in general, surrendering the declarations of Francia Marquez, in the face of a high vote in the consultations of partisans, some other sectors concerned that he was among the entourage of Petro and Gaviria, could be related to the timeliness of the viceroy. Márquez Mina señaló que su problema no era con el Liberal Party, sino, directamente con César Gaviria, afirmando que este representaba la corrupción, definiendo al expresidente como el papá del neoliberalismo.

This situation is in the countryside, before the decision of the Liberal Party to respect the leadership of the Presidential Elections, with many senators from this party demonstrating its affinity with the Historical Pact, everything depends on the decision of Gaviria can be cedar before it is lit.


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