Ashleigh Barty, Simone Biles … victimas del ‘burnout’

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Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate … Son varias las elite deportees who have given their careers professionally but can support the pressure. The last one, Ashleigh Barty.

The Australian tennis player Ashleigh Bartynumber one of the rankings of the WTA, the announcement of the number of myths retirement of the 25 years. Make sure you don’t have more than that. Who has the number one tennis tennis in the world more than two years ago that he has time for the idea of ​​robaba su cabeza.

De hecho, a los 18 años amagó con retirarse. Barty won the Wimbledon with 15, but the expected expectations that he will play for more than a year.

He sees incredible moments in my career. He created and evolved as a person. Como atleta trabajas mucho y muy duro para conseguir un objetivo, me he rodeado de gente maravillosa. As I said, I would like to win at Wimbledon, which is always my only and great dream in tennis, but I want to change my perspective. I have a part of me that is not acababa to be satisfied, that I do not feel llen”.

It is not the example of a deportee who abandons his career by striking him syndrome del burnout.

Syndrome del burnout

The sports psychologist Lorena Cos explain that the syndrome of burnout to refer to physical, emotional and mental agitation as a result of chronic stress. Este limita el día a día de la persona, que manifeste sentimientos negativei hacia su propia profesion i las personas que la rodean, perdiendo entre otros, su compromiso y la motivación para seguir trabajando con la misma exigencia en sus objetivos.

“En el deporte, los premios no lo son todo, tampoco se les prepara para el éxito y seso según cuando llega y cómo viene, te atropella”.

The sports psychologist Teresa Álvarez explicitly, referring to Maslach, who burnout can be identified, in the first place, by one energy loss, “te encuentras muy agotado, tanto físico como mentmente, te encuentras al límite, esto ocurre porque se siente estar al límite”. Follow it despersonalizationnegative attitudes and feelings.

“For the last time, la low staff realization, que se entiende como sentimientos de incapacidad, baja autoestima, baja efectividad en el trabajo, ideas de fracaso, autoevaluación negativa “.

Ahora bien, the psychologist Cos + aclara that no todas las personas que tienen dificultades para gestionar la presión acaban con el síndrome de burnout. “The problem of living is prolonged in time and chronicle, summing up the demand for more than the sportsman can support. ”

Affects by pressure

The Olympics of Rhythmic Gymnasium, Simone Biles (United States), abandon the final team of the Games of Tokyo by feeling in the mental conditions of afrontarla. “When you come, I can only confront the demons of my head,” he said.

It’s broken. And, in a place of force, the decision of priority is on the mental health. “Obviamente son los Juegos, algo enorme, pero al final del día lo queres es salir de aqui por nuestro propio pie, no en camilla”.

Other sonado’s son tennis player Naomi Osaka (Japan), who announced the pressure to be on the elite podium with her. Coming to the press and safety with the runways. Renowned at Wimbledon, not at the country games. Surgieron entonces muchas voces critikas que no enténdían que alguien como ella se pudiera senir asi.

“I don’t want to be considered mentally ill because of a sport that loves so much. El ‘debo hablar’ o ‘debo quedarme callada’ pasa por mi mente mil veces ”. Así comenzó el pasado mes de december el testimonio de the rugby player of neo-zealand Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate.

Spanish low pressure

Paula Badosanumber 8 of the ranking of the World Cup of Tennis, also part of the visibility of the great weight of the mental health in the elite of the elite to talk about depression that has suffocated.

“It simply came to our notice then. The pressure is on me, the answer is great, ”he explained in an interview with him cadena SER.

Otro caso que ha salido a la luz es el de Olatz Rodríguez, Spanish gymnast who will retire in 2020 for competition, with only 17 years, by the way to get sick of what many people find: anorexia.

“Gimnasia lo ha sido todo desde mi infancia, pero poquito a poco he ido aceptándolo y vindolo como una buena receción en realidad”.

Prevent el burnout

To prevent people from trying to provoke pressure, psychologist routine saludable in alimentation, rest, exercise, relay… Also find time for one. “A veces las profesiones nos absorben hasta el punto de olvidarse que hay una persona que también necesita relacionarse, quererse, mimarse y atenderse”.

The paper of sports psychology in prevention is the key to it I think I can support them, but I have a limit.

The psychologist Álvarez considers what it is necessary to lead a psychological and mental training of sportsmen, rationalizing your work, with programs that support your motivation. .

“On the occasion there was a distance to return to the air and to work. In some cases with rhetoric and children with a point and a final ”, sentence Cos.


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