Volkswagen encloses the Valencia industry and refunds Ford Almussafes ante Saarlouis

VALENCIA. The province of Valencia is consolidated as an industrial polo in the Mediterranean. Volkswagen’s confirmation of the installation in the local area of ​​Sagunt on the ‘gigafactoría’ of batteries in Spain is a revolving power for a logistics area in full swing and generation of riches and employees. But, además, también refuerza la position of Ford Almussafes en su pugna con la fabrica alemana de Saarlouis para hacerse con los nuevos elelodricos que la la multionacional lanzará al mercado europeo a partir de 2025.

It is close to the fact that in December the German automotive company in the Valencian countries was in secret, failing to confirm the official confirmation. An announcement that he has received the right allegation in the Valencian Administration, which is due to the fact that Volkswagen has an adequate position, and that he is enthusiastic about the enthusiasm of the Valencian industry, mainly due to the current economic situation.

Ha sido durante la presentation of the results of the group in 2021 when the president of Seat, Wayne Griffithsand the President of the Board of Directors of the Administration, Thomas Schmall, he announced the decision. In this sense, it is clear that it is a plant with a maximum capacity of 40 GWh, which generates 3,000 direct employees. The total investment rises to 7,000 million in Spain, a “historic” mobilization, a destacaron, of which a part of which in particular is determined by the construction of the installation and other, the input of 3,000 million, the electrification of its plants Pamplona and Martorell.

This installation is conditioned by the help of the Economic Project for the Economic Reconstruction and Transformation (PERTE) of the electric vehicle launched by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. A convocation that awaits Volkswagen to give its election and includes a total of 2,975 million euros, of which 1,425 million is in the form of taxes and other 1,550 million subsidies.

In the meantime, the calendar that the automotive company has managed to finalize is the year of construction of the plant to start the production of batteries in 2026. The elegant location is the Polo Sagunt logistics station, which in these moments is located at the end of the second phase. The Generalitat Valenciana has the state of accelerating the point of the lands precisely for put the fireplace on the giant floor as the next inversions in the area.

In Valencia we make more than a generation of celebrities and make it a standard factory, which produces the innovative cellular unit of Volkswagen. arrastre a lo largo de toda la cadena de valor de las batteryías en Europa y más allá del país “, reivindicó Schmall.

The keys to the decision

It is said that the car manufacturer is all about the consortium with Seat e Iberdrola for a battery installation in Spain. In principle, the location is located in Catalonia, but finally Aragon, Extremadura and the Valencian Community, in particular Sagunto, tomaron for sale. But, in the last months of the candidacy of Valencia, she was the winner.

Pero, ¿cuáles han sido las claves que han hecho decanar la balanza a favor de Sagunt? Between the variables he weighs his logistics capabilities, portals, his personal skills and his infrastructure, he explained the conductors of the company in the comparison of the press. In this sense, I found the connections along the littoral paths of the Mediterranean Corridor, above the connection of Algeciras to France as of 2026, but also the line with Zaragoza which is located with the Canadian Corridor, given the Catan plant y Pamplona.

It is also located on the edge of the Puerto de Valencia, in the Mediterranean and on the move of the contenders, as well as the qualified staff that exists in the region and in its high level of industry. Una fortalezas que también han puesto en valor los prinales lepères empressariales valencianos, quienes aseguraban que la ‘gigafactoría’ en Sagunt pone de manifiesto “la enorme capacidad y ventajas” que offerre Valencian Community. Además, generates a significant amount of money in the region of the region.

But there is no place to support an important oxygen balloon for the Valencian automation, which is “noting this news”, destacaba Elena Lluchgerente del Clúster valenciano AVIA. “Reveloping the Valencian territory as an attractive attraction for large investments, recognizing the infrastructure that belongs to the Valencian Community and approving what you can do in your life, from there, to support the creation of new enterprises, the installation of facilities and the consolidation of the providers who are working in the sector, ”said Lluch.

A return for ‘atar’ Ford Almussafes

Hecho, the election of Sagunt is a very important factor in the power of the Ford Almussafes factory with the German Saarlouis to make the electric models that Ford launched on the European market. The company of the Oval has had an advanced electrification plan for Europe, but it also has two electric pendants. The final decision will be announced in June, but the Volkswagen Inverter will be able to offer a competitive advantage for Almussafes, according to Cercanía con Sagunt.


And I have a lot to say that Ford and Volkswagen sellaron have a lot of money for the production of electric models, two cars that are made in Colonia (Germany). Here is a destacan desde UGT Ford a este diario. “The strategic level is very good news. We have the opportunity to work together that Volkswagen and Ford can sum up the process that we are in (alluding to the battle with Saarlouis) during our next match sede de Colonia “, señala José Luis Parrasecretary of the Ford Almussafes company committee and port of UGT in the factory.

And this is the final decision that will take place in the central seat of Ford in Detroit, but only to train the laboratory plans that will present the plants in the past in the form of adjustments, which will also be included in our other conditions as part of economic offers. of the administrations of each country, as well as logistical connections or infrastructure of value added. Y ahí irrumpiría en la partida la planta de batteryías por la necesidad de usar estas celdas en el funcionamiento de los futuros vehículos en el marco del acuerdo entre ambas multionacionalas.

However, the ability to generate synergies and produce for other automotive brands, the President of the Seat Administration Council, is extremely extreme. “We are open to talking to other manufacturers. Without embargo, we have a limit on the capacity of batteries for the different models that we can achieve in Spain. press.

Therefore, this investment in Sagunt provides the possibilities of Almussafes in a career to ensure the future of what is in the game of the supervision of one of the installations. The multinational has made it clear that it does not adjust the new vehicles that are complicated by the future, because it is decided that it will be determined in the right way to determine the factor of ambassadors. The Volkswagen plant can be ‘As’ for the factor and all the auxiliary industry valenciana of which depends on more than 25,000 employees.


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