Coello y Bela ganan de initia en Vigo

The final picture of the masculine del Vigo Open 2022 it has been allowed to marry in the market with an emotional day with a total of many games in the game at the Institututo Ferial de Vigo (IFEVI).

The first part of the day is about 20×10 a Gonzalo Rubio and Jorge Ruiz against Ivan Ramírez and Álex Arroyo en la batalla por alcanzar los octavos de final en Vigo. Gonzalo Rubio and Jorge Ruiz’s goal is to comment on what happened to the double, Gonzalo Rubio and Jorge Ruiz, who suggested the sale in the marker to sell the first set 6-3. In the second episode, a series of new Rubio and González will be awarded a fundamental goal in the final set to close the game in favor of 6-3 and 7-5 in the first half of the year.

Agustín Gómez Silingo and Xisco Gil the median of his fights against Rafa Méndez and Salva Oria in the final decisions. The first set is decided in the final matches in the favorite of the pair Gómez Silingo – Gil, which is supported by the initial chapter by 7-5. In the second manga Mendez and Oria no eran capaces de frenar a sus rivales, que firmaban un gran partido en Vigo. Agustín Gómez Silingo y Xisco Gil came close to passing the winning goal in a 7-5 and 6-1 set.

Lucho Capra and Javi Ruiz the median of the new in the disciples a Uri Botello and Pablo Lijó for a while in the final octaves. The first set is Botello – Lijó pare lajo de la pareja la un un initi for 1-6. In the second chapter, Lucho Capra and Javi Ruiz played the protagonists on the runway to make the third episode last 6-2. In the last chapter of the event, it was possible to intensify a break that was to be taken by Lucho Capra and Javi Ruiz to win on victory for 1-6, 6-2 and 7-6 of the hours and hours of shock.

Víctor Ruiz and Josete Rico tratarían de avanzar a la siguiente ronda en su duel ante Joseda Sánchez and Javier Valdés on lane 2 of IFEVI. He met with the sale in the marcador Víctor Ruiz and Josete Rico, which suggested a break in the difference that allowed him to close the first episode in 6-4. In the second chapter, the ambassadors of the congregation offered the service of their rivals, but the new Ruiz and Rico were the ones who decided to definitely choose the 6-4 and 7-5 goals.

Other of the tickets for the octave of the disputant Fernando Belasteguín and Arturo Coello se enfrentarían a Jesús Moya Sos and Eduardo Alonso Chillaron. Your number, Bela y Coello, is completely free of potential in the blue heart and will make the first man 6-2. Moya and Alonso change to a register that dynamically intends to convert the battle without having to have a lot of work. Fernando Belasteguín and Arturo Coello are classified by the octave phase with 6-2 and 6-4.

The question that defines the next step in the protagonist’s octaves Juan Cruz Belluati and Ramiro Moyano against Zañigo Zaratiegui and Lucas Bergamini. The first set is a series of leaders for the Argentine tandem, Moyano and Belluati, and he played 6-3. La pareja numero 23, Bergamini y Zaratiegui, lucharían intensamente cada juego de la segunda manga para hacerse con la victoria por 6-3 y mantener su opportunidad de pasar a octavos. The design of the part series is a third manga in which the two binomial mantendrians have a rhythm very much played and in the end they tend to play in a break. Belluati y Moyano alcanzarían los octavos con un 6-3, 3-6 y 7-6 (5).

Cañellas y Villalba alcanzan sus octavos primovos como pareja

The second birthday of the girls of Vigo Open 2022 was given in the main screenplay of IFEVI. The central runway reciprocates the double that advances from the previas to Araceli Martinez and Claudia Fernández front a Marta Talaván and Nuria Rodríguez. The rhythm of the first manga of the dominant ambo binomios. Finally, the tandem Talaván and Rodríguez closed the first half with a score of 6-4. One second set of opportunity for Martinez and Fernandez to win the victory in the return match with a score of 6-4. A third of a lot of work by some good friends who ended up with the victory of Marta Talaván and Nuria Rodrígue, with a score of 6-4 4-6 and 6-4 are classified according to the phase of the Octavos final.

The second day of the debate was disputed Marta Ortega y Bea González against Julieta Bidahorria and Lucía Martínez. El primer episodio de la batalla saldría en favor de la pareja favorita por ranking, Marta Ortega y Bea González, por dos quiebres de ventaja 6-2. In the second chapter, Lucía Martínez and Julieta Bidahorria finished their rivals about the 20×10 forcing the third set. Without embargo, Martita and Bea do not want to be surprised and consequently close the score to 6-2 and 6-4 to classify the final octaves in Vigo.

Ariadna Cañellas and Mari Carmen Villalba is the median before Julia Polo and Ceci Reiter in the final goal of Vigo. Cañellas y Villalba empezaban el partido mostrando un impecable nivel y logrando sellar el primer set por un contundente 6-0, En el segundo set, Ceci Reiter y Julia Polo se trataban de agarrar al partido, pero la pareja española mostraba su superioridad sobre el 20×10 y lograba el ansiado pase a los octavos de final por 6-0 y 6-3 en una hora de encuentro.

Otra de las batallas enfrentaba a Sofia Saiz and Marina Martinez against Martina Fassio and Ainhoa ​​Rico in final decisions. The game was very important in the initial chapter, but Saiz and Martínez were able to find a fundamental goal to start the game 7-5. In the second set, the score was decided to be a double break favorite for Sofía Saiz and Marina Martínez, who took the 7-5 and 7-6 octave.

The third ticket Noa Cánovas and Raquel Piltcher against Marta Marrero and Lucía Sainz. The double hispanic brazilian, Cánovas and Piltcher show solidarity on the front track of a veteran Sainz y Marrero. The first set will be the number four to 6-2. The second part of the party tendría la misma tonica with points very igualados and trabajado por ambas parejas. Marta Marrero and Lucía Sainz also won the first half of the year and won 6-2 and 6-3.

The light of the Alcanzar los octavos is established in the main script of IFEVI. Las gemelas Sánchez Alayeto, Mapi y Majo lucharían contra Verónica Virseda and Bárbara Las Heras. The first manga series of marcada for la garra de las mañas that won by 6-2. Virseda y Las Heras lograrían superar el juego impuesto por sus rivales y hacer suyo el segundo asalto por 6-3. The third set set converts in the possession of Gemelas Sánchez Alayeto de forma absoluta. Mapi and Mayo are classified by 6-4 3-6 and 6-0 in the finals of the final of Vigo Open 2022.

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