Chocolate The chocolate augmenta el deseo sexual? Discover this and other aphrodisiacs

El cerebro it is our sexual organ for excellence. The thoughts, feelings and sensations of the placental corpora are found in the activity of our neurons. Include el orgasm focus on activation of neuronal cords and other deactivation. Ello, sucede en el limbico system, una parte de nuestro cerebro muy primitiva y parecida entre hombres, monos y ratones. He got what he wanted food you can play a paper in the sex and sexual excitement that you have with the substances that affect this machine.

The chocolate is aphrodisiac

In Sudamerica, the Aztecs are also in their infusion ceremonies at the base of cacao and ice cream seeds which is proportional to the high energy content of phenylethylamine and theobromine content. According to the European Institute of Health and Social Welfare, these neurotransmitters are very stimulating and combating fatiga, better sanguine circulation, revitalizing the central nervous system and elevan sexual sexuality.

There is no study of the state that the cacao increases the sexual desire and affirms that it contains caffeine and phenethylamine. This compound is produced in our body in great candy and the cocoa and chocolate black colaborate to maintain the levels of this substance. Other substances that liberate the median action of this neurotransmitter are dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.

La dopamine is the protagonist of the neuroquimic main of the sensation of enameling and activation of our cerebral circuits with limited recompensation that we have something to worry about a little, indifferent or excitable. This neurotransmitter is also involved in the phenomenon of addiction and which, in order to find an activity that produces placer, repeats the goal of repeating this satisfaction.

Ningún studio avala el hecho de que el chocolate o ningún otro alimento reconocido como aphrodisíaco lo sean realmente. Hecho de que algunos alimentos contengan sustancias que sean beneficiosas para el cerebro es lo que las convierte en potentiomente aphrodisíacas. Sentirnos de mejor humor o con más energía puede hacer que aumente el deseo sexual i lo que conseguimos a través de sustancias como la dopamina es precisamente eso.

Other aphrodisiac foods

A study published at the Deportiva Nutrition International Society Review demonstrated that ostras can increase testosterone levels in sedentary men. Your high content in zinc, which helps regulate testosterone levels, is responsible for activating nervous neurotransmitters that stimulate the formation of sexual hormones.

La ginseng plant cut it is used in complementary medicine to treat sexual dysfunction, as well as to improve sexual intercourse, but its effect is not clear. The investment in this field is not enough and there is a revision of the entry of 50 articles related to the efficiency of the considered aphrodisiac foods as well as the conclusion.

In the ring al wine, also included in the list of food and aphrodisiac substances. The motive is not the poison that alcohol that contains this baby, a drug that depresses the nervous system that affects the ability to self-control, producing initially euphoria and disinhibition.

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