Betis | Emerson Royal regress the house and Dani Ceballos live by the fireplace

Special week in Betis, with a great return and poison for you, for the long stay, be of those who marcan a little

“Seguramente yo, más adelante, voy a volver a jugar en el Betis. I have a car with Betis that I don’t think I can get. I have a lot of help to be the player who is the day of the year. For everyone … I helped everyone; because of the brazilian league that I don’t have anything to do with spanish and adapt me quickly “, sentenciaba Emerson Royal nothing more landed in the el Tottenhamcon el que ya ha superado la barrera de los 2,000 minutes and played 32 games. I don’t think we think so Barcelonathat you have some of the opportunities in the month that you can have an adventure with what you have dreamed from small.

For that, the Brazilian branded it selection board (no va esta vez con la ‘canarinha’) y la jornada de descanso concedida por el míster de los ‘Spurs’ para visitor a los que fueron sus compañeros en la Ciudad Deportiva Luis del Sol, a comparison in the training that was killed by an entity, the verdict, which agrazed the gesture and the public opinion in its social networks. No one, apart from cariño staff, because they are huge yield y su professionalism (que le dejan las puertas abiertas de par en par), la operación del paulista no pudo ser más ventajosa en lo economic. Asi, Emerson consiguió cinco goles and repartition this assistance in his 79 games in Heliopolis, one of the years and the middle of the world. The treaty with the Barça supposes the devolution of the six million inverted (in three beaches), the retention of three plusval and the conservation of 20% of its derechos, aunque, como fue traspasado el mismo verano de 2021, el Betis recibirá la mitad de los 25 kilos that debunked el Tottenham.

Otto retorno esperado y deseado es el de Dani Ceballoswhich is not in the best way (all the people in the old agency of representation of the media center, Bahía Internacional) en 2017 y lleva sonando casi desde entonces para volver a vestir de verdiblanco, con innumerables guines for your part. I don’t have to be close to the verano pasado, when the absence of solidarity is liberated fichas y margen salarialmore than priority Bellerín before the grave legion de Sabaly, posposieron una cession with option / obligation of purchase that is secured in the inside of the pocos months. With el Real Madrid atado de pies y manos por la la finalización de su vinculación con el futbolista en 2023se da por hecho un acercamiento definitivo.

Si Emerson ya volvió a la que fue su casa, Ceballos viene de camino. Literally, because the Olympic subcompetitor is true Utrera para, approving the couple Fifa, present el Tecnificación Campus which will be named and will be released at the San Juan Bosco Stadium from June 27 to July 8 we are close. Conducted children and children of between 6 and 14 yearsthe activity of the account with 200 plazawith the availability of which it is necessary to reserve a share of the act, in addition to the City Hall, the reservation is reserved for a package for the most dishonest girls. A role of professional assistance to Dani to emphasize and improve the qualities of sports, cognition and appreciation for favoring cremationthe education in valores and la highways.


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