With high impact investment, Santo Tomás transformed society

Communication, conflict and conflict

It is a group of investment, open to the Faculty of Social Communication, working on topics related to the field of communication, in relation to the conflicting political, social and military in Colombia.

This year the group has four investment projects:

– Traditional medicine in post-pandemic times. A perspective of communication for social change.

– Formation of issues for livelihoods and reconciliation of the RTVC Public Media System.

– Communication for the fortification of the Human Rights with the generation of women in the Cooperative Integral Indígena de Mujeres Agropecuarias de Caldono, Cauca.

– Scientific analysis for the characterization of the production of publications in the last 5 years of the investment groups: Digital Humanities, formation and construction of the territory of ABA, Paz Communication – Conflict and Educational Studies, International Studies society, discredited by the National System of Science and Technology.

Psychology, Life Cycle and Law

The objective of this group is to realize a socially important investment in the field of subjectivity and processes of identity development in the distinct stages of the vital cycle; origins, manifestations and alternative forms of compression and boarding of social conflict; and the psycho-legal phenomena of a transdisciplinary world.

Embarking on the relationship between the world of contemplation and the construction of vanity, it is a group of investment that pays attention to cultural transformations and changes in different systems and human contexts.

INAM-USTA (Environmental Engineering – Santo Tomás University)

The investment of the INAM-USTA group works in the investment lines of Limpias Technologies, Ambient Management, Ambient Health and Territorial Ambient Ornament, in the manner that projects and products are equipped with specific solutions.

The Faculty of Environmental Engineering, in addition to the INAM-USTA investment group, has been able to generate the results of the impact on current issues, which is recommended by the Maestría en Tecnologías Limpias, which searches for herbal crops.

Atmospheric contamination, water contamination, climate change and the Objectives of Desarrollo Sostenible are topics of great relevance to the group and its investigators.

Derecho Humanistic Social Investment

This group of Tomasino investment is located in the critical studios in law, Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and Justice, Prudence and Paz.

Bajo tres sublíneas (Virtualidad y derecho; Bioderecho y Corrupción), los studeniantes han ejecutado projectos como analisis jurisprudenciales en temas de violencia sexual i migracija. He consolidated investments that involved the participation of the victims in the Special Jurisdiction for the Paz (JEP).

Body, Subject and Education

The labor of the group is oriented towards the development of formative investment processes in sports camps, health, curriculum, pedagogy, sports administration, recreation, the eye and the freedom of free time.

In the investigative processes, the search for issues related to social conditions presents problems related to health camps (physics and mental), and issues of current affairs and the world that abortes the phenomena of discipline formation. physical activity, sports and recreation.

Social Conflicts, Genres and Territories

This group of investment account with three lines of investment: Subjects, collective action and social transformation; Conflict, politics and democracy; Development, public policies and participatory planning. Between the principal investment projects that are on the market in terms of international migration; sociology of language, memory construction; restorative justice and socio-segregation.


Created in 2008, this group of boards has three lines of investment: Contemporary education and emergency pedagogy; Humanities and transdisciplinary studies and memory, history and identities.

Currently, the group members are participating in the project of Minciencias, of the convocation 872 “Hacia una mayor compreníón del conflicto armado, las víctimas y la istorija reciente de Colombia”, con el projecto titulado “Seguridad humana y paz territorial: of reparation, recuperation and preservation of the impact of the conflicting armada in Rio Quito and Quibdó, Chocó ”.

Modelado-Electrónica-Monitoreo MEM

The MEM Group of the University of Santo Tomás realizes investment activities, research and extension within the automation camps, control, digital signaling process, renewable energies, energy efficiency and structural monitoring.

Under these camps the project group has shares in the two parts of the investigative work:

– The apprehension of his integrants.

– Generation of new knowledge.

The tasks developed by the MEM group are supported by alternative energy investments, in topics such as photovoltaic generation, piezo generation and TEG modules, as well as advances in electronic converter designs for business support.


This is a group of investment, the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Recreation, which is based on the study and development of projects in basic sciences with a child of physical activity, sports and recreation, with the application of the court. , the physiology of exercise and sports training.

Taking into account the latest results of the MinCiencias convocation for the investment groups (convocation 894 of 2021), GICAEDS has categorized in A1 by consecutive queue, login to its place, categorization and reclassification of the investigator (dos), Associated (dos) and Junior (dos).


This group of investment is included in the increment, social incidence and academic visibility of the research production of the docents and students in diversified products of new cognition, social appropriation of cognition and recurrence formation.

For the year 2022, the group of Viennese development projects institutional projects in the thematic cases, in collaboration with other faculties:

– Recognition of multidimensional factors that incidence in the application of the recurrence of water as an element of order in the territory, in the correction of the Campo Dos de Tibú (1985-2020).

– Incident of the COVID-19 pandemic in the implementation of the Gobierno Digital Policy in all public administrations of the Meta department.

– Risgo de deserción escolar de ninos, ninjas i adolescentes migrantes venezolanos en Colombia. The role of parents, mothers and tutors in educational integration.


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