“Seat gigafactoría de Seat converts to Sagunt en el polo industrial del Mediterráneo”

Ximo Puig no ha dudado hoy en destacar que la deción de Seat Volkswagen de instalar su gigafactoría en Sagunt “va a suponer un fuerte impulso para la reindustrialización valenciana”. According to the news, the president valenciano ha señalado que la Generalitat Valenciana “ha trabajado a fondo y con discreción desde hace meses para atraer esta gran inversión industrija”.

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I think it’s true. From here, Ximo Puig and the economy team of the Valencian General led by Rafa Climent have worked intensively to offer the best air conditioning conditions for VW to install in the areas of the Sagunt industrial park.

The company said that it is located in an environmentally favorable area

Ximo Puig

The VW statement is open to the allocation of European funds from the PERTE of the electric vehicle convened by the Gobierno de España, for which the president said he had to support the prudence.

Ximo Puig has confirmed the trust that Volkswagen has deposited in the Valencian Community. “The company said that it would have found an environmentally favorable one in this area: the support of the Generalitat, the legal certainty, the political establishment, the economic dynamism and the social security.”

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“We insisted on many times in a conviction: the maximum priority of the Generalitat is to help create a quality of quality,” said the president. these are the characteristics of a high-quality company ”, said Puig, who recorded that Vokswagen announced 3,000 jobs in the Sagunto factory.

“In the second place,” continued the president, “due to an inversion of this type is an impulse to reindustrialization. Albergar la fabricación del núcleo de los electric coches, las batteries, convertiría a la Comunitat Valenciana en un pool innovador de la nueva movilidad ”, ha señalado el president.

Photo of the area of ​​Sagunt I Park

Photo of the Sagunt Park area where the gigafactoria is installed


“A European pool of industry, high technology and sustainability”, said the president.

Ximo Puig also gave a chance that with the current energy tensions through the war in Ukraine this news was a special value, “so economical as social and moral”.

“Volkswagen’s law at Parc Sagunt II supported the initial investment in the return of the Valencian Community in history”, said the president, who said he was able to join the Ford Almussafes in 1976, which supported a transformation. in the field, in the exports, in the infrastructures, in the auxiliary industrial sectors and in the creation of the middle classes in the Valencian Community.

Volkswagen’s law at Parc Sagunt II supports the initial inversion that has enabled the Valencian Community in history

Ximo Puig

The president concluded his declaration by securing the Valencian Community’s position in the automotive industry with Volkswagen’s interests: a sustainable movement ”.

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Photo of the area of ​​Sagunt I Park

Por su parte, el conseller de Economía, Rafa Climent, no ha dudado en valorar el ékito de una redución que suppone installar en Sagunt “una empresa tractora”. It is clear that “other companies have joined Sagunt to collaborate in the development of a logistics and industrial center in the Mediterranean”.

Other companies opened in Sagunt to collaborate in the development of a logistics and industrial center in the Mediterranean

Rafa Climent

For Rafa Climent, the installation of the gigafactoría “will generate a great cadence of value in a place with the best of communications and be a polo clave in Europe”. Y ha subrayado el “excelante trabajo del equipo de la consellería para lograr este fin”.

On the other hand, the president of the Popular Community of Valencia, Carlos Mazón, has established himself as the installation of the Volkswagen Battery Factory in Sagunto.

Mazon was promoted as announcing the announcement that the battery plant will definitely be located in the municipality of Valencia. “Todo el PPCV apoya sin ninguna fisura este proyecto”, ha manifestado, al temmpoo que ha anunciado que pedirá la creación de una seksi commission de segimiento.

Todo el PPCV apoya sin ninguna fisura este proyecto

Carlos Mazón

“It is the moment that the Generalitat and that Gobierno de España is at the height of the circulars. This project is a strategic opportunity that will require the support of all parties and no puberty and fights and contradictions in the hay of Gobierno Valencia, as we see with other questions like the Puerto de Valencia or the Mediterranean Corridor. It is important that we consider and consider that it is important that there is a commission for the current ”, he said.

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