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The Aguilar dynasty he is one of the most recognizable artistic families in Mexico, his music and influence generation by generation y ha sido testigo del nacimiento de grandes personajes, quienes han compartido El Soyate, el rancho de Zacatecas donde nace y vive su legado.

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Everything started when the legendary Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre came to the house, giving birth to the dynasty, who were integrated into the world of the act and the music, thinking about the popular popularity.

Tal es la importancia de la familia que sus fans están atentos a todos los detalles de sus vidas y esto incluye el rancho El Soyate, lugar en el que se reúnen para acontecimientos importantes.

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The Aguilar family, courtesy of Pepe and Aneliz Álvarez (Photo: Pepe Aguilar / Instagram)


Where is El Soyate? The property, recognized as the family property, is located in the municipality of Tayahua, Zacatecas, y cuenta con miles de hectareas. The history of the story that fue el propio Antonio who designed every house.

If the place is a mystery to all because I never open the doors to the public, I can tell some details about the photos published in the social networks of the most beautiful families like the Germans Ángela and Leonardo, hijos de Pepe Aguilary Mayo, hija de Antonio Aguilar Jr..

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How is El Soyate on the inside?

El rancho tiene varias fuentes de agua, un establo y una cabaleriza en la que guardan todos los caballos como Troyano, un caballo de color negro de propiedad de Ángela.

The house is furnished with objects of color and as the property of Flor lo conto in the documentary “Su destino fue quererte”, there are many photos and pictures of the family adornando enorme pared de ladrillo labrado.

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I know that inside the property there is a chapel in which it is entertained by the rest of New Year’s Eve, the matriarch of the dynastyquien pidio express is esta voluntad antes de fallecer.

El Soyate is more than a ranch for the Aguilar family, he is in a place where the guards guard that all the members of the family are very significant, he can mark his vocation as artists.

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The patriarch of the family, Aguilar, announced that he had prepared a TV series about his family, celebrating when he was born, Antonio, who lived with Flor Silvestre and started a life of applause for the screenplays.

In an interview with El Universal, Pepe brindo details about the series based on the historical dynasty of Mexico.

“Empezará con mis padres, en 1919 cuando nace mi padre, con una vida paralelamente pasando. It will be a series of epochs, and at the same time we will have flashbacks at this moment, which will be a repercussion of the acts that my fathers hiccup and educate us about, and we will be the ones who love our children ”commented Pepe Aguilar.


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