Volvieron las Jineteadas de la Cuenca del Baker “Coraje y Amistad”

Cochrane University: Volvieron las Jineteadas de la Cuenca del Baker “Coraje y Amistad”

With the participation of young people from all over the region of Aysn, Province of Palena and Argentina, live an authentic holiday festival in the land of the week in Cochrane celebrity at the 68th anniversary.

The end of the week passed and through the years of the fanatics of the jinetedas and the traditions of campers puddleron debrrutar de un evento reunió a jinetes y publico in el Parque Costumbrista de Cochrane.

With the participation of young people from all regions of Aysén, Province of Palena and Argentina, live an authentic holiday festival in the heart of the week in Cochrane celebrity at 68 ° anniversary. The event was financed with the funds of the Regional Governorate of Aysén, organized by the group “Los Refalosos del Baker” and supported by the Municipality of Cochrane. Y lo hizo con participantes que viajaron desde lejanos lugares de Chile y Argentina porque la Patagonia es una sola.

As he remarked on the alcove of Cochrane, Jorge Calderón Núñez, who valued the experience realized by all those who wanted to be able to enjoy a traditional activity with great rage in the area.

“We want to raise the tropillers and the jintes for the gift of our culture and traditions. This version has a tremendous effect, but it is easy to control the scandals and the distractions of the medical authorities of a pandemic. We have the decision to celebrate the day of our birthday and for him we have strategic alliances. We have a great performance from the part of women who accompanies us. We allege that the youngsters who come from these places play the role of having such a good taste and delegate to the public assistants who have a spectacular experience during the event. We want to appreciate the conductors and societies of the Baker Refalosos, the musicians and payers who want to be very active, ”said Edil.

The animation is the payload of Jorge Contreras de Puerto Ibáñez, Santiago Cadagán de Lago Verde and Luciano Auad de Cochrane.

In the category of the group, the example of the place is being adjusted by the unit of Puerto Guadal, Leandro Fica, the second place of the place is Miguel Barriga de Chile Chico and the third place is for Eugenio Berrocal de Puerto Tranquilo.

The winner of the competency, Leandro Fica, who participated in the quarantine in the youth shows his satisfaction with the result and the organization of the event.

“By the way, I will take good luck and pude enter the final. Linda la fiesta, charta gent a pesar de la pandemia que hay. Casi dos años estuvimos parados sin salir y ahora pudimos volver a los festivales. Ojalá que sigan y no se terminan las tradiciones. The people are very amateur, all right. We have a lot of good friends and a lot of good organization of the festival ”, said the guadalino girl.

In the category of basto con enzyme el primer lugar lo obtuvo el jinete de Lago Blanco, Argentina, Diógenes Melo. Mintras que Ramón Fernández y Raúl Bújer, ambos originarios de la Provincia de Chubut, consiguieron el segundo y tercer lugar, respectivamente

Diogenes Melo, winner of other versions in a group of surrogates and in the garden with the help of a group of young people with restrictions.

“It simply came to our notice then. Buenos los caballos, potentes, lindos y bien cuidados como tiene que ser. Y nosotros con ganas, muchas ganas. Contents due to the fact that our tokaron buenos caballos para clasificar y poder llevarnos un premium. The people will always give us a good impression and a good impression of us, we will help them and we will always be able to make the best of the song ”.

Ambassadors who are just around the corner have an international meeting in Sarmiento, Argentina, on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

During the award ceremony of the winners, the organization of the event includes a musical show in the main screenplay of the festival, where the local musician Luciano Auad is present with his band, with milongas and different styles. Finally, in the event of the public event “Rafa y sus teclados” that hizo bailar to the present of an event waiting for a lot of time.

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