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The young man was alone on the rostrum or on the cable, without the fire and agility of the whole body. And the scientists have a reputation for being the ultimate, but we don’t need to go to the gym: recreational physical activity for life.

What games do you want to make with your friends or with your family? Invert time before. Make an effort to diversify the strength of the relational muscle with conjunction, to what we all find in some moment. You don’t have to be a professional sportsman, you have to have a recreational experience, but you have a good time.

Al llegar a los 68 yang, la gente que se ha mantenido activa toda la vida posee muscles that envejecen de una manera most saludablehave a superior capacity and are more resistant to fatiga, in comparison with inactive individuals, so young as old, within the Society of Physiology of the United Kingdom.

Recreational physical activity is always useful and when you have a practical practice, but an occasional opportunity. Photo: Shutterstock

This is an example of a studio that invests muscles, cellular cells and nervous activity in humans. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen, in Dinamarca, explain that:

  • The adult adherents who are actively engaged in their adult life, sea of ​​resistance exercises, games with a canoe with a racket, a boat, a bicycle, a carriage ride, we also have a mayor’s number of female cells, which he says should be known. satellite cells.
  • Satellite cells are important to muscular regeneration and muscle growthy nos protegen contra el daño nervioso gradual que viene con la edad.

Do you want to participate in the studio? It is informed that there are 46 men, young sedentary young people, active adults and adult adherents.

You still have to invest in the effect that the recreational sports have on the life of the women. Photo: Shutterstock

The test consisted in the exercise of the weight of resistance, in a mechanical force, to realize the movement of the extension of the uterus and to evaluate the muscular function of the following: 1) Medición de la fuerza producida. 2) Samples of blood. 3) Muscle biopsies of embassies.

And here it is confirmed an adulto mayor who is ejected with regularity of life, but his life has a better muscular function than a young man who does not have hope.

The author of the document, Casper Soendenbroe, of the Institute of Deportivo Medicina de la U. de Copenhague, said that this is an example of a study of human beings whose master is recreational exercise can be used to improve the effects of the most difficult effects of enlightenment.

“The biopsy of the muscular tissue allows us to find the positive effects of ejection in the enlightenment population,” said Soendenbroe. “The literature on the other side is enfocado en elite athletes, which is a minority group. Our most representative of the general population of 60 years or more, which realizes a measure of activities in moderated levels.

The team uses this information — the relationship between satellite cells and the muscular health of individuals who are driven by diversion — as a biomarker to invest. el nexo entre ejercicio, envejecimiento y salud muscular.

Exercise sustained in different stages of life makes the difference in muscular and nervous function. Photo: Shutterstock

“The important message of this studio is what is included a small amount of diarrhea has its benefits in the long range for protections against muscle deterioration related to edema. I’m able to entertain people to persecute those who have been frustrated. It means a lot to learn about the mechanisms and the interaction between the nerves and the muscles, and how we change our minds ”.

The investment should continue, because — as if it were — it was only with men, and it was the prelude to the participation of the participants of 73 years. The envejecimiento muscular se vuelve más pronunciado a partir de los 80, y queda por saber si los beneficios del ejercicio llegan hasta allá y as the recreational activity affects women. (I)

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