‘No escape from your children’, exhorta ‘sensei’ of children with Down syndrome

“Supe que tuviste una mongolita … no la escondas porque tarde o temprano se van a dar cuenta”, dijo despectivamente una mujer a Damaris González cuando dio a luz a su quarta hija: Yenis Lanzas González, diagnostica con síndrome de Down.

The greatness of Aquella’s wife was the impulse to give Damaris “no occult” to Yenis in society. The young people of 19 years have participated in various extracurricular activities such as karate in the Sensarrollo Senshi Foundation (Fundesen), an organization without finesse that attracts children, adolescents and adults with 12 pathologies such as Down syndrome, left autism, severe , and other pathologies.

“Always live protecting my mother, because when she came to a place determined by children, but she was very receptive”, commented the mother. Without embarrassment during the practice of sports, the founder and sense of education Eduardo Frías enseñaba al resto de los alumnos que todos los niños son iguales.

Eduardo explains that in the methodology of karate education there are traditional patrons who help a child who does not present a diagnosis of disability; y al mismo tiempo este sistema de enseñanza puede ser adaptado a una persona con discapacidad, sin importar el diagnosticu que sea.

“The karate adapted consistency in water that we have adapted, it supports the function of the necessities of the child; we are not the children to adapt to us. All of us are different, but culturally, only physically, we can adapt each of the sports disciplines to the conditions of the child ”.

Accustomed to the sense, the physical activity of the deportation alphabet. “I do not have an exact medicine in the presence of time, depending on the diagnosis, but I do not understand a different speed.”

The practice of any sports influence in the “psycho-social” disorder, due to the interaction of the children with their other companions, is permissible to develop physically and emotionally, to be influenced by self-esteem, to be a personal victim ”.

“I don’t care about your home, you have to deal with regular activities, activities adapted to the water with the condition of a child,” said Frías.

We are not sick

Down Syndrome is a genetic alteration caused by the existence of genetic material extra on chromosome 21, which translates into intellectual disability, explained by the World Health Organization (OMS).

The cells of the human body have 46 chromosomes distributed in 23 pairs. Persons with Down syndrome have three chromosomes in par 21, in the place of those who exist habitually; by the way, this syndrome is also known as trisomy 21.

Aquellas personas con trisomía 21 tienen mültiples karacteristicas que requieren el abordaje integral previa evaluación médica, y el equipo de trabajo puede estar integrado desde médicos spepecialistas hasta fisioterarapeutas, terapraveas ocupacionales, Fonoaudiogos jefa del Servicio de Terapia Física y Rehabilitación del Hospital del Niño Dr. José Renán Esquivel.

“Seeing the adolescent as a biopsychosocial person is indispensable for correct management, taking into account only the physical aspect, also emotional. Brindarle las herramientas para que sea funcional, para que tenga acceso al àmbito educativo e incluso participajón social so necesarias en la salud de todo niño con síndrome de Down ”, agrega.

In the case of babies with Down syndrome, the psychomotor release can have different stages. “The old man, who is characterized by the prophylaxis of Down syndrome, has hypotonia – a muscular tone. It is true that the child is the one who creates the most varied therapeutic activities. It is not a matter of intensity, it is better to improve your destinies and abilities ”, said.

The Hospital del Niño has the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Service with a clinic for patients with Down Syndrome where the brunt attention of physiotherapy and occupational therapy is available to the elderly and the elderly. “One of the children will be on the market, we will be able to rehabilitate the centers where we can be integrated and have a multidisciplinary team.”

“Our initial intervention will lead to the correct correction of the psychomotor’s ability to adopt other hazards that allow it to be implied and integrated only in the school, also in the social community,” said Nieto.

“The karate is adapted to the fact that we have adapted to the necessities of the child; we are not the children to adapt to us ”

Therapies empiezan desde los 0 a 15 años de edad y se brindan entre 2 y 3 sessions for semana. The Department of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy provides assistance to 10 patients per month, it is said that annually assists between 100 and 120 patients with this condition, according to the proportions of the doctor.

In the adult population, depending on the nature of the cardiac alteration, it is the case with a cardiologist.

According to Scarlett Sinisterra, a pediatric cardiologist, “the number of children with Down syndrome has 50% of the possibilities of having some type of cardiopathy congenital or sea anomalies of heart disease, which has a potentially relevant and concise diagnosis. , be repaired or treated ”.

“In the case of Down syndrome, it is important to take care of cardiovascular health. Una buena alimentación, evitar el sobrepeso y mantener actividad física les ayuda a evitar enfermedades como hypertension, diabetes o hypercolesterolemia igual que a la población en general ”.

The specialist Sinisterra has a disease with Down syndrome. Fernanda has been involved in various sports activities. Actually practice equation as part of equinotherapy, which has incredible benefits for people with this condition.

¿How do you choose to support a child, an adolescent who has an adult with Down syndrome?

“El manejo es integral porque existent muchas aristas que hay que ver en cada niño; every girl with trisomia 21 is unique, and every one of them is a propiotiary property. No todos los niños con trisomía 21 nacen con problemas cardíacos severos, algunas tienen problemas leves que se van solucionando con el tempopo “, expone Erika Batista, médica fisiatra del Hospital del Niño.

Batista señala que el deporte va a depender del niño “porque no puedo mandar a natación a un nuño con síndrome de Down que tenga tenga problemas pulmonares, cardiacos o auditivos, o sea que todo depending on del patient, que es único. But you are a child who does not present any of the problems before the facts, it is factual, the fact that he is looking for and accepting the children before the year, I have no problem. ”

The doctor remarks that “We always promote in parallel with sports; 80% of those who are in the Special Olympics are children with Down syndrome. In the Olympics, you can find out where the taste is. For example, we can’t have a child with trisonomía 21 o no, in a sport that we don’t like, because we have a good sea, we don’t like it “, concludes Batista.

In Panama, there are children, teenagers and adults who practice sports, like Ariel Ramsey, who plays football. “He is the deportee of the family, he got into trouble, athleticism, and when he was more beautiful in the world,” said Linda, his wife, he was mean.

Mathurine Aristizábal es la madre de Sebastián Andrés Pérez, a child with 11 years of age who has been involved in various sports such as the basket, the paddle and the nation, because of the insurance, its social consensus, ability to concentrate and school education, which makes it excellent, to the point that we are free autonomy ”.

According to Marta Vernaza, President of the Down Panama Foundation, “for a person with Down Syndrome, there is an important balance in life as a typical individual.”


Due to the OMS, the incidence of the syndrome of Down syndrome and the level of the world is located between 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 1,100 children, revealing the organization in the digital portal.

In Panama there is no formal register.

The Panameño Instituto Habilitación Especial (Iphe) has 684 students with Down Syndrome in 21 seats within the national territory.


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