Finetwork Mir RT wrote the accelerator and announced the incorporation …

Finetwork MIR Racing Team redoubles the talent challenge. The team of fiber and mobile company incorporates the skills of the new pilots, Marcos Ruda and Alberto Ferrández, en their lens can be used to maximize the category of competition. As, the study consists of three representatives at a time that can be counted on a sum of 600,000 euros.

These are the new incorporations box with the habitual team, David Almansa. The manchego, of 16 years, was the first pilot in which Finetwork was created for the creation of his own team by Javi Martínez, co-founder of Hawkers and Daniel Antón, general director of This form, Marcos, Alberto and David forman el triplet de los elegidos para representar a la marca en las próximas competiciones.

Alberto Ferrández is a pilot of 14 years old in Alicante and a resident of Cox, who is in charge of an important palmate having the current champion of Italy in pre-Moto3. As it is, this time he won the title of champion in the Hawkers European Talent Cup with the Finetwork Mir Junior Team.

By the way, Marcos Ruda is the stamp of the brand in the walkway of the MotoGP World Championship. Ruda is a pilot of 17 years old in Mallorca and affiliated in Valencia, who is looking for the best opportunity in 2022. Red Bull Rookies Cup.

The timetable for the Finetwork MIR RT road is estimated at 250,000 euros, which competes with a high level in Hetc and Estoril. In the last years the team had a great time and the pilots had 3 degrees and 1 victory. The mayor will be able to compete again in the Moto3 championship follow the visibility of the project to incorporate new ones partners.

“We are at the level of the elite being a junior pilot team. Our intention is that we can only compete with the talent with recurrences, but that we will be able to motivate each other in the same way as we can form part of the Finetwork MIR Team ”, explains Martínez in an interview with 2Playbook. The team as well title partner with the telecommunication company Finetwork, which also patronizes other teams and Spanish deportees like Fernando Alonso, Saúl Craviotto, Amanda Sampedro or clubs like Real Betis or CN Sabadell.


One of the main objectives of the Finetwork MIR Racing Team is only on the pilots’ side, without patrons. The company has the company of fiber and mobile company, together with other companies like Filomatic, XTI Shoes, Polo Club or Impormotor, but you need to take care of the investment with the lens of competition in the nearest years in the category of rainbow.

The current team with the important Finetwork respado as the main patron. The company has accelerated in the last years of its inversions in the world of sportsmanship. Este es el caso de su acuerdo como socio principal de la Real Sociedad, el Real Betis o caras tan conocidas como Fernando Alonso. Además, the telephony company also gave its first passages in the world of eSports, from Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué.

At the end of the year, only after two months, Finetwork decided to anticipate the form of anticipation of the patronage of the Real Federation of the Spanish Football Association (Rfef), which is very mediocre. The economic terms of the decision do not hire public and no one from the parties who want to make comments.

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