Andy Polo breaks his silence and insures that he is not accredited to his position in the EU: “I’m not an aggressor and I don’t have a friend”

Andy Polo niega haber agredido a la madre de sus hijos. (Photo: Captura)

The football player Andy Polo decidió romper su silencio y se pronuncio sobre la denuncia de physical aggression that implied the expansion of Gennesis Alarcón. Según relató la madre de sus hijos, This episode of violence will take place in May 2021 and will live in the United States and the country that the footballer will play violently with her because she wants to play the guitar.

In the interview with the Dia D program, the new integral part of the national team of the University of Deportium insured that he declared to Alarcón that he was mentoring and that he could not move much, that he had enough of a lesson in a party.

“Call for respect to my wife. He was able to speak for my family, my mother who was very much. What kind of person is there but one of the most beautiful tambourines ”comenzó diciendo el pelotero ya que durante varias semanas ha preferido declarar a través de sus abogados.

Assimilation, según su versión, habría sido su exesposa la que commenzó con la diskusion. “I was given the second dose of Covid-19 and we feel the front of the front. She wants to play my cell phone and listen to her audio grabs. Cel Qué celular yo le voy a quitar a ella? I am the only one who will be able to mobilize with two mules and who will be able to love me and play my cell ”.

“No sé (porque lo hizo) yo estaba sin poder movilizarme”, aggregate. We record that the audio that diffuses Alarcón can be heard to discuss and posteriorly, but also to read without hesitation.

Cabe resaltar que este hecho aún se encuentra en investigación y que el abogado de Genessis Alarcón, Michael Fuller, who left his house in EE.UU explicitly quotes Andy Polo as a civil warrior for violin cargos. Además, fue separated from Portland Timbers and suspended for MLS you know how to know.

At a certain moment, the reporter tried to catch the capes and goals that Alarcón had, but he had to go through the part of the real era. “It simply came to our notice then. No more. No (he is a swindler) I am an aggressor and I miss him there ”.

Andy Polo insures that I will not be accepted in EE.UU. y muestra chats donde lo deja en visto. (Video: Día D / ATV)


Durant the interviewer, Andy Polo also refers to the accusations of infidelity comedy. Como se recuerda, Alarcón lo acusó de haberle sido infiel has 6 women and to form a new love affair with Vida Carrillo when we have established houses.

Without embargo, the selection of Peruvian señaló that together with his wife had a job in an account where the two of them got along with other people, they could relate to a person who had to live in a house.

“We don’t have a relationship and she knows. As if we wanted to take care of each other with a room with another person, we would like to say the other person, she would be fine. She will give me the opportunity to save the opportunity with my children and my wife ”dijo.

“First of all, because we think we can have new years in the United States and ask about the relationship that follows. We can count on a little time that we can’t do more ”help.


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